Online Cash Machine – I Tried It! [Review]

Do you ever wonder if making money online is really achievable?

The Online Cash Machine claims to provide a solution, promising a route to financial success from the comfort of your own home.

Our team bought it and took the time to go through the program to find out how it works and through this article, we’ll delve deep into what this platform offers, and help you determine whether it is credible.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Online Cash Machine is a platform that claims to offer training and ways to earn money online with a focus on e-commerce dropshipping.
  • This platform lacks clear information about the founder, leading to doubts about its credibility.
  • It places a lot of importance on telling students to promote it to others and gives off pyramid scheme vibes. We have concerns regarding the sustainability of its model.
  • Instead of depending on this platform, you should consider looking for other proven online opportunities and diversifying income streams to get financial success in the internet-based business world.

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What is the Online Cash Machine?

The Online Cash Machine is a somewhat vague online business opportunity, claiming to offer training and access to online income streams with a heavy emphasis on the dropshipping e-commerce model.

In the video presentation, they state that some people have made $24,197.42 and that if you want to become just like them, all you need to do is implement the training.

the Online Cash Machine Review

The Online Cash Machine presents itself as an online business opportunity where you can earn up to $500 per day.

The people behind the platform claim to deliver web design and lifestyle services, promising lucrative income streams through an e-commerce model that is heavily reliant on drop shipping.

We got suspicious after delving into its operations because it lacks pertinent details regarding the creator’s identity or a clear breakdown of the business model it pushes.

This lack of transparency is a knock on its credibility considering that it makes bold claims about how much money you can earn as a member once you gain access to the training.

There is also an overemphasis on affiliate marketing (whereby they encourage you to get people to sign up for it), which raises further doubts about the authenticity of this digital platform and its ability to help you achieve financial success. We’ll examine this in greater detail.

First Impressions

The Online Cash Machine is presented primarily through a sales video presentation where a voice actor extols the benefits of joining the program and a couple of “former students” tell you how great it is.

It employs a common strategy of being somewhat vague about its underlying business model, a characteristic often observed in many “online make money program” sales pages.

Upon proceeding to the checkout page, that’s where you’ll get a bit more clarity.

The Online Cash Machine is described as an online members area that provides training and income streams, complemented by additional bonuses like a welcome kit and strategies for generating traffic.

In essence, it follows the structure typical of online business opportunities: promise to help you create revenue streams but never provide the concrete steps of achieving that.

Our team took a closer look at it and learned how it works:

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How Online Cash Machine Works

Online cash machine is your run-of-the-mill online program promising financial freedom and making tons of money working from home.

But when we took it to task, we unearthed what it is all about.

On paper, here’s what they say you will get when you sign up for the Online Cash Machine (the reality is a bit different but we will get to that):

It offers training

The Online Cash Machine training primarily focuses on offering web design and lifestyle services. One of their key features is showing you how to set up your own e-commerce websites using the Drop Shipping business model.

They have a process where you receive the knowledge and tools to create your personalized e-commerce site.

When you explore the ‘Products’ section on their official website, you’ll find various packages that are tailored to your specific needs. These packages not only include lessons on the creation of your e-commerce website but also include marketing and search engine optimization plans.

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It’s a comprehensive approach aimed at helping you establish and enhance your online presence.

A notable feature of The Online Cash Machine dropshipping model is the opportunity to resell select products. The product fulfillment logistics are managed by a Drop Shipping company. This means that once a customer places an order, the Drop Shipping company takes care of shipping the product directly to the customer.

Your role is managing the e-commerce website, strategizing and implementing marketing efforts, optimizing search engine results, and driving traffic. This setup allows you to focus on promoting and expanding the business.

Dropshipping is a popular approach to running an e-commerce business because you are not burdened by the logistics of product shipping.

Focus on supplements

They teach you to focus on health and wellness supplements. The idea is to license and brand these health and wellness products on your dropshipping e-commerce website.

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Your job will be marketing these products through your e-commerce platforms, to optimize visibility and engagement within the online market.

