Is Jeff Brown’s Neural Net Profits Legit? [2022 Review]

Jeff Brown, the chief investment analyst at Brownstone Research, recently launched a new investment advisory service called Neural Net Profits.

The investment veteran has taken a keen interest in cryptos and this newsletter centers on a proprietary indicator he developed that uses artificial intelligence to spot certain patterns in the crypto market.

Let’s take a closer look at what this newsletter will focus on and what to expect from Jeff if you decide to sign up for it.

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What is Jeff Brown’s Neural Net Profits?

When Jeff hosted a webinar called Secret Project Perceptron, his goal was to introduce his new premium investment newsletter called Neutral Net Profits.

Jeff Brown's Neural Net Profits I covered the webinar and from what he told his audience, the new service’s focus will be to share with investors crypto trading opportunities gleaned from his new tool.

Crypto trading is a popular subject in the financial newsletter community and we’ve covered a lot of content and services around this market. A few noteworthy ones include Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Letter and Ian King’s Crypto’s Third Wave.

Why invest in cryptocurrencies?

Following the Coronavirus pandemic, Wall Street and Main Street investors started seriously considering investing in cryptos as a hedge against the unpredictability of the markets.

You see, there was a genuine fear that the market would collapse and investors rushed to sell their holdings to keep their wealth in form of cash (although the market rebounded pretty quickly) and other assets like gold and now crypto that were seen as stores of value.

In the end, crypto got enough attention from all kinds of investors and, as a result, it soared to new heights, even surpassing the price levels during the 2017 Crypto Bubble. The entry of Wall Street investors into the market certainly drove prices up.

Although these assets are highly volatile, that hasn’t stopped Jeff from diving into them and his new service will now focus on crypto trading.

He says that he had been developing a new tool called Perceptron that will use artificial intelligence to spot crypto trading opportunities that are invisible to us unaided.

With his new proprietary neural network, he will try to identify cryptocurrencies on the verge of explosive moves in 60 days.

The service is designed for people who are interested in short-term trading, as the ad states:

“Neural Net Profits is an active trading research service. It is ideal for engaged cryptocurrency investors that are looking to profit from short-term moves in the cryptocurrency market.”

So, it will be like scalping in the cryptocurrency market and not buying and holding hoping that the value will go up in the long term.

Having done a series of backtests, Jeff demonstrated that Perceptron could have made $138,000 in an altcoin called Terra in 60 days, $121,000 in Axie Infinity in about 60 days, and almost $253,000 in Cardano, again in about 60 days.

I should mention that these backtests do not indicate that he will make money in the future. For all we know, these could have been the best results among many bad ones.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is the founder and chief investment analyst at Brownstone Research, a boutique financial research firm that publishes its findings targeting Main Street investors.

Before he launched Brownstone Research in 2020, Jeff was publishing his research via another research company called Rogue Economics.

Jeff Brown specializes in technology-centric investments due to his background in the sector. He spent 25 years as a high-technology executive for technology companies like Qualcomm, NXP Semiconductors, and Juniper Networks.

Jeff is an active angel investor in early-stage technology companies. He has invested in more than a hundred ventures and even worked as an advisor to a couple.

Due to his links to these startups, he has access to information the public doesn’t have and this allows him to see things months, if not years before the mass market becomes aware of them.

Jeff has a wide range of technology industry experience, including semiconductors, mobility, broadcasting, video technology, technology infrastructure, IT networking and security, automotive, and consumer electronics.

At Brownstone Research, he is the editor of The Bleeding Edge, The Near Future Report, Exponential Tech Investor, Early Stage Trader, Blank Check Speculator, Unchained Profits, Neural Net Profits, Day One Investor, and Brownstone Unlimited.

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What is included in Neural Net Profits?

Here is what you get when you subscribe to Jeff Brown’s Neural Net Profits:

Monthly issues of Neural Net Profits

Throughout the year, Jeff will share with you updates when the Perceptron spots a strong signal. He will send you a new trade recommendation with instructions on how to implement the trade.

