Is Jeff Brown’s Near Future Report Legit?

Interested in Jeff Brown’s Near Future Report?

Jeff Brown is a tech analyst who shares his investment ideas through financial newsletters. The Near Future Report is one of the investment advisory services he offers.

Over the past few months, it has drawn attention because people have been flocking to it hoping that his recommendations will save their portfolios from ruin at a modest price.

With that in mind, I decided to write this article to shed light on the key features of the newsletter. I hope it provides you with important information you may use to decide whether is worth subscribing to the service.

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What is The Near Future Report?

Near Future Report is a premium investment newsletter that is published by an independent publisher called Bonner & Partners. It is edited by Jeff Brown.

Bonner & Partners is affiliated with the Agora.

Before we dive in, I recently shared a review of Jeff Brown’s presentation on The #1 Tech Stock for 2020 where he touted the Near Future Report.

Near Future Report Reviews

Jeff started the Near Future Report to alert his readers to investment opportunities in the technology sector. To get a clue of the kind of opportunities we are talking about, here is an excerpt of from the official website:

“The Near Future Report is an investment advisory focused on identifying: not the trends of the next five years… not the trends of the next decade… But the trends of today – those right around the corner and at the point of mass adoption.”

What this means is that Jeff and his team of analysts evaluate the market looking for profit opportunities likely to yield returns in the short-term.

They focus on large-cap growth stocks in subsectors that show great profit potential. In his own words:

“Our large-capitalization growth stocks connect to revolutionary shifts in technology like 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and more… And they are reliable, “sleep well at night” picks that have the potential for double-digit returns.”

That makes sense because the level of risk associated with large-cap stocks is lower than you expose yourself to when you venture into startups. Add that to the revolutionary technological shifts and you have an explosive mixture that provides security while delivering big gains.

Those are the kind of recommendations you can expect should you sign up for the Near Future Report newsletter.

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Who is Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is someone you’d refer to as a “tech insider.” With 26 years’ experience working as a tech executive, angel investor, and startup founder, he has insights that the majority of his peers lack.

He has worked for companies dealing with semiconductors, IT security, IT networking, consumer electronics, video technology, broadcasting, mobility, just to mention a few.

Jeff has spent most of his professional life overseas. He believes that that affords him a unique global perspective that gives him and his readers an advantage in the markets.

With his knowledge and skillset, he claims that he can see things long before the rest of the market caught wind of them.

He is the tech analyst at Bonner & Partners where he edits Exponential Tech Investor, The Bleeding Edge, Early Stage Trader, and The Near Future Report.

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What You Get When You Subscribe to the Near Future Report

A one-year subscription to the Near Future Report costs $199 (although you can get it for less if Jeff is running a promotion).

When you become a member, the first thing you receive is the Quick Start Guide. It is a guide that comes with a video tutorial that walks you through what sort of services the newsletter offers.

Then, there’s the monthly newsletter that comes with new investment recommendations. This excerpt from the Bonner & Partners website perfectly sums it up:

“With each monthly issue of The Near Future Report, you’ll see Jeff’s knack for identifying companies at the doorstep of exponential growth. He’ll tell you everything you need to know about the most innovative trends out there. He’ll also spotlight new technologies he’s tracking. And, most importantly, he’ll give you easy-to-follow recommendations for generating solid profits from emerging trends.”

You also receive special reports detailing new investment opportunities. Jeff offers detailed descriptions of the technology involved and the company he expects to benefit the most from it.

Refund Policy

In case you decide to cancel your subscription, note that the fee is non-refundable.

But, they offer a 90-day grace period within which you can unsubscribe to the service and divert that fee to any other service offered by Bonner & Partners or its corporate affiliates.

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The Near Future Report Conclusion

Jeff Brown edits a couple of services for Bonner & Partners. Although all are related to stock, Near Future Report is the one where he focuses on big trends that are about to be adopted by the masses. These are things like 5G, cloud computing, self-driving cars, and the likes.

His investment strategy is all about finding short-term investment opportunities that deliver quick gains. You don’t have to wait around for years to record your returns because the technologies involved are typically in their advanced stages.

It is also suited to risk-averse investors because he targets large-cap growth stocks. Such companies already have a track record meaning that they know what they are doing.

That being said, finding stocks that fit all those requirements is a tough ask, even for a “tech insider” like Jeff.

Finding a large-cap stock that is involved in major trends like 5G with the expectation of earning returns in a short period is tough because those trends are not likely to reach mass adoption in a “short while.”

Therefore, I think he is referring to trading derivatives that magnify small movements in these stocks based on positive developments or favorable news.

In conclusion, if you want to subscribe to Jeff’s service, don’t go in with the expectation of beating the market while riding on major trends because there will be losses and unfulfilled expectations alongside the gains you make.

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