Two things we picked up on are the heavy reliance on promotional hype and the transparency issues when it comes to how this whole system actually works.

And you know what?

These concerns aren’t unique to just The Online Cash Machine. They’re pretty common with many online programs that promise to show you how to make money online.

So, if you’re thinking about diving into this opportunity, we suggest you weigh the pros and cons. Make sure it aligns with your business goals and values before you jump in.

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Joining Online Cash Machine

So, the first thing you do is sign up as an Online Cash Machine member.

To join the Online Cash Machine, they’ll need your first name, last name, email, phone, and address.

You’ll also need to pay $47 for the membership.

Once you’re in the club, you’ll get a welcome kit for free, loaded with all the stuff you need to get started, including what they call “a simple 3-Step System that could start making you some cash”.

You’ll then get bonus #2 – access to Six Traffic Generation Systems.

This is a system that allegedly works on autopilot, so you can get more visitors to your website.

John, the brains behind it all, swears by these systems, saying they’re a mix of time-tested tactics and new strategies although he never actually shares anything concrete about them.

Can You Make Money with The Online Cash Machine?

You probably can but it is not that straightforward.

The idea that you can effortlessly make money with an “online cash machine” without much effort is a bit of a myth. Sure, they promise you that you will make money, but in reality, they will rely on you to promote the course itself to your family and friends.

What they often don’t tell you upfront is that the real money isn’t made from the magical system they’re selling. The real cash comes from recruiting others into the same program.

They encourage you to rope in your family, friends, and anyone else you can convince. They’re essentially telling you to do their marketing for them, and they make money off your efforts. It’s like a pyramid scheme — the more people you bring in, the more money they make.

But here’s the kicker — this is not a sustainable way to make money. Eventually, you run out of friends and family who are willing to buy into this, and the chain breaks. It’s not a long-term, viable business model. In fact, it’s far from it.

Real, sustainable income doesn’t come from selling a course to your inner circle. It comes from genuine, valuable products or services that people actually need and want. It’s about building a business based on providing real value, not just a never-ending recruitment game.

So, when you hear about a program like “online cash machine” that seems too good to be true, trust your instincts. Sustainable income takes hard work, dedication, and offering something truly valuable to the world, not just a scheme to make a quick buck.

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Red Flags and Concerns

These are the red flags you should be wary of when thinking about signing up for Online Cash Machine.

Lack of transparency

The Online Cash Machine raises a significant red flag due to its lack of transparency regarding the identity of its creator.

The promotional video is voiced by John Meyers but it is unclear whether he is the person behind the program. There is limited information available about John Meyers’ online experience and there is a possibility he might not even be a real person but a character created by the voice actor hired to read the script.

This is quite common in the industry.

The absence of clear and verifiable information about the person or organization behind this platform leaves potential users in the dark about who they are dealing with. Transparency is a fundamental aspect of establishing trust and credibility in any online venture, particularly one involving financial transactions or opportunities for earning income.

Ideally, you want to deal with a program offered by a real person as we’ve seen with Hustlers University 4.0 (Andrew Tate) and The Timeless Marketer by Tai Lopez.

Furthermore, the non-transparent nature of The Online Cash Machine raises concerns about its intentions and the potential for misleading or false claims.

No clear business model

The Online Cash Machine poses several strategic concerns, with the most glaring being its lack of a clear business model. Unlike traditional businesses that provide a roadmap detailing their strategies for growth and revenue generation, this platform is not open about how it works (not the dropshipping but the MLM).

You may invest time and money into the program, but there are no specific details about how you can expect to generate profits.

This lack of transparency isn’t merely confusing, it’s potentially risky if you wish to earn online through legitimate means. While The Online Cash Machine emphasizes on e-commerce as a key strategy, the exact mechanics behind such methods remain unclear.

Overemphasis on affiliate marketing

The Online Cash Machine relies heavily on affiliate marketing, pushing users to promote its platform.

