Paul Bocco Reviews – Scam or Legit?

If you are a Christian entrepreneur eager to grow your startup but lacking strategic guidance, you might have stumbled upon Paul Bocco, a well-known figure in the world of faith-based business coaching.

He’s the brains behind programs like Christian Entrepreneur Inc. and Kingdom Business, and his mission is to help entrepreneurs like you merge their faith with their commerce.

But the crucial question remains: Is Paul Bocco the mentor you’ve been seeking to help you on your entrepreneurial journey?

In this review, we aim to offer you an in-depth exploration of Paul Bocco and his offerings, shedding light on their strengths and potential drawbacks.

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Key Takeaways

  • Paul Bocco is the founder and CEO of Christian Entrepreneur Inc. and offers programs like the Christian Business Incubator and Kingdom Business.
  • His programs focus on helping Christians start and grow their businesses using biblical principles.
  • While some participants have found value in his coaching, there are criticisms regarding the lack of community support and mediocre training provided.
  • Paul Bocco is a legit business coach but his methods are not suited to every business model.

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Who is Paul Bocco?

Paul Bocco is a prominent entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Christian Entrepreneur Inc.

He is known for his coaching, mentoring, and partnering programs designed to help Christians start and grow successful businesses from scratch.

Bocco claims to provide individuals with the tools and knowledge to establish businesses that are not only profitable but also align with their faith and values.

Paul Bocco Review

With a focus on mindset training and step-by-step learning, Bocco emphasizes the importance of a clear and empowered mindset as a key factor in achieving success in various business endeavors.

His coaching and mentoring cover a wide range of business models, and he offers guidance on leveraging technology and outsourcing to create businesses that can be managed with virtual assistants.

Bocco’s programs aim to empower individuals to achieve personal and financial freedom while adhering to Biblical principles and values.

In addition to Christian Entrepreneur Inc., Bocco has been involved in other ventures, such as the Christian Business Incubator and “eStore Incubator,” a coaching program that assists individuals in launching e-commerce businesses. Speaking of ecommerce business, you may want to check out The Real World by Andrew Tate or even Luke Belmar‘s courses.

Paul Bocco’s work reflects a strong commitment to helping Christians pursue entrepreneurial success while staying true to their faith.

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Paul Bocco’s Programs

Paul Bocco offers a variety of programs that cater to individuals looking to explore digital business development and entrepreneurship with a strong emphasis on Christian values.

These programs are designed to empower participants with the skills and mindset needed to succeed in the online business world.

Let’s take a closer look at some of his notable programs:

  1. Christian Business Incubator: This program focuses on the transformation of participants’ mindsets, preparing them to take on the challenges of running online businesses. It emphasizes the importance of aligning one’s business pursuits with Biblical Christian principles.
  2. Kingdom Business Incubator: The Kingdom Business Incubator offers a comprehensive business model that helps individuals navigate the world of entrepreneurship from a Christian perspective. This program is designed to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in the digital business landscape.
  3. eStore Incubator: The eStore Incubator is a one-on-one coaching program that guides individuals in the process of launching e-commerce businesses from the ground up. It is tailored to help participants establish six-figure e-commerce ventures while adhering to Biblical values.

Paul Bocco’s programs reflect his expertise in contemporary entrepreneurship, digital business development, and e-commerce.

He claims that his content and coaching are tailored to those who seek a combination of spiritual alignment and comprehensive knowledge in these domains.

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Christian Business Incubator Review

Christian Business Incubator, regarded as a stepping stone for aspiring Christian entrepreneurs, is the first program by Paul Bocco we’ll be looking into.

This business incubator offers essential tools and resources to help you understand the nuances of starting and developing a successful enterprise.

Christian Business Incubator Review

The program emphasizes biblical principles as foundational elements for effective business strategies.

Bocco’s Christian Business Incubator revolves around three core lessons, each designed to lay a strong foundation for your entrepreneurial journey:

  1. Business Model: Bocco asserts that he has scrutinized over 150 different business models to extract the common characteristics that distinguish a truly exceptional model. In this program, he shares his valuable insights into identifying the right business model.
  2. Mindset: According to Bocco, a robust, godly, and unwavering Kingdom mindset is essential for success. He believes that this mindset should seamlessly align with your chosen business model. As part of the program, Bocco imparts knowledge on how to cultivate and maintain this powerful mindset.
  3. Mentorship: Bocco’s approach emphasizes the importance of learning from those who have already triumphed over obstacles similar to the ones you may encounter. To facilitate this, the Christian Business Incubator pairs you with a mentor who possesses expertise specific to your chosen business model and the corresponding mindset necessary for success.