Jeff will send you two to four recommendations per month and he says that each has the potential to hand you five and six figures in profits in 60 days or less.

Crypto Trading Starting Guide

Jeff Brown designed the Crypto Trading Starting Guide with beginners in mind.

Jeff Brown's Neural Net ProfitsIf you are new to cryptocurrency trading, this guide by Jeff covers everything you need to know to get started, including how to set up a crypto wallet, how to buy cryptocurrencies in an exchange, and how to store and trade any crypto.

The Perceptron Primer

Jeff Brown's Neural Net ProfitsThe Perceptron Primer is also a guide that Jeff Brown wrote to explain how his trading system works. He walks you through how his neural network works in great detail.

Mobile Buy Alert Notifications

To optimize your profits, Jeff’s team has created a special, user-friendly mobile app. A push notification will be sent when a new recommendation is issued.

Access to the exclusive members-only website

When you become a member, you will receive login credentials to the members’ portal. In the portal, you’ll find all the issues, updates, and special reports that pertain to the advisory service. You will also have access to Jeff Brown’s model portfolio which he claims is monitored 24/7.

Access to U.S. Based Customer Support

If you have any questions regarding the subscription, you should reach out to the customer support agents. You can either call or email them any time from Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 7 pm ET.

As you reach out to them, remember that they are not allowed to give individual investment advice or discuss the investment recommendations. They only handle technical issues with your subscription.

3 Coins Set to Explode in the Next 60 Days

Jeff Brown's Neural Net ProfitsThis special report has all the details of Jeff’s three coins that he is predicting are set to explode higher in the coming days. The report includes their names, tickers, and step-by-step instructions on how to buy them.

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Neural Net Profits Pricing

If you join Jeff Brown’s Neural Net Profits via the official website (Brownstone Research), you will sign up for $5,000 a year:Jeff Brown's Neural Net Profits

However, if you do so via the link provided at the Secret Project Perceptron webinar, you can join as a charter member for $2,500 because it is a new service that Jeff just launched.

Note that the service renews itself every year and deducts from your credit card automatically:

“Upon renewal of your Neural Net Profits subscription, Brownstone Research will charge $2,500 (plus applicable taxes) to the credit card or other means of payment on file. To cancel your subscription without incurring such renewal fee, you must do so at least one day prior to the renewal date. Annual subscribers will receive a reminder before their subscription is renewed.”

If you want to cancel the subscription to avoid paying for it in the next year, cancel one day before renewal as stated above.

The Neural Net Profits Refund Policy

If you subscribe to Neural Net Profits, there are NO CASH REFUNDS.

However, if you are unsatisfied with the newsletter, you can still cancel your subscription as long as you do it within 90 days (three months) of joining.

Jeff Brown's Neural Net ProfitsThat’s part of what Jeff calls a “90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.”

“Even though there are no cash refunds, if you’re not 100% happy, and you contact us within the first 90 days, you’ll get a full credit refund. Good for any product we or our partners publish.”

This means that if you cancel the subscription, you can use that $2,500 for any other newsletter offered by Brownstone Research or its corporate affiliates.

These corporate affiliates are part of Legacy Research Group, the publishing company that owns Brownstone Research.

These corporate affiliates include Casey Research, Rogue Economics, and Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Research Group.

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Closing Remarks on Jeff Brown’s Neural Net Profits

Jeff Brown’s Neural Net Profits is a new investment research service published by Brownstone Research that will focus on the cryptocurrency market.

Jeff has been writing about NFTs a lot in his newsletter and he has pivoted towards cryptocurrencies in recent weeks. So, this newsletter was long overdue.

Now he will be sharing his predictions concerning the crypto market. He will focus on short-term investments that you will hold for up to 60 days. In his presentation, he shared his first three crypto predictions.

I should point out that predicting how cryptos will move will be a tall order considering how volatile they are. Therefore, if you can afford to join his newsletter and would like to follow his advice, you should not invest more than you can afford to lose.

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