While affiliate marketing is a legitimate income stream, it shouldn’t overshadow the business model that Online Cash Machine is promoting because it places pressure on participants to constantly recruit new members in order to earn commissions, which looks a lot more like a pyramid scheme than an authentic online business opportunity.

By overemphasizing affiliate marketing, The Online Cash Machine might not be providing well-rounded training or diversified sources of income that can prepare individuals for long-term success in digital entrepreneurship.

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Is Online Cash Machine a Ponzi Scheme?

Online Cash Machine looks a lot like a pyramid scheme with an emphasis on promoting it as the product.

You should avoid any program that places emphasis on promoting itself as the product, rather than teaching you how to make money by selling goods and services, which is important for several reasons.

Firstly, such programs often prioritize recruitment and sales of their own product over imparting genuine knowledge and skills to succeed in the market. This can lead to a lack of practical understanding and application in real-world business scenarios.

Secondly, programs like Online Cash Machine that overly focus on self-promotion may not equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, product development, marketing strategies, customer engagement, and other essential aspects of running a successful business. Instead, they may end up limiting your exposure to diverse strategies and opportunities.

Furthermore, these programs can create a dependency on the program itself, rather than empowering you to adapt and evolve in the ever-changing business landscape. A heavy emphasis on their own product may lock you into a specific system or methodology, inhibiting creativity and innovation that is crucial for business growth and sustainability.

Moreover, a program that overly promotes itself may lack transparency and honesty regarding potential risks, challenges, and market realities. It might exaggerate potential earnings and downplay the difficulties one might face in the real market, giving you a skewed perception of entrepreneurship and business operations.

Ultimately, you should prioritize educational programs that focus on imparting knowledge, skills, and strategies relevant to success in business, rather than those that primarily promote themselves as the product. This ensures a well-rounded understanding of entrepreneurship and a better chance at building a sustainable and successful business.

Conclusion: Is the Online Cash Machine Legit or a Scam?

Based on our own hands-on experience with Online Cash Machine, we can confirm that it’s not a legitimate strategy or system.

It falls into the category of those typical “online money-making systems” we’ve seen before that overpromise and underdeliver.

Sure, the subscription fee might seem low, but our advice is to steer clear and not put your money into it. The claims of making $500 a day are far from reality.

Sadly, the internet is rife with these bogus money-making systems that don’t work and are basically scams. We’re placing Online Cash Machine in that category.

Despite its claims of being easy to use and requiring no experience or hard work, the truth is it’s not worth your time or effort.

Our recommendation? Avoid platforms like Online Cash Machine. They’ll gladly take your subscription fee (which is $47 in this case, plus additional costs) and leave you with nothing in return. Making a return on your investment here is highly unlikely. Save your money for something more worthwhile.

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1. Can You Make Money Online Legitimately?

Yes, you can make money online legitimately. This includes but isn’t limited to creating and monetizing content on platforms like YouTube or a blog, offering freelance services in areas like graphic design, writing, or programming, selling products or services through an online store, participating in affiliate marketing programs, conducting online courses or consulting, and engaging in e-commerce or dropshipping.

You must approach these opportunities with dedication, consistency, and a commitment to delivering value. Research and choose reliable platforms, adhere to legal and ethical guidelines and continuously learn and adapt to the evolving digital landscape to ensure a legitimate and sustainable online income.

2. Is the system of Online Cash Machine legit?

No. While the Online Cash Machine paints a tempting picture, its validity leaves a lot to be desired. The absence of concrete details about ownership and business model is unsettling. Meanwhile, other online opportunities may serve as safer alternatives for diversifying income streams.

3. Can You Make Money With Online Cash Machine?

Yes, but making money with “online cash machine” is not as easy as it’s often portrayed. These programs usually promise effortless earnings but rely on recruiting others in a multi-level marketing scheme. The primary method is encouraging individuals to market the program to their contacts, creating a chain reaction where the more people you recruit, the more money the program makers make. However, this recruitment-based model is unsustainable and not a viable long-term business approach. True, sustainable income comes from providing genuine value through products or services that people genuinely need, rather than a recruitment-focused scheme.
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