What is Operation Surge Strike? [Tom Gentile pitch]

Tom Gentile’s newly launched advisory service called Operation Surge Strike is all about capitalizing on $672 million that he claims is flooding the market every 60 seconds.

Tom believes that the massive waves of speculation that have been caused by millions of new traders starting to trade can be capitalized on. He even claims to have an advanced system to help with this.

In this review, I will take a closer look at what this new advisory service is about to help you make a more informed decision about it if you are considering trying it out.

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Introduction to Operation Surge Strike Review

Tom Gentile claims that as more people get into trading, particularly inexperienced ones, there will be a lot of money coming into the market.

Tom Gentile's Operation Surge StrikeHe says,

“When millions of newbies show up and start throwing down cash like it’s Monopoly money… well, I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s an incredible opportunity.

I’m talking about 13 million kids pouring millions of dollars of pure speculative cash into the market…”

He says that all that money being spent by amateur traders with no real strategy, trading experience, or calculation is creating an opportunity that he wants you to capitalize on.

To help with that, he says that he gathered a team of rocket scientists to create a trading system. He describes them as follows:

“They climbed the ranks at NASA, Raytheon, and Texas Instruments.

Across the team, they hold 11 patents issued by the U.S. government.

They’ve spent years developing air flight control systems, missile guidance technology, as well as radar tracking devices.

In fact, key members of my team helped build the Six-Degree-of-Freedom missile simulation.”

This new system will enable him to “reach in and just shave some cash right off these naïve speculators.”

He says that he will get in and out of these trades fast.

His team of rocket scientists has developed a brute-force algorithm called “Brutus” to predict speculative surges and chart the intensity of these surges to enable them to trade that intensity for massive winnings.

Tom Gentile says that his strategy was tested by a consultant and some of the examples of trades that exemplify the results include:

Tom Gentile's Operation Surge Strike

A 513% gain on Hologic…

Tom Gentile's Operation Surge Strike

A 520% gain on Maxar Technologies…

Tom Gentile's Operation Surge Strike

And a 506% gain on KB Home, just to mention a few.

These gains were recorded in anywhere between a few days and a few weeks.

Note that Tom Gentile is not talking about trading stocks, rather he is talking about trading options. He says that option demand is “surging off the charts” thus driving the prices higher.

With “Brutus,” he says that he can “predict WHEN the next surge will occur, how big the surge can be, and when the surge will end”

Tom calls the events that signal a surge, “trigger events” and says that they make traders go into a speculative frenzy. An example of a trigger event is an FDA decision regarding a new drug.

When “Brutus” predicts one of these events, Tom evaluates the trade and considers every possible factor before issuing a “surge strike” (a recommendation).

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Who is Tom Gentile?

Tom Gentile is an investment guru who works for Money Map Press as an editor.

He regards himself as “America’s #1 Pattern Trader,” claiming to be an expert at spotting trends in the market and capitalizing on them.

Tom started by studying options trading every night in his parent’s basement and a few years later, he had built a large financial tech company called Optionetics. Optionetics was an educational company that showed people how to trade.

After selling Optionetics to Charles Schwab in 2009, he dedicated his career to teaching people how to trade. So far, he has taught thousands of traders his option trading strategies.

In addition to teaching people about options, he has been offering investment advice through newsletters that are mainly published by Money Map Press. They include Fast Fortune Club, Microcurrency Trader, Weekly Cash Clock, and Money Calendar Pro, just to mention a few.

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What you get when you join Operation Surge Strike

When you join Operation Surge Strike, you will be receiving options recommendations from Tom derived from his “Brutus” algorithm.

Tom Gentile's Operation Surge StrikeHe says that you will be capitalizing on the tradable surges created by the influx of capital from new traders.

When you join the service, you are entitled to:

The Surge Strike Elite Video Training Series

Tom Gentile sends you five short videos during your first week as a subscriber. Inside, he talks about how you can maximize your success executing Surge Strike using five tactics that you need to know to make the trades for maximum profit potential.

Two Surge Strike Briefings per Week

Every week, he sends you two new surge strike trades. Each of them is accompanied by a surge strike briefing that has all the details you need to trade the recommendation.

You get the briefing in both video and written format and in these briefings, Tom explains what’s behind the upcoming trigger event, where the initiation point is, how big the surge is going to be (magnitude rating), and when the surge will end (termination point).

Surge Strike Text Alerts

You can subscribe to the text alerts to stay up to date whenever new opportunities emerge.

Access to the Surge Strike Arena

Tom Gentile regards the surge strike arena as a training ground where you and other subscribers can hone your skills and elevate your game. He conducts detailed breakdowns of the surge strike plays, analyzing each trade to show you how they are expected to pan out.

Access to the Surge Strike Forum

You gain access to the password-protected forum where subscribers can connect, talk about investments, and celebrate their winning trades. Tom Gentile says that being in the forum is like being a part of the community.

The Surge Strike Annual Summit

You get to meet fellow subscribers in person.

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How much is Operation Surge Strike?

A one-year subscription costs $2,250 and this is inclusive of a discount because the usual retail price is $5,000.

You will be deducted $2,250 every year automatically when your subscription expires. If you don’t want that, you can always cancel your membership by calling customer service.

The Operation Surge Strike Refund Policy

The newsletter has a 365-day money-back guarantee.

Tom Gentile's Operation Surge StrikeYou can ask for a full refund if Tom fails to deliver at least two new trading opportunities per week. But unfortunately, this doesn’t mean much because he only has to make two recommendations every week and it doesn’t matter whether they end up being bad trades.

Closing Remarks on Operation Surge Strike

Operation Surge Strike is a new advisory service by Tom Gentile that he launched to help investors take advantage of the speculative money that is entering the market, brought in by new traders who are still newbies. According to him, this speculative money has been creating surges that he wants to take advantage of.

Tom says that he assembled a team of rocket scientists to develop an algorithm that uses brute force to identify investment opportunities. These plays are not meant to be bought and held because you get in and out in a short period, lasting anywhere between a couple of days and a few weeks.

Operation Surge Strike is an options-trading service that you can join if you think Tom’s strategy is good.

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