What Is Matt McCall’s Microcap Millionaire Project?

Have you encountered Matt McCall’s presentation about the Microcap Millionaire Project?

I recently encountered it and decided to take a closer look at it before writing this article.

Here, I provide you with an overview of what the event is about to help you to better decide whether you will agree with Matt’s proposals.

Keep reading to learn more.

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What is Microcap Millionaire Project? (The Pitch)

The Microcap Millionaire Project by Matt McCall concerns ten small-cap stocks that he has identified for long-term investment. He also uses the event to allow new subscribers to join his newsletter, Early Stage Investor, at a discount.

I recently reviewed another presentation by Matt titled “The Awakening” Event during which he raised some points worth looking into.

Microcap Millionaire Project

At the beginning of the presentation, Matt says:

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned that many Americans simply aren’t aware of is that there’s a secret stock market within the overall $27 trillion stock market. It’s within this smaller market that gains can potentially reach 500%, 1,000%, or even 2,000% or more in just one year.”

Later in the presentation, it becomes apparent that he was referring to microcap stocks.

You can define a microcap in different ways, but according to McCall, they are companies with a valuation of less than $2 billion:

“When you look at a microcap, they’re typically around 1 billion. I call anything below 2 billion a small cap/microcap, in my opinion, but really below one 1 billion, you’re going to see a lot in microcaps.”

He goes on to talk about their advantages over mid-cap and large-cap stocks, citing how they have been the most successful stocks he has recommended in the past year. He then shifts his attention to the future.

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Matt expects there to be a bull market in the next ten years, even referring to the next decade as “The Roaring 2020s” (a callback to The Roaring Twenties):

“So when I tell you we have 10 years left in this bull market, there is something to back this up. Not only my analogies to the ’80s and ’90s, but the roaring 2020s are exactly what we’re looking at right here, and this is where we’re going”

And with the market going up, he expects certain stocks to also go up.

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What stocks are on Matt’s Microcap Millionaire Portfolio?

McCall has identified ten companies that you should add to your portfolio as soon as you can to reap the maximum benefit if they surge. He talks of nine during the presentation with the tenth one being Inseego (INSG), which he says will benefit from the 5G revolution.

Inseego is quite popular with newsletter editors as I have seen it touted before by Ian King in his 5G presentation titled Spectrum The Future of All Technology.

So how did he arrive at the ten stocks?

He claims to have a system that is designed to identify small companies that have the best chances of growing big and earning investors a lot of money in the process.

For a stock to be added to the portfolio:

  • It should have good revenue numbers because that is one of the main drivers of the value of a company.
  • Matt and his team also check the Total adjustable market. A good company should have a large pool of customers willing to buy its goods or services.

I would have liked to reveal the names of the ten recommendations but Matt doesn’t give away enough clues to enable me to identify them. However, he mentions that they are in 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and cannabis.

They are in his Microcap Millionaire Portfolio and the only way you can get your hands on that for free is by subscribing to Early Stage Investor.

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Who is Matt McCall?

Matt McCall is an investment analyst and newsletter editor. He began his career 18 years ago as an account executive at Charles Schwab.

He founded and runs two firms, Point B Publishing and Penn Financial Group. Penn Financial Group offers clients investment advice while the former is a financial publishing company that publishes independent financial research.

Matt is a published author with two bestselling books, namely The Swing Trader’s Bible and The Next Great Bull Market. The former shows traders how to implement different strategies to take advantage of market fluctuations. The latter provides investors with strategies they can use to make money from global market trends.

He has appeared on TV as a market commentator and even once co-hosted a show on the Fox Business Network.

He edits a few newsletters at InvestorPlace, including Investment Opportunities, Cannabis Cash Weekly, Ultimate Crypto, MoneyWire, and Early Stage Investor.

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What is the Early Stage Investor? (The Newsletter)

Early Stage Investor was launched to give speculators access to small-cap stock recommendations.

This description by Matt from the presentation aptly describes how the newsletter functions:

“The opportunities that follow Early Stage Investor are tiny, obscure, and prone to lightning-fast movements. If you’re just looking to buy and hold Fortune 500 stocks for the long haul or prefer the safety of a government bond or a CD, Early Stage Investor is definitely not suited for you. My passion is finding small, barely-known opportunities in the market.”

In addition to gaining access to the Microcap Millionaire Portfolio, when you subscribe to the service, you will receive the following:

  • Monthly newsletters with new investment opportunities, general advice, and market updates.
  • Flash alerts whenever Matt wants to send you an urgent buy or sell update that can’t wait for the monthly newsletter.
  • A special report titled How to Invest in Marijuana like a Venture Capitalist. It concerns investing in small pot companies that are likely to grow as legalization sweeps across the country.
  • A special report called How to Make a Fortune From China Biotech Revolution. In the report, Matt outlines how you can invest in the China Biotech industry.
  • A third special report titled Buy This $4 Nano-Cap Stock Before it Soars. This dossier has details about a company that is even smaller than a microcap; it is a nanocap stock. It was trading at $5 when Matt released the presentation but he expects it to be a significant player in a $163 billion industry.

How much does it cost to join Early Stage Investor?

You can get one-year of the newsletter for $1,999, which is $1,000 down from the usual rate of $2,999

Can I get a refund on the Early Stage Investor?

There are NO REFUNDS but they allow you to cancel your membership and use the remainder of your subscription to subscribe to any other publication offered by InvestorPlace.

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Closing Remarks on Microcap Millionaire Project

The Microcap Millionaire Project is all about investing in microcap stocks and holding them for a long period. Matt believes that we are about to witness a ten-year bull market that will be characterized by increments in the value of a majority of the stocks.

However, he asserts that investing in microcap stocks will be most profitable because some of them will become large, house-hold name companies. He has isolated ten that he’s added to the “Microcap Millionaire Portfolio.”

I should mention that while microcaps have large upside potential, they are high-risk investments because they are volatile. Therefore, it takes a lot of patience and a bit of luck for you to spot the next big stock while it is still a small company.

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