What Are Penny Rockets? [Chris Johnson]

Chris Johnson’s Penny Rockets is a virtual event during which he will reveal a strategy that he says is the most effective at finding stocks that trade under $5.

He says that he will reveal his investment that beat the ‘top market index’ by 745%.

In this article, we look ahead at the event to find out more about Johnson’s strategy and the newsletter he could be promoting.

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What is Penny Rockets?

Chris Johnson’s Penny Rockets is a virtual event hosted by the Money Map Press-affiliated analyst during which he will be talking about investing in penny stocks.

Chris Johnson's Penny RocketsBy Chris Johnson’s definition of penny stocks, he will be focusing on stocks that trade for less than $5.

He is adamant that he has the right investment strategy to thrive, pointing at his track record. At the landing page promoting the event, he states:

“This strategy wasn’t back-tested on a computer. I’ve been trading penny rockets with my own, real money for 1 year.

In 2021, I made 132% on average per trade, including my losers.”

Chris says that trading penny stocks are ideal for people who don’t have thousands of dollars to trade.

He says that his strategy is also perfect for those who don’t have time for a live trading room because alerts are sent straight to a 24/7 member chat room.

Johnson’s strategy is designed for people who are new to trading. He claims that he locates “penny rockets” in a 4-step scan.

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An ad for Chris Johnson Penny Hawk?

At Money Map Press, Chris edits two investment advisory services, namely Penny Hawk and Night Trader.

I think he will be promoting Penny Hawk at this event, his penny stock-trading newsletter at Money Map Press.

Chris Johnson's Penny RocketsOn the official website for the service, he describes penny stocks as making up “a hidden market – one that few people know about. And those that do know about it, well, most of them don’t know how to trade it.”

He says that these stocks make their biggest moves before they reach the major exchanges (which means that you will be trading in OTC markets if you start following Chris Johnson’s advice).

Chris says that the massive moves are not a rarity because they happen every day and that you should be looking to cash in before these stocks become big companies.

However, he acknowledges that there is a downside to trading penny stocks because although there is high-profit potential, these cheap stocks are also quite risky.

Therefore, he says that you need his guidance to help you sort through the rough and find the diamonds.

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Who is Chris Johnson?

Chris Johnson is an investment analyst who works for Money Map Press. He is an equity and options analyst who has been active in the industry for close to 30 years. He designs and interprets complex models to help investment firms make sense of millions of data points and turn those into gains for clients.

Chris Johnson's Penny RocketsChris Johnson is a quantitative analyst (quant) with a specialty in applying advanced mathematics like stochastic calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, and statistics to Wall Street’s data-rich environment. He reminds me of Marc Chaikin of Chaikin Analytics in that sense.

Chris Johnson has degrees in finance, accounting, and statistics. He started building his models in 1998 when he was analyzing 2,000 data points every day. He has designed and coded his database from scratch and now analyzes about 700,000 records a day.

Before he started working for Money Map Press, Chris worked as a licensed broker for 11 years, and then he took on the role of Director of Quantitative Analysis at a big-name equity and options research firm for eight years.

He has been working as the Director of Research of a Cleveland-based investment firm that oversees hundreds of millions in assets. Chris helped start (and worked as the CIO) of ETF Advisory Research Partners, which is known for its groundbreaking work in Behavioral Valuation systems.

TipRanks puts Chris in the top 99.3% of financial bloggers and top 98.6% of overall experts. Tipranks.com has an independent rating system that considers the track record registry of financial analysts.

Johnson has been a frequent guest on financial markets for CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Fox, and CBS Radio. He has also been featured in USA Today, Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek.

At Money Map Press, he is the editor of Night Trader and Penny Hawk. He contributes to Money Morning (belonging to Money Map Press) as the publication’s Quant Analysis Specialist.

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Closing Remarks on Penny Rockets

Chris Johnson claims that the penny stock market is an undiscovered area of the market where stocks make their biggest moves before they enter the NASDAQ or the NYSE. He says that since they are cheap, it is easier for a stock to make a bigger move while it is small than when it is expensive.

He also warns that the penny stock market has a lot of stocks that underperform and may lose your money – and he is capable of guiding you to the ones that are likely to do well.

Speaking of his track record, he says that he has been trading these stocks with real money and is not merely relying on back-tests. However, I should remind you that his past success is not an indication of future performance because the penny stock market is unpredictable.

It will be interesting to see what Chris Johnson talks about in his presentation.

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