What Is 25 Cent Contracts by Nomi Prins?

Wondering what 25 Cent Contracts is all about?

If you are on the Paradigm Press mailing list, you may have encountered Nomi Prins and her presentation on The 25 Cent Trader.

She promises to show you how to use a special form of financial instruments called “25 cent contracts” to capitalize on high volume market movements.

She claims that these contracts trade for pocket change and that they have the potential to earn you large returns in a day.

Therefore, I wrote this review to shed light on what 25 cent contracts are, how they make money, and how you can get in on them if you are interested.

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What are 25 Cent Contracts?

“25 Cent Contracts” or “The $0.25 Trader” is a presentation by Nomi Prins where she introduces us to her secret financial instrument. She also uses the presentation to promote her investment advisory service, The 25 Cent Trader.

A 25 cent contract is a special kind of security that you purchase for less than a dollar. Usually, it trades at approximately 25 cents (give or take a couple of cents). Nomi states that most people are unfamiliar with it because it is neither a stock nor an option.

25 Cent Contracts Reviews

The secret to making money using these contracts is to trade them at around 10 AM because that’s when they are most volatile. This is also usually the optimal time to capture price movements in the underlying stocks.

Nomi follows a routine when she trades 25 cent contracts. Here is how it unfolds:

Step 1: In the morning, before the markets open at 9.30 AM, she monitors the pre-market credit spread, momentum, liquidity, and volume.

Step 2: Her proprietary software scours the market for stocks with trading volumes that exceed the previous day’s trading volume by 15%. It would be impossible to scan the market for these patterns with the naked eye, which is where Nomi’s proprietary software comes in. It finds those patterns and alerts you about them in time.

Step 3: Her system shows a color change when her ideal stock(s) from step 2 start to rise. She uses a color code system that changes from red to green when it happens.

Step 4: She vets the stock(s) that pass step 3 to determine whether they are good enough to recommend to her readers as a trade alert.

To hedge your investment, you can implement a trailing stop. This enables you to exit your trade before the market closes to avoid losing gains due to time decay.

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How 25 Cent Contracts Make Money

The secret to profiting from 25 cent contracts is to exploit market trends.

Each day, the market experiences megatrends that you can make money off if you learn how to spot them on time.

Usually, they are caused by news stories that get published at the end of the previous trading day. This includes things like when a company publishes its earnings reports.

When traders get such significant news, they have the entire night to make sense of it and when the markets open the following day, their actions are influenced by that.

If they pour money into certain securities, they drive up the share prices and that’s where you ought to be; you need to be on time to ride those uptrends.

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Who Is Nomi Prins?

Before Nomi Prins started doing what she does today, she was a Wall Street banker. She worked for some of the biggest names on Wall Street, including Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, and Bear Stearns.

Nowadays, she is an investigative journalist, speaker, and financial expert. She uses her years of experience at the high table to help her readers navigate the market while exposing the rot within the financial system.

Her work has been featured on Fortune Magazine, Forbes, and The New York Times. She has also appeared as a TV commentator on CNBC, CNN, and BBC.

In addition to her media appearances, she has published a best-selling book called Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World, which is in keeping with her mission to expose the ills of the financial system. She also sheds light on the dark secrets that big banks wouldn’t want the public to know.

She publishes The 25 Cent Trader and Dark Money Millionaires on Paradigm Press – it is a publishing imprint of the Agora Financial.

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What Is The 25 Cent Trader

The 25 Cent Trader is the investment research service you have to sign up for to learn how Nomi Prins uses her 25 cent contracts.

Here’s how that works: Towards the end of her presentation, she mentions that she has created a special report called Place a Trade at 10 AM and Collect $6000 This Afternoon and she is willing to send it to you if you subscribe to the 25 Cent Trader for $2,995 (for an annual subscription).

The subscription comes with a satisfaction guarantee that obliges Nomi Prins to give you an extra year of her service if you fail to make $25,000 within one year of joining. If you don’t fancy the 25 Cent Trader after canceling your membership, you can use your extra year credit ($2,995) on any other service published by Paradigm Press.

When you subscribe to the 25 cent trader, you receive the following:

  • Getting Started with 25 Contracts. It is a video guide that walks you through the 25 Cent Trader and shows you how 25 cent contracts work. You also learn how to trade these contracts with your usual trading account.
  • Whenever a new megatrend is about to take place, he sends you a new recommendation as an email. The email contains instructions on how you should execute the trade. You can expect to receive anywhere between 2 to 4 emails per month.
  • Text notifications, in case you subscribe to the push messaging service. Due to the time-sensitive nature of Nomi’s strategy, you may find receiving trade suggestions via text to be more convenient than emails.
  • Global Dispatch Video Updates. Whenever Nomi meets up with industry insiders, she shares whatever she learns from those meetings with her subscribers through these dispatch videos.
  • A VIP Ticket to the First Wealth Symposium. Paradigm Press holds events where it brings together its clients (subscribers to their premium services) and its experts. During the networking event, people share ideas and learn about new investment strategies.

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25 Cent Contracts Conclusion

Nomi Prins uses 25 cent contracts to implement her short-term trading strategy. She uses a proprietary trading algorithm to find favorable stock patterns early in the day and then alerts her readers when she finds a favorable trade. Usually, you place your trades by 10 AM.

To receive those alerts, you must subscribe to her investment advisory service, the 25 Cent Trader. As soon as you sign up, she provides you with a guide on how these contracts work and also shows you how to trade them on your normal trading account.

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