What Is Profits Unlimited from Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited is one of the most popular investment advisory services offered by Banyan Hill Publishing.

With more than $130,000 subscribers, Profits Unlimited is one of the most popular newsletters offered by the publisher (Note that I am referring to the newsletter, not the book – which Paul also wrote).

That out of the way, in this article, I will provide you with an overview of the Profits Unlimited newsletter, exploring how it works to enable you to make a more informed decision if you were considering signing up.

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What Is Profits Unlimited?

Profits Unlimited is an investment newsletter that is published by Banyan Hill Publishing and edited by Paul Mampilly with the help of a team of researchers.

He recently pitched it with his America 2.0 stock presentation that I have already reviewed.

Profits Unlimited Reviews

It is a tech stock newsletter because they focus on emerging trends in the technology sector. They look for opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT), Autonomous Vehicles, Blockchain, and any other juicy trend that promises to bring in profits.

As I have already mentioned, Paul Mampilly has written a book called Profits Unlimited: A Wall Street Insider Reveals the Secret to Life-Changing Wealth.

When Paul launched this service, he wanted to help ordinary investors make better investment decisions irrespective of their experience in the stock market. As he puts it in the paulmampillyguru.com website:

“This tech investment advice is perfect no matter how much money you have, no matter how much experience you have in the stock market and no matter how high your risk aversion.”

He and his team look for disruptive companies that they expect to grow explosively and recommend them early to allow readers to get in on them on the ground floor.

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Examples of companies that Paul has unearthed over the years

One of the most effective ways of determining how effective Paul Mampilly’s strategy has been being to look at how he has performed over the years.

Most of what Paul and his team do is look for new, disruptive companies that the rest of the market has yet to invest in. He typically recommends small companies that have the potential and the room to grow. He prefers them to bigger companies because he knows that great as they may be, big companies don’t have much leeway left to earn substantial capital returns.

One of the companies he has recommended is Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT). As it states on the website:

“Using Paul’s unique system, he uncovered one company, Sarepta Therapeutics, that was beginning to develop a drug to treat muscular dystrophy. He invested and pocketed a gain of 2,539%.”

He also invested in Netflix (NFLX):

“In 2008, he invested in the still-young Netflix. He believed in the future of streaming online video, and it paid off. He made a 634% gain. That is the power of focusing on innovation and investing in technology: the returns may be massive.”

He also invested in other tech companies like Texas Instruments, and Hewlett Packard, just to mention a few.

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Who is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly is one of the most recognizable names in the world of investment newsletters. He is a former hedge fund manager and the founder of Profits Unlimited. He publishes it via Banyan Hill Publishing, in addition to a few other investment advisory services.

The other premium newsletters he edits are Extreme Fortunes, The $10 Million Portfolio, The 100X Club, Rapid Profit Trader, and True Momentum.

He was born in India but moved to the US as a young man where he got his first job on Wall Street in 1991. He started as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust and later went on to manage accounts for the Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank, Swiss Bank, and ING.

He ended up being recruited by an asset management firm and was allocated one of its hedge funds. He grew its assets under management from $1.3 billion to $5.8 billion, a feat that caught the attention of Barron’s editors who named it the “world’s best” hedge fund.

He also took part in and won an investment competition where he was given $50 million as the starting investment. He ended up generating a return of 76% in a single year. He did it amid the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 without shorting stocks.

He left Wall Street at the age of 42 and decided to focus on helping people make money through writing newsletters.

He has been featured on Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, and CNBC.

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What you get when you join Profits Unlimited?

Profits Unlimited Reviews

When you subscribe to Profits Unlimited, you receive:

  • Monthly Briefings: Every month, you will receive a newsletter with detailed analysis into a new investment that Paul and his team are recommending. They also showcase the process they used to find the stock.
  • Trade Alerts: If a trade is not performing as expected, Paul will send you an alert urging you to either sell it or monitor it and on the flip side, if he finds a stock that can’t wait for the monthly briefing, he also sends you an alert.
  • Weekly Updates: Every Tuesday, he sends you an update that includes a briefing on the news events surrounding his stock picks as well as his outlook looking ahead.
  • Access to Paul’s Model Portfolio: This portfolio is essentially a list of every stock that is on Paul’s “buy now” list. It provides you with information regarding the overall performance of Paul’s Strategy.
  • Access to the Profits Unlimited website: You gain access to the encrypted website that has all the reports that have been sent to subscribers.

You also gain access to the customer support department and they send you bonus reports if you join via a presentation.

Subscription price

There are three subscription plans:

  • Premium subscription ($79 per year)
  • Deluxe subscription ($129 per year)
  • Standard subscription ($47 per year)

Note that the subscription renews automatically after one year and they deduct you $97. If you don’t want to be part of that, you can cancel any time before one year elapses.

You will find this somewhere on the order page

Profits Unlimited Reviews

Refund Policy

Profits Unlimited has a 365-day money-back guarantee.

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Profits Unlimited Conclusion

Profits Unlimited is one of the most popular services offered by Banyan Hill Publishing. Paul and his team look for investment opportunities in the technology sector, focusing on “new-age” trends like the Internet of Things, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, and self-driving cars.

They then recommend small companies with the potential to grow and earn the investors some capital gains. They intentionally go for “under-the-radar” stocks that mainstream financial media and Wall Street haven’t started paying attention to – this gives them the first-mover advantage.

I should mention that the advice Paul gives is general and, therefore, not personalized (they mention this on the Banyan Hill Publishing website in the “Disclaimer” page). This means that his recommendations do not account for your situation and you have to vet them before you act on them.

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