Is Teeka Tiwari’s “Palm Beach Letter” Legit?

The Palm Beach Letter is the flagship newsletter offered by the Palm Beach Research Group.

Like a majority of financial newsletters, it was established to alert its readers about new investment opportunities before a majority of investors, and particularly big Wall Street investors, catch wind of them.

Here is how it is described on the official website:

“Since launching in 2011, our stock recommendations have given subscribers the opportunity for gains such as 119% on J&J Snack Foods, 112% on Anthem, 219% on Boston Scientific, and even 550% on Nvidia.”

In this article, I shed light on what the Palm Beach Letter offers its subscribers to enable you to know what you are getting yourself into should you decide to sign up for it.

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What is Palm Beach Letter?

Palm Beach Letter is a financial newsletter that is edited by Teeka Tiwari and published by the Palm Beach Research Group. It is the flagship newsletter of the firm.

This is not the first time I am encountering Teeka Tiwari. I have shared reviews of 5 Coins to $5 Million and Teeka Tiwari Genesis Technology.

Palm Beach Letter Reviews

Tiwari launched the publication to help retail investors to safely build their wealth.

To that end, he has been providing his readers with low-risk, income-creating recommendations that grow their retirement accounts. Here is what it says on the order page:

“Month after month, and year after year… former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari provides readers of The Palm Beach Letter with recommendations for low-risk, income-producing assets that offer the chance to grow their bank or retirement accounts.”

The definition of low-risk, income-producing assets is quite broad, which means that the scope of the newsletter must be quite big.

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Going by a majority of the recommendations he has been pushing in the past few months, it is safe to say that Tiwari is keen on cryptocurrencies – something he is well-known for.

On the order page, the following statements helped confirm this:

“But stocks are only a part of what Teeka and his team are bringing to you.

Teeka has also gained quite a reputation for identifying unique, ‘off-Wall Street’ investment ideas that you won’t find anywhere else.

He was one of the first newsletter writers to identify the potential in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.”

To be fair, cryptos have been quite popular following the downturn they experienced in 2018 (that came on the heels of the 2017 Cryptocurrency Bubble).

I can understand the appeal because volatile Altcoins have earned lucky investors large returns on their investments; bear in mind that volatility cuts both ways and you should, therefore, have a high-risk tolerance before you venture into such investments.

Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Letter is by no means alone in this as many other gurus write about crypto-based investments.

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Who Is Teeka Tiwari?

Teeka Tiwari is the founder of the Palm Beach Research Group. He is also the leading editor of the Palm Beach Letter.

He is a former hedge fund manager who currently works as a financial market analyst. He specializes in cryptocurrency investments and is legitimately one of the first analysts to recommend Bitcoin.

He touted Bitcoin in 2016 before its December 2017 highs and has since labeled himself “one of the foremost experts on cryptocurrencies.”

He also shares investment recommendations in Cannabis with his readers. He writes articles about the financial market and any significant events taking place that may affect his investments.

He has appeared on Fox News, ABC, and CNBC. He was also once featured on London Real’s YouTube Channel where he was discussing investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies.

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How Palm Beach Letter Works

When you subscribe to the Palm Beach Letter, you are entitled to the following:

  • Monthly issues of the Palm Beach Letter: Each first Thursday of the month, you receive a new issue of the newsletter. It contains Tiwari’s commentary and an investment suggestion.
  • Access to The Palm Beach Letter Portfolio: The portfolio lets you look over Teeka’s shoulders to replicate the holdings he has shared with his readers.
  • Bonus Research Reports: You gain access to an archive of all of his past research reports.
  • An eBook called The Big Black Book of Income Secrets: The book is the culmination of research done by Teeka’s team. It shows you off-the-radar areas in the market where you can find safe income opportunities.
  • Access to the Members-only Online Portal

Subscription Fee and the Refund Policy

The annual subscription fee is $199.

Note that it renews automatically and gets deducted each year unless you cancel before the renewal date.

The membership fee is non-refundable.

What they offer you instead of refunding your money if you choose to cancel your membership is a 90-day trial period. It stipulates that they will allow you to spend your $199 on any other service offered by Palm Beach Research Group, Casey Research, or Bonner & Partners.

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Palm Beach Letter Conclusion

The Palm Beach Letter is supposed to offer you investment opportunity suggestions in all market conditions to help you to make money.

If you subscribe to Tiwari’s newsletter, the least you can expect of him is to deliver low-risk, income-generating recommendations. After all, he claims to have a good understanding of the market and knows “the best ways to play the market for maximum gains — while minimizing exposure to unnecessary risk.”

However, what he recommends doesn’t count as personal investment advice – you should hire a financial advisor for that. He is not mandated to offer personal advice.

Even if you pay to be a member of the Palm Beach Letter, you have to decide whether his trade suggestions fit your investment philosophy before you follow through on them.

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