What is included in Christian Business Incubator?

Paul Bocco’s Christian Business Incubator is a comprehensive program designed to assist Christian entrepreneurs in establishing or growing their businesses while aligning with their faith and values.

He claims that it is an all-encompassing program to help interested prospects achieve personal and financial freedom.

This faith-based incubator encompasses a range of essential components tailored to support your entrepreneurial journey.

Here’s an overview of what you can anticipate when engaging with this program:

  1. Turn-Key LeadPipeline System: The program offers a Turn-Key LeadPipeline System designed to swiftly generate leads within 24 hours of initiation. This system is aimed at significantly reducing your learning curve, getting you involved in the marketplace, delivering value, and accelerating your business into harvest mode. Additional methods for generating and sourcing high-quality leads are also covered.
  2. Live Telephone Support: Participants of the Christian Business Incubator have access to live telephone support for those moments when questions arise, ensuring timely assistance in navigating challenges.
  3. Community Access: Unlike traditional social media platforms, Paul Bocco’s program provides access to a community through an alternative platform that he claims is exponentially superior. This community fosters collaboration and interaction with fellow entrepreneurs in the program.
  4. Funding Opportunities: The program offers access to funding if you require financial assistance in kickstarting or expanding your business endeavors.
  5. Kingdom Operating System: This component encompasses a multifaceted approach to enriching your entrepreneurial journey. It covers aspects such as Lifestyle Design, Financial Stewardship to transform cash into cash flow-generating assets, Asset Protection, and Entity Structuring to minimize tax liabilities, ultimately maximizing your retained income.

Upon achieving “Harvest Partner Company” status, participants gain access to a plethora of resources. These resources include Paul Bocco’s extensive network, media buyers, virtual assistants, recruiting support, advisors, legal counsel, coaches, wealth advisors, specialist service providers, and more.

Paul Bocco’s program is built on the premise of a strategic partnership, ensuring that go on your own pace as you prosper.

The profit-sharing model is structured so that the lion’s share goes to you, while a small portion is returned to them as compensation for providing the essential elements of the “Model, Mindset, and Mentoring.”

If the profit-sharing model is not your preference, an alternative model is available, albeit with a substantially higher upfront investment.

Christian Business Incubator Modules

Paul Bocco’s Christian Business Incubator consists of six modules, each addressing crucial aspects of digital business and entrepreneurship, grounded in biblical principles:

  1. Business Model: This module guides you in creating a business model designed to generate consistent revenue. It covers target market identification, crafting compelling offers, and optimizing your sales process.
  2. Money Thinking: The Money Thinking module focuses on nurturing a mindset conducive to wealth creation. It equips you with strategies to overcome limiting beliefs and adopt a growth-oriented mindset.
  3. Virtual Real Estate Investing: This module delves into the world of virtual real estate investing, considered a low-risk, high-reward method for generating passive income.
  4. Profit Margins: Here, you will learn how to maximize your profit margins by effectively managing expenses and boosting revenue.
  5. Sales Mastery: The Sales Mastery module hones your sales skills, teaching you how to identify customer needs, overcome objections, and effectively close deals.
  6. Marketing Mastery: The Marketing Mastery module explores the creation of impactful marketing campaigns. It provides insights into leveraging social media, email marketing, and various channels to reach your target audience effectively.

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Paul Bocco Kingdom Business Incubator Review

The Kingdom Business Incubator, which you may have encountered on Facebook, is tailored for those seeking to initiate or expand their businesses.

Kingdom business Incubator Review

Founded by Paul Bocco, this program focuses on aiding Christian entrepreneurs in launching and nurturing their businesses while adhering to biblical principles.

This overview will delve into the Kingdom Business Incubator, elucidating its structure, costs, and a review of the program, along with providing a handy guide to kickstart your journey.


The Kingdom Business Incubator, established by Paul Bocco, is a Christian-centric business incubator known for providing training, coaching, and support to empower entrepreneurs in initiating and expanding their businesses.

The Kingdom Business Incubator is designed to guide you in cultivating the essential mindset and skill set required to make money online, particularly in the domain of virtual estate investing.

The primary goal of this program is to assist individuals in building businesses that are aligned with their faith, values, and beliefs.

While it is open to anyone looking to embark on or enhance their business journey, it primarily caters to Christians seeking to fuse their entrepreneurial ventures with their religious convictions.

