Is Mark Sebastian’s Profit Revolution Legit?

Mark Sebastian’s Profit Revolution is an advisory service offered by Money Map Press, an independent financial publishing firm that has provides individual investors with general advice and the latest significant financial news deemed relevant to them.

Profit Revolution is a relatively new service and Mark claims that the strategy on which it is based has made him and his clients millions of dollars.

In this Profit Revolution review, we will be taking a closer look at what this advisory service is all about.

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What is Mark Sebastian’s Profit Revolution?

Mark Sebastian is an options trader who used to work at the CBOE. His advisory service, Profit Revolution, is relatively new.

We can safely assume that he will be making options play recommendations just like other services like Louis Navellier’s Power Options and Chris Johnson’s Strikepoint Trader.

Mark Sebastian's Profit RevolutionMark claims to have developed a trading strategy while he was working at the CBOE that gave him an edge and allowed him and his clients to make a lot of money. He claims that while it was in early-stage development in 2005, it allowed him to earn a profit of 14,400% in just three days.

He says that he was fired from his job at the CBOE because he wanted to share the strategy with the public but his bosses wouldn’t let him.

Now, he wants to offer a new service based on his strategy and he claims to have made some tweaks that he’s never shared with the public.

Mark says that after rigorously testing it with those changes, he has found that he can deliver up to five chances to make money every week.

He says that every play he recommends has a maximum starting stake of $100 with targeted gains of 1,000% in 30 days or less.

He gives an example of it in motion:

Mark Sebastian's Profit Revolution

Is there a method to his strategy?

Mark Sebastian asserts that with options volume at an all-time high (up to 40 million contracts changing hands every day) you can capitalize with his strategy.

Mark Sebastian's Profit Revolution

He claims that this massive trading volume has created wild spikes in volatility and since the pandemic-inspired market crash of 2020, the VIX has been trading at new highs.

The Volatility Index (VIX) is a popular CBOE index that gauges the stock market’s expectation of volatility based on S&P 500 index options. It is often used by traders as an indicator of volatility.

Mark Sebastian says that he expects these volatility spikes to create many profit opportunities for investors.

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Who is Mark Sebastian?

Mark Sebastian is an investment analyst at Money Map Press where he heads up two investment advisory services namely Profit Takeover and Profit Revolution.Mark Sebastian

Before he started working for Money Map Press, Mark worked as an options trader and market-maker at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) for nearly ten years.

While he was working on the trading floor, he pioneered a trading strategy that he claims is very effective. His proof of this is that while it was still in its developmental phases in 2005, it produced exceptional gains of 14,400% in just three days. This strategy is what this service is built on.

Mark has made regular appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Money Morning Live as an analyst and volatility expert.

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What’s included in Mark Sebastian’s Profit Revolution

When you sign up for Mark Sebastian’s Profit Revolution, you are entitled to the following:

The Profit Revolution LIVE trading room.

Every day the market is open, Mark goes LIVE in the private trading room. He gives you updates on all open positions and offers his latest research and analysis of the market.

Then he makes a trade recommendation for the day and breaks it down to justify it and explain why he thinks it is the right move to make.

You also get to look over his shoulder as he sets up real trades with the potential to earn disproportionately large profits in 30 days or less.

The service also comes with a live chat feature that allows you to ask him general questions about his methods in real-time.

Proprietary Asymmetric Trading Software.

You also get access to his proprietary Asymmetric Trading Software. He uses this tool to spot every single play he recommends. He claims that it cost $100,000 to develop the software.

The tool provides you with backtested data and charts on every stock on the market. You can analyze every stock you want to with his Volatility Intel Indicator, a tool he uses to find underpriced, $1-or-less options with a high potential upside.

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The Tactical Trading Course.

This course offers you a step-by-step breakdown of Mark’s entire system. Every session is about 10 minutes long, which allows you to get through it quickly.

The course shows you exactly how Asymmetric Trading works in Mark Sebastian’s terms and why he is confident that you will have up to five investment opportunities every week.

The Tactical Trading Course also includes up to two hours a day of live training with Mark’s trading coach, Brian King.

The Trade Journal

The Trade Journal allows you to keep track of all the Asymmetric Trades. It keeps all your wins and losses in one place enabling you to see exactly how each trade performed.

Mark Sebastian's Profit RevolutionIt includes a portfolio analysis of total return, batting average, and profit factor.

The Profit Revolution 24/7 Chat Room

There is a member-exclusive chat room where you can discuss with other subscribers trade recommendations, your big wins, and potential trades you spot on your own.

Mark pops in from time to time to share some bonus trade ideas.

The Profit Revolution In-Person Event

This event gives you the chance to meet Mark face-to-face along with other members of the inner circle. The event is NOT FREE because Mark says that as a member, you’ll be offered priority when buying tickets.

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Profit Revolution Pricing

You can sign up for $1,749 a year.

There is also the option of a Lifetime membership for $3,499 but you will be charged a maintenance fee of $149 per year for as long as you choose to stay a Lifetime Member.

The Profit Revolution Refund Policy

Profit Revolution has a 30 days money-back guarantee. The sales page states:

“If after completing the Tactical Trading Course you don’t think your Founding Member subscription is worth 10 times what you paid…

Just call my VIP Concierge team at 855-509-6600 (or if you’re international 443-353-4770) for a full refund of every penny.”

Before you sign up, you should read carefully the terms and conditions page especially the part concerning the refund policy because these terms often change without warning, and by the time you sign up, the rules may have already changed.

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Closing Remarks on Mark Sebastian’s Profit Revolution

Mark Sebastian claims that he was fired from the CBOE for wanting to share his top trading strategy with the public – a strategy that he tells us handed him 14,400% in three days.

He casts himself as a successful trader who’s turning his back on the financial establishment that created him by offering us this advisory service.

Mark Sebastian says that after he was fired, he decided to share the strategy with a group of followers who he claims recorded gains of 200% in six days, 301% in one day, and 1,867% in five days. He added a twist to his strategy that he has yet to share with the public and after rigorously testing it, he claims that it can offer five opportunities to make money every week.

Can he give you up to five trades a week with the potential to cash out 1,000% in 30 days?

It is possible. However, we should distinguish “the opportunity” and the probability of you making that kind of money – the latter is debatable because the market is inherently unpredictable and you may lose money from his picks.

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