What is Nomi Prins Predictions 2022? [America’s New Abnormal]

Nomi Prins, a former Wall Street insider, has been writing about the capital markets and making predictions about prospects for investors.

She was recently featured in a presentation hosted by Chris Hurt titled “America’s New Abnormal” where she talked about what she regards as a strange phenomenon in the financial system.

According to Nomi, we may see a $150 trillion transfer of wealth or what she refers to as “The Great Distortion.” This strange event will make some people rich while crushing the retirement dreams of others.

Let us take a look at Nomi Prins’ Prediction to learn more about why she has been expressing those sentiments.

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What is Nomi Prins Prediction?

Nomi Prins is one of the most prolific investment analysts in the world of financial newsletters. She always writes and talks about the future of the economy and the financial markets.

Nomi Prins PredictionShe writes from the perspective of an investigative financial journalist, a career path she took after working for many years for some of the largest Wall Street firms in New York.

In her new presentation, Nomi Prins’ prediction centers on what she the “Great Distortion.” According to her, the Great Distortion is about to dent the financial system and could make you a lot of money if you make the right moves. As this happens, she believes that you may lose your money and life savings if you fail to make the right move.

What Nomi is doing is not unique to her. We have seen many financial analysts like Martin Weiss (The Next Phase of the Collapse Of 2021) and Dave Forest talk about an impending wealth transfer in the economy before they propose ways you can utilize to not only survive such massive changes but thrive.

Ever since a majority of governments in the world declared COVID-19 a pandemic and shut down their economies, the wealth gap has grown wider than it has ever been. This has been accelerated over the past two years and many people are concerned about the effects it will have on people’s lives.

From Nomi’s perspective, she wants you to prepare for changes to the markets that may affect your money.

In her pitch, she says that we are about to witness a huge economic crisis that will be unlike what most people expect.

Nomi Prins PredictionThe chart explains everything about life in America, from an economic and political perspective.

Nomi Prins claims that the financial world has been drifting further from reality and that it all began in 1971, the year that President Nixon decoupled the US Dollar from gold.

She says that this move ensured that the supply of money would start rising disproportionately.

As that has happened, she points out that all this money has not been spread evenly. Instead, more of it has gone to Wall Street fat cats where the rich have become richer and the poor have been left out.

Looking ahead, Nomi says that the Fed will not turn off the money printer to curb inflation. She expects the national debt to go up by $30 trillion even if the Fed raises interest rates.

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How To Invest In The Great Distortion

Like all the other gurus we have covered in the past talking about preparing for a financial crisis, Nomi Prins believes that you can make huge returns with well-placed investments.

She has written all about her approach in a special report. The report is about a small company that could go up as it disrupts the energy industry.

It is not a solar or wind company, but a company in the energy sector:

“The company I’ve found is a cutting-edge tech stock inside of the energy sector…

Already, 76% of Fortune 50 companies are customers of this firm …

Its fast-growing portfolio of patents gives it a huge advantage over the competition… and its technology has won awards from Goldman Sachs, the World Economic Forum, CNBC, and more.

But here’s the most important detail for our viewers at home…

Congress recently earmarked billions of dollars for this firm’s cutting-edge technology.”

Nomi goes on to explain how her favorite “new energy” stock is owned by every major institution on Wall Street and why she wants you to consider adding it to your portfolio.

She adds that in addition to disrupting the energy industry, in the last 12 months, Wall Street has bought almost 60 million shares of this company.

Nomi Prins PredictionHer report is titled The #1 Stock for America’s Great Distortion: 10x Gains on a Small Firm Disrupting a Critical American Industry and the only way to get it for free is to sign up for a newsletter called Distortion Report.

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Who is Nomi Prins?

Nomi Prins is an investment analyst who edits the newsletter called “Distortion Report” for a publishing firm called Rogue Economics.

Before she started writing about the financial markets, Nomi Prins worked as a managing director at Goldman Sachs. She had also run the international analytics group as a senior managing director at Bear Stearns in London, worked as a strategist at Lehman Brothers, and was an analyst at the Chase Manhattan Bank.

In the presentation, she describes her experience:

“I’ve been following the money on Wall Street and in Washington, D.C for decades…

I’ve traveled tens of thousands of miles… from Berlin to Shanghai… from Sao Paulo to Tokyo to get the pulse of the global economy and what it means to ordinary people and their money.

I’ve met with government leaders and financial movers and shakers… all while writing six books on economics, history, the stock market, and Wall Street.”

In her daily e-letter called Inside Wall Street With Nomi Prins, she writes about what she thinks is the collusion between Wall Street and Big Government. You even see that in a presentation she did a while back about dark pools on Wall Street.

In the end, she quit Wall Street because she felt that the greed was too much. She became an investigative journalist to shed light on the ways financial systems are manipulated to serve the interests of an elite few at the expense of everyone else.

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Distortion Report Review

Distortion Report is the flagship investment research service for Rogue Economics. It is a newsletter edited by Nomi Prins.

Nomi Prins PredictionThrough it, she shares her insights about the markets and the economy as a whole. She also makes recommendations of various investments she thinks her followers would benefit from.

In addition to her regular insights, you get two special reports when you become a subscriber:

The Electric Car Myth: The Hidden Key to Unlocking 23x Profits in EV

This report is about a company in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Inside, Nomi explains why it is risky how millions of people are charging blindly into electric vehicle stocks, charging stocks, batteries, and commodities without understanding the industry.

Nomi Prins PredictionShe clarifies that the company she is writing about is neither an electric car company nor an electric vehicle charging company. Nevertheless, she thinks that it is crucial for both kinds of companies.

She also writes that she is not referring to commodities like nickel or lithium.

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Bank to the Future: The Virtually Unknown Firm Transforming the $11 Trillion Global Payments Industry in the Next 12 Months

Nomi Prins expects big changes to the finance industry and the global payments side of things in particular.

Nomi Prins PredictionShe thinks that we should be investing in the companies that are building out the architecture for this massive shift. She says that “financial technology” is disrupting the traditional banking industry and she has found a small company behind some of this change.

She describes this company as building the bridge between the legacy banking world and the new global payments system.

Its financials look good, its management team is great, and she thinks that it is developing an asset that could become a global standard.

Distortion Report Pricing

If you sign up for the Distortion Report newsletter, you will pay $49 in your first year.

If you fail to cancel it before the first year has elapsed, it renews automatically (and will continue doing so in perpetuity) and they charge you $129 (plus the taxes applicable) per year.

Does Distortion Report Have A Money-Back Guarantee?

The Distortion Report newsletter has a 60-day money-back guarantee from Nomi.

To get your refund, you should call the customer service team.

Before you sign up for the service, read the terms and conditions first and understand what they stipulate to avoid surprises.

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Closing Remarks on Nomi Prins Prediction

Ever since Nomi Prins left Wall Street, she has been writing about the economy and the financial markets. She has written a couple of books, including a bestseller called Collusion. In this book, she predicted that we were about to see a bigger collapse in the markets than the 2008 Financial Crisis. However, she has since changed her opinion and it is evident in her latest material.

Nomi Prins’ prediction as I write this is that we are about to see the biggest wealth transfer in history and you can either proactively grow your wealth or ignore it and miss out if not lose money.

She wants you to sign up for her newsletter to get all her insights and future predictions. If you sign up for it and decide that it is not working out, you can always cancel your membership.

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