How much the Kingdom Business Incubator costs

The cost structure of the Kingdom Business Incubator varies based on the package you select.

The program offers three distinct packages: Basic, Premium, and Elite.

Kingdom Business Incubator Costs

These packages come at different price points, with the Basic package being available for $997, the Premium package for $1,997, and the Elite package for $3,997.

Each package is tailored to offer varying degrees of support and coaching, ensuring that you can opt for the one that aligns best with your specific requirements and budget.

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Pros and Cons of Paul Bocco’s Programs

After thoroughly analyzing various Christian Business Incubator reviews, it becomes evident that Paul Bocco’s programs come with both advantages and disadvantages, offering potential participants several aspects to consider.

One advantage is the faith-based approach, which may resonate well with Christian entrepreneurs looking to align their businesses with biblical principles.

However, one downside is the lack of community within these programs, as participants may not have a support system or network to lean on for guidance and encouragement.

Additionally, some individuals have found the training provided by Paul Bocco to be mediocre, potentially limiting participants’ ability to fully grasp and apply the concepts taught in the programs.

Faith-based approach

Paul Bocco’s programs, including the Christian Business Incubator and Kingdom Business Incubator, take a faith-based approach to help Christians start and grow their businesses.

Client Reviews

Through his coaching and mentoring, Paul emphasizes the importance of biblical principles in business success.

He encourages entrepreneurs to integrate their faith into every aspect of their business, from decision-making to ethical practices.

This unique approach sets Paul apart from other coaches in the industry and resonates with Christian entrepreneurs who value aligning their business goals with their spiritual beliefs.

Lack of community

Paul Bocco’s programs, despite their many benefits, have been criticized for the lack of community they provide.

While he offers valuable training and guidance, some participants feel that there is a missing sense of connection and support among fellow entrepreneurs.

Building a business can be challenging, especially when facing obstacles or seeking advice, and having a supportive community can make all the difference.

Unfortunately, Paul Bocco’s programs seem to fall short in this aspect, leaving some participants feeling isolated in their entrepreneurial journey.

Without a strong community to lean on, aspiring Christian entrepreneurs may struggle to find the encouragement and camaraderie needed to succeed in their business ventures.

Mediocre training

Paul Bocco’s programs have been criticized for their mediocre training. While he may offer coaching and mentoring, some people have found that the quality of the training falls short of expectations.

This has left participants feeling unsatisfied and questioning the value they are receiving from his programs.

It is important to carefully consider this aspect before enrolling in any of Paul Bocco’s courses to ensure that you are getting top-notch training that will truly benefit your entrepreneurial journey.

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Paul Bocco Review

After researching and evaluating Paul Bocco’s programs, it’s evident that they come with their set of pros and cons.

If you are interested in Digital Real Estate business and aligning your entrepreneurial journey with Christian principles, then his faith-based approach could resonate with you.

It offers a unique perspective for Christian entrepreneurs seeking to blend their faith with their business endeavors.

However, it’s essential to consider the limitations, such as the lack of a strong community and concerns about the quality of training. These aspects could impact your overall experience in the programs.

In conclusion, Paul Bocco’s coaching and mentoring provide a distinct faith-based angle for those looking to venture into the world of digital real estate business.

While there may be some drawbacks, many individuals have benefited from his guidance. Whether these programs are the right fit for you ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.


1. Who is Paul Bocco?

Paul Bocco is the founder of Kingdom Business, a digital business incubator teaching virtual estate investing and other business models.

2. What does the Kingdom Business Incubator offer?

Kingdom Business Incubator offers guidance on how to engage in local lead generation, close deals for local businesses, and operate your first digital rental property at minimal startup costs.

3. How much does it cost to join the Kingdom Business incubator?

The costs to join the Kingdom’s Christian business incubator vary; interested entrepreneurs can review their website or conduct virtual showings for more detailed information about the fees involved.

4. Can I make money from virtual estate investing with Paul Bocco’s methods?

Yes! Many successful students have earned semi-passive income by following his teachings in producing profits through digital real estate businesses.

5. Does the program require lots of time commitment?

While you might spend hours initially learning from video courses and conducting serious data analysis, over time you will develop strategies that allow more control over your time while generating profit margins.

6. Is there any feedback available on Paul Bocco’s course?

There are multiple reviews available online; one may look up ‘Christian Entrepreneur inc team’ or ‘Kingdom business incubator review’ to find out experiences shared by past and present students.

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