Are “Quantum Glass Battery” Stocks Legit? [Matt McCall]

Have you come across the “Quantum Glass Battery” presentation by Matt McCall?

It concerns an innovation that will change the technological landscape and mint millionaires. According to the header:

“Folks who get in on this breakthrough now, BEFORE it’s rolled out on mass scale, will have the chance to be a part of the single-largest legal creation of wealth of the last 25 years…”

If you would like to learn more about the Quantum Glass Battery, read this to the end.

I will give you an overview of the key points he raised during the presentation, battery technology, the ev battery market and the power of this source of energy.

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What is the “Quantum Glass Battery”?

“Breakthrough Quantum Glass Battery Will Ignite the Global $3 Trillion Electric Car Revolution” is the heading of a presentation by Matt McCall intended to promote his financial newsletter, Investment Opportunities.

Quantum Glass Battery Review

As that title suggests, he also introduces us to a new type of battery that he claims will cause “An Energy Revolution.” And touts the source of it to be a stock he recommends who have cracked the electrolyte technology needed to power EVs with the glass battery electrode.

Is Quantum battery possible?

If you have ever read about battery technology, you know that we currently predominantly use the Lithium-ion battery for most storage applications. However, any scientist will tell you that lithium ion batteries are not good enough for electric vehicles.

They take too long to charge, don’t hold power for long enough and are more suited to use in devices where they can be easily changed and replaced.

But times are changing and Matt believes the development of technology can provide a great opportunity.

We even explored that in Jimmy Mengel’s presentation about a Tesla Killer Blue Gas.

Therefore, institutions are actively working on a much-improved battery such as a solid state battery that will solve the energy storage problem of lithium ion batteries once and for all with things like shorter times for charging.

This presentation concerns such a battery; the quantum glass battery (solid-state battery). And Matt expects it to take over from the Lithium-ion battery and trigger an ev battery revolution for the transport industry.

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How Does A Glass Battery Work?

Matt doesn’t go deep into the technical qualities of the solid-state battery, but he highlights a couple of advantages that it has over the Lithium-ion ones to help explain why he thinks it will cause a ev battery revolution.

First, it will charge faster. He even claims that it will need just one minute to charge fully. That is a huge claim for electric vehicles which are notorious for slow charging.

glass battery image

If you doubt me, here is what he says:

“According to automotive industry insiders, one creation using the ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery technology can fully charge an electric car in as little as 60 seconds.”

Second, it will last longer on a single charge:

“According to insiders, consumers will be able to go 1,000 miles on a single charge…”

And, thirdly, it will not deteriorate as fast as Lithium-ion batteries hence you won’t have to replace it frequently like other lithium batteries:

“But the revolutionary new ‘Quantum Glass’ battery can b§e fully recharged, get this… over one hundred thousand times — without losing strength. We’re talking about a battery that could realistically last for 150 years!”

Even Dr. John Goodenough, the decorated inventor of the Lithium-ion battery and the RAM, thinks it is good enough to be the battery of the future.

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Who is John Goodenough?

To quote Wikipedia,

John Bannister Goodenough is an American materials scientist, a solid-state physicist, and a Nobel laureate in chemistry. He is a professor of mechanical engineering and materials science at the University of Texas at Austin.

John Goodenough is known for creating li ion batteries in the 70’s. And prior to that created random access memory.


He won a nobel prize in chemistry and now many years on companies like Tesla can tap into his li ion batteries to help them sell more vehicles.

He’s been touted as the co inventor of the Glass Battery.

Research suggests it uses alkali ion transport for activation energy which is different to that of lithium.

And that glass is used as a component for the electrodes hence the name.

The source of this information is varied though.

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The impact of the “Quantum Glass” Battery

The biggest beneficiary of the new battery revolution over lithium as Matt sees it, will be electric vehicles:

“NOWHERE will the coming ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery revolution have a more profound — more truly far-reaching — impact than in the worldwide multi-trillion-dollar automotive industry…”

He thinks that it will give electric vehicles (EVs) the push they need to be more popular than gasoline power cars.

It will do so by solving the problem that has been holding the electric vehicle back:

“Soon you’ll be able to kiss so-called ‘range anxiety’ goodbye — the fear that an electric battery cannot take you as far as a gas tank.”

With the new energy density battery, the potential of the $3 trillion industry will be harnessed.

That explains why he mentions that car manufacturers like Tesla have started investing in R&Ds for electric cars and new batteries with this higher energy storage capacity.

“The largest auto parts suppliers in the world — Bosch and Continental — are now backing the technology behind the ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery. Caterpillar, the world’s leading construction equipment company, is aiming to adopt the technology too, for its trucks, diggers, and excavation equipment.”

There are a few other companies he mentions that are taking this seriously with Tesla being one.

The new batteries will have far more charge cycles which means they can last the lifetime of the vehicle. This information is key because it also means the batteries won’t suffer from lithium dendrite growth.

They also operate in a different temperature range to lithium that again allows the batteries to last longer. Unfortunately li ion have always suffered from this and whilst they have been very useful for many applications they are not an option long term for use in the electric vehicle.

