Is Part-Time Profits by Anthony Speciale Legit? [Project 6 By 6]

A publishing company called Traders Agency has been promoting an exclusive membership to one of their trading courses called Part-Time Profits.

It is offered by one of the analysts working for the firm called Anthony Speciale and they claim that when you sign up for it, you leverage the same “1% Blueprint” Anthony’s used to close profits of $47,500,  $100,000, and even $158,600.

Here, we take a closer look at Part-Time Profits to help inform you what it is about and what you get when you sign up for it.

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What is Part-Time Profits?

Anthony Speciale’s Part-Time Profits is a trading course offered by the analyst. It allows you to leverage Anthony’s 1% blueprint that he has been using to make money with his trades.

Project 6 by 6 (Anthony Speciale Part Time Profits)This course comprises a series of videos by Anthony where he teaches you how he trades and how you can use his system to make better trades.

The videos he provides include:

  • Video 1: Order Types
  • Video 2: Options
  • Video 3: How to Utilize the Charting Platform
  • Video 4: Identifying Trends
  • Video 5: Structuring Channels
  • Video 6: Mastering the Breakout

These are relatively short videos (lasting ten minutes or thereabouts) where Anthony walks you through his strategy.

He focuses on options trading rather than just investing in the stock market.

He is not the first investment guru to go down that route as we’ve looked into other options-based trading strategies on programs like Super Options and Louis Navellier’s Power Options.

Options are popular because you can use them to enhance your portfolio. Options are an effective hedge against a declining stock market to limit downside losses.

This is pertinent in 2022 considering how volatile the market has been as it has trended downwards. Tech stocks that were high-flying in 2020 and 2021 have shed a lot of value and, therefore, having an instrument that can hedge against that is a welcome proposition.

Options can also generate recurring income or in the case of Anthony’s approach, used for speculative purposes, such as wagering on the direction of a stock hoping to bag substantial profits once you get it right.

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Who is Anthony Speciale?

Anthony Speciale Jr. is an investment analyst who works as an editor with the Traders Agency team. Traders Agency gives him the platform to share his knowledge, experiences, and trade ideas with his followers.

Anthony comes from a blue-collar family and was raised in the suburbs of Northern New Jersey. Ever since he started his career as a trader, he has been crafting strategies that allow him to make money and earn his freedom.

For him, it was never much about the money, but the freedom that accompanied that success. Over a decade ago, when he became a professional market analyst, he decided to specialize in just one sector of the market.

He specialized in one area of the market to achieve the goals he had set forth. He then realized that he could use the skill he acquired from that one area in all aspects of the market.

Anthony focuses on trading passively while producing massively. It took him years of failed attempts, endless education, and trial and error to find the success and freedom he was desiring.

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What is included in Part-Time Profits?

When you sign up for Anthony Speciale’s Part-Time Profits, you get:

  • One New Trade Recommendation Every Single Week. He will send you the ticker symbol, entry price, and exactly when to close out the trade.
  • Access to Anthony’s “6 by 6 Trading Accelerator.” It is a live training course where Anthony covers everything you need to know to spot profitable trade setups on your own.
  • Weekly Live Mentoring Webinars. When you subscribe to his service, you can join on live calls with Anthony where he reviews trades, looks for trade setups in real-time and answers any questions you may have from week to week.
  • Private Access to the Members Portal. You’ll get your login and password to the member’s portal where you can access all resources related to the course. If you’re not able to make one of the Weekly Live Mentoring Calls, the recordings are stored in the member’s area.
  • VIP Access to the US-Based Customer Care Team. The customer care team can answer any question you have about this service. You can call the Orlando-based customer care team.

Part-Time Profits Pricing

The Part-Time Profits annual subscription fee is $3,995

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The Part-Time Profits Refund Policy

The newsletter comes with a money-back guarantee that Anthony has stipulated on the order page. It reads:

“You’re Covered By My ‘Second Year Free Guarantee’

If by the end of 12 months I didn’t fulfill my promise to show you at least $100k in profit potential based on the trade ideas I send out…

Simply give your US-based customer service team a call … show them that you’ve been placing the trades.

And I’ll give you a second year’s membership for free.”

Before you sign up for the service, read the fine print to ensure that the terms of the money-back guarantee are as indicated.

Closing Remarks on Part-Time Profits

Part-Time Profits is a subscription service offered by Traders Agency and edited by Anthony Speciale. It features a live trading course called Project 6 by 6 meant to train traders on how to be better at trading options and utilizing their investment strategy.

Is Anthony’s strategy any good? Well, it depends on your expectations and whether you would like to invest in options.

It is hard to tell whether you will make money because his past success has no bearing on his anticipated results and no amount of reassurances can change that. Therefore, if you are willing to spend that kind of money on a subscription, go into it with an open mind and realistic expectations.

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