Project Oracle: Louis Navellier Project Oracle Legit?

Louis Navellier recently put the finishing touches on what he’s calling his biggest innovation to date. Something he calls “Project Oracle”.

He did his new presentation to reveal what Project Oracle is all about and explain why he thinks it’s already showing the ability to find the biggest, fastest, lowest-risk gains in any market, making it a retirement GAMECHANGER.

Let’s find out what Louis Navellier’s Project Oracle is.

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What is Louis Navellier Project Oracle?

Louis Navellier’s Project Oracle is a system that uses the predictive power of AI to find the fastest-moving stocks on the market. These are the stocks that could deliver the same kinds of gains you’d expect from buying and holding stocks like Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft but in a fraction of the time.

Louis Navellier Project Oracle

Louis Navellier claims that creating a system like Project Oracle is possible today because we have technology that’s powerful enough to analyze trillions of data points. He says that it enables us to end decade-long debates about really important questions in investing.

Using AI to trade stocks is still relatively new but has become quite popular over the past few years.

He believes that Project Oracle just might be the answer you’ve been looking for because this year, amidst one of the worst years for the stock market in five decades, Louis closed out explosive winners pinpointed by Project Oracle for gains of 225%, 248, 109%, and 320%.

Louis says Project Oracle can find these lightning-quick returns over and over again, nearly on command. He says that the goal of Project Oracle is to uncover what might be the most powerful group of stocks in the market. This is a unique set of stocks that may go up in 3-6 months.

Louis Navellier Project Oracle

To achieve that, Project Oracle goes after three of the most valuable commodities in the markets – speed, big gains, and safety.

Navellier says that using Artificial Intelligence enables Project Oracle to sift through all 6,000 stocks on the S&P 500, the AMEX, and NASDAQ in real-time – every second the markets are open – to find the fastest-moving winners with pinpoint accuracy.

That’s why he says that it has predictive power. It can analyze trillions of data points, in real-time, to make accurate predictions about the likelihood of future events.

Another thing that he looks for is precursors. These are signs that the event will happen. For example, he says that doctors use “precursors” to predict heart attacks.

Louis Navellier and his team conducted an enormous study, taking billions of data points on nearly every stock right before they went on a 100% or higher run, in 6 months or less throughout stock market history. And they figured out which precursors they had in common.

They found the essential leading indicators that would signal that stock was about to soar.

They found there are 8 precursors to rapid stock growth.

He says that one of his favorite “precursors” that has helped uncover stocks has to do with the rate at which a company can grow profits – an indicator that massive stock growth is right around the corner – is when a company’s operating margins expand by at least 20% over at least 9 months.

The caveat is that this precursor only works when it’s aligned with several others, in the right combination.

Ultimately, Louis Navellier believes that Project Oracle does well because it isn’t human. It doesn’t have any biases and it is programmed to do one thing: Find some of the biggest, fastest—and lowest-risk—gains on the market.

It alerts us to the optimal entry and exit points on fast-moving stocks.

Louis Navellier will be delivering all of his Project Oracle-driven recommendations for the next year in a flagship research service called Accelerated Profits.

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Who is Louis Navellier?

Louis Navellier is an investment guru who relies on quantitative analysis to make sense of the market. He’s behind other presentations like Dark Pools Summit and The Escape Velocity Event.

He started his journey as a young man when he was granted access to one of Wells Fargo’s mainframe computers to help create one of the world’s first index funds. That led to an innovation that would go on to become an $11 trillion industry.

At 23, he helped formulate many formulas that would later be used by Wall Street to issue BUY and SELL ratings on stocks. By the time he was 27, he’d created a legendary computer program that predicted the rise of Apple, Microsoft, and Dell Computer when they were still small and unknown.

In his 40+ year career, his financial algorithms have beaten legends Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch in head-to-head matchups. He has generated one of the longest winning streaks in Wall Street history, including one where he had 14 years of never having a down year.

Louis Navellier publishes his research through InvestorPlace.

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Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Profits Review

If you sign up for Accelerated Profits, you’ll have access to the most explosive stock recommendations on the market, along with Navellier’s data-driven research powered by Project Oracle.

He already has 5 stock recommendations to send you as soon as you join.

On top of that, once or twice a week, Project Oracle alerts Louis Navellier to an opportunity then he and his team put it through another rigorous round of vetting. If everything checks out, he sends out an urgent BUY alert.

In a nutshell, here is what you get with Accelerated Profits:

  • One-Year Membership to Accelerated Profits
  • Monthly issues of world-class research and analysis. (This includes an average of four of Project Oracle’s fast-moving stock recommendations per month.)
  • Project Oracle Trade Alerts
  • 24/7 Use of the Member-Only Accelerated Profits Website

You also get two special reports for free:

  • Five “Ultimate Growth Trades” that can Soar 500% or more
  • Project Oracle: Eight Precursors that Signal a Massive Stock Jump

Accelerated Profits Pricing

The usual 1-year subscription fee for Accelerated Profits is $2,499 but if you act before the offer expires, you get access to everything for $1,799.

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The Accelerated Profits Refund Policy

There are no cash refunds, as Louis Navellier reveals on the order page, with the justification:

“And remember, because new Accelerated Profits members will immediately receive 5 of Project Oracle’s “Ultimate Growth Trades”, I can’t offer any cash refunds.

I’m doing this to discourage folks from joining just to see my top 5 recommendations and then ask for a refund.”

Instead of a full refund, there is a guarantee of performance:

“If you join Accelerated Profits today, you’ll get a full year to try out Project Oracle’s research.

If at the end of the first 12 months, you haven’t seen $50,000 in gains…

That is if you haven’t seen at least 20 opportunities of $2,500 in our model portfolio…

You’ll get the second year of this service free.”

It is not clear how you will prove this to get the second year for free. Therefore, I wouldn’t count on that.

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Closing Remarks on Louis Navellier Project Oracle

Louis Navellier’s Project Oracle is a trading system that has been using AI’s predictive power to help him uncover some of the biggest stocks of the past few decades before they became household names. The AI works because it crunches the data faster and more accurately than was initially possible.

Louis is so confident in “Project Oracle’s” accuracy, he says anyone who follows its findings over the next year could have the chance to collect $50,000 in profits.

To receive those recommendations, you have to sign up for his $1,799/yr newsletter called Accelerated Profits. Before you join this newsletter, it is important to remember that it does not have a refund policy.

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