The experience of owning an electric vehicle needs to be positive and if owners face problems with batteries it will struggle to replace the combustion engine. There are also safety hazards that need to be addressed like short circuits.

Investors remain positive that the market share of a company like Tesla will continue to grow though, so finding a company that can crack the technology needed is key.

If they can crack this technology it will certainly allow more people to get into EV’s as currently the price barrier to entry is too high for most.

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How to invest in the “Quantum Glass” Battery

Although many players are involved in the industry, Matt McCall has pinpointed one small $3 company that you should be excited about.

He wants you to invest in it as he expects it to soar when “Quantum Glass” batteries go mainstream and the stock price goes up.

Is the stock legit?

Here are a few reasons why he is excited about the small company and their stock price:

It has the patents to the batteries:

“This firm — which is off the radar of 99% of the investing public — has secured the key patents to the technology behind the production of the ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery.”

It has struck partnerships with car manufacturers who want to have its battery in their electric vehicles. For example, he talks of a $198 billion car maker partnering with it:

“They’ve forged a historic partnership deal with this tiny firm to fast track the production of the technology behind the Quantum Glass Battery… to get it into their cars and bring it into the global mainstream.”

If it just controls a sliver of the electric vehicle market, it will still grow exponentially:

“Let’s say this company’s battery captures just one half of ONE PERCENT of the global electric car market in the coming years… That will be enough to boost its revenues to more than $2 BILLION when production and sales are in full swing… That’s an incredible 27,746% increase from where it stands today.”

If you want to invest in it, you have to jump a few hoops because it does not trade on an Exchange. It trades over the counter.

If you would like to learn more about it, you have to get your hands on the report that Matt has drafted outlining its important details. The report is called The Biggest Battery Breakthrough in a Century: How to Cash in on the $3 TRILLION Electric Car Revolution.

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Who is Matt McCall?

Matt McCall is an investment guru who publishes his financial newsletters at InvestorPlace.

In addition to Investment Opportunities, he also publishes Early Stage Investor, Cannabis Cash Weekly, and Ultimate Crypto.

Matt McCall Career

He started his career at Charles Schwab and later founded a company called Penn Financial Group, which he runs to this day. Through the firm, he gives investment advice to individual investors on stocks.

He’s been big on future tech investments, things like Tesla, predicting the death of the combustion engine and the rise of the electric vehicle.

He has written two books on investing and appeared on TV as a market commentator.

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What is Investment Opportunities?

To get that report which reveals the stock he is talking about you have to subscribe to Matt’s investment research service, Investment Opportunities.

investment opportunities

The annual subscription fee is $199.

Access To Other Stock Recommendations

In addition to regular updates and investment recommendations, when you create an account he will send you two bonus reports if you subscribe to the service via this presentation. They are:

  • The Secret Battery Set to Drive the Multi-Trillion-Dollar Internet of Things Industry.
  • The Amazon of Weed.

His stock recommendations on things like data have done very well. The electric vehicle if he is right could easily be his best stock recommendation yet.

Refund Policy

If Matt fails to provide you with data that yield 1,000% in positive returns in a year, you are entitled to a full refund of your account membership fee.

That is a pretty bold claim to say the least. Of course you’ll still have to trust his stock recommendations and put your money at risk. Those are choices you will have to make if you want to invest in his research.

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What company is building the Quantum Glass Battery?

Whilst Matt doesn’t specifically reveal the stock unless you buy there are reports that it is Ilika Technologies although some have said that Quantumscape is a better stock.

Quantumscape has been mentioned by numerous sources as the creator of the batteries in question and who hold the patent.

Their share price has seen a rise over the last several months as their market share grows.

Quantumscape is also backed by some big players like Volkswagon.

That being said Ilika Technologies looks like a good stock too.

Matt McCall has content where he shares research on numerous stocks so it’s possible that changes could occur in his newsletter that push different stocks.

Tesla has apparently partnered with LG Energy Solution, which is another one of the stocks that could end up being a nice return, although not related to Matt’s pitch specifically.

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Quantum Glass Battery Conclusion

The company Matt touts is called Ilika Technologies Limited. It is based in the United Kingdom with headquarters in London.

As much as Matt is excited about solid-state batteries taking over soon, don’t get carried away by his enthusiasm and set yourself up for disappointment.

In practice, it will take a long time for the solid-state batteries to be mass-produced. The glass in the electrode is one component but there are others that need to be in place for this to power EVs. If numerous components needed can be pieced together, it could be a great play.

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Although scientists are making significant strides in the labs regarding the battery electrode, the source of the component and the times to develop it, we still expect it will take time for manufacturers to start commercially producing those batteries.

Therefore, you should temper your expectations if you decide to invest in Ilika. There is still a long way to go before it sparks a battery revolution but you can play your part and get in on the stocks he pitches, you might surprise yourself with a great return.

Of course, this is just my opinion on the stocks he shares, but you should do your own due diligence before putting your money in any stocks.

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