What Is Money Calendar Pro by Tom Gentile?

One of Tom Gentile’s most advertised services is the Money Calendar Pro.

It is based on a proprietary trading tool that he claims is capable of capturing returns of 100%, 200%, or more.

But as great as that sounds, I know you would like to know whether it actually works and whether you should consider joining his service, let alone follow his recommendations.

Therefore, in this article, I will give you an overview of how Tom’s proprietary system picks trades hoping that after reading it, you will be in a better position to decide whether his service is worth consideration.

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What is Money Calendar Pro?

Money Calendar Pro is a premium investment research service that is published by the Money Map Press. It is run by Tom Gentile.

Money Calendar Pro Reviews

It is based on a proprietary tool called the Money Calendar that “works like a codebreaker” scouring thousands of transactions in search of extraordinary patterns, and ultimately, investment opportunities.

Here is how they describe it on the Money Map Press:

“The Money Calendar is Tom’s proprietary system that crunches through 10 years of daily transactions, not only on the best ETFs, but also on more than 300 of the world’s most liquid stocks – like a codebreaker. He sifts through extraordinary patterns nobody else can see, that repeat over and over again with a 90-100% consistency. As if that wasn’t enough, Tom also uses a power meter to pinpoint only the patterns that are getting stronger – give you the best possible trade.”

He claims that it is so accurate, he can predict when he will earn returns. Again from the Money Map Press website:

“It’s that consistency that allows Tom to ‘schedule’ gains on his calendar… like potential ‘Payout Appointments’ that hit within 30 days’ time.”

But how exactly does it work?

Let’s find out by revisiting one of his past pitches for the service titled “The $150,000 Profit Party.”

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How does Money Calendar Pro work?

Based on his presentation titled $150 Profit Party (which, unfortunately, has been pulled down), here is a summary of how the Money Calendar Pro works:

  • The Money Calendar system sifts through 10 years’ worth of trading data of the 300 most liquid stocks and the best ETFs.
  • It singles out those that show a consistent pattern in 9 out of 10 years at certain periods, whether bullish or bearish.
  • He reviews the results of the analysis.
  • He finds options contracts associated with those stock picks.

His recommendations are supposed to double your money in 30 days or fewer.

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Who is behind Money Calendar Pro?

Tom Gentile, is the guru behind Money Calendar Pro.

In addition to being an expert at options trading owing to his more than 25 years’ experience professionally trading them, he regards himself as America’s Number one Pattern Trader. He is also a cryptocurrency expert.

He wasn’t always a professional trader and didn’t attend an Ivy League school like some of his colleagues. In 1986, he was working 60 hours a week at Home Depot when he began studying how options trading works.

He co-founded an education firm called Optionetics that he later sold to OptionsXpress for millions in 2009, which was acquired by Charles Schwab in 2011.

Most of what he does nowadays is teaching people how to trade by hosting seminars, workshops, and sponsored events. He also writes investment newsletters through which he shares his investment recommendations.

He publishes a couple of them at Money Map Press, including Fast Fortune Club, Money Calendar Alert, Alpha-9 Trader, Microcurrency Trader, Weekly Cash Clock, and V3 Trader.

He has released eight books and training courses about investing.

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What you get when you join Money Calendar Pro?

When you sign up for Money Calendar Pro, you can expect to receive the following:

  • A weekly Money Calendar Email bulletin with two market predictions. One of them will be a bearish pick and the other will be bullish. The email comes with instructions on how to place the trade as well as details like target price and exit strategy.
  • A weekly trade video: In the afternoon after sending you the email bulletin, Tom demonstrates how to place a trade so that you can “look over his shoulder” and learn how to do it if you are new to trading.
  • Urgent email updates: If an unexpected investment opportunity arises, Tom shares it via email.
  • Bonus Monthly Webinars: During these events, he showcases the hottest wealth-creation patterns and bonus trades that can earn you returns from them.

Subscription Fee

You pay $4,995 per year.

Refund Policy

If he fails to turn $12,000 into $162,000 with his recommendations, you get a refund. However, be careful with the wording because this means that even if you fail to follow his advice the whole year but the model portfolio reads at least $162,000, you get no refund.

Money Calendar Pro Reviews

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Money Calendar Pro Conclusion

If you subscribe to Money Calendar Pro and follow Tom’s recommendations, you will be attempting to time the market with the hope of earning returns.

Various players have different opinions about market timing and it depends on who you ask. Some, especially academics and analysts believe that timing the market is an exercise in futility – it is impossible and a waste of time; meanwhile, active traders like Tom Gentile swear by it.

At the end of the day, it has been proven that timing the market consistently long-term is very difficult – note that it is not impossible.

If you are not comfortable with that reality, you shouldn’t subscribe to the service. Instead, find one that espouses the alternative strategy; buy-and-hold.

But if you are looking for an active investment strategy, you can give Tom’s service a try. Also, be vigilant with the wording of the refund policy should you later decide to cancel your membership because you can easily lose your subscription fee on a technicality.

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