What Is The $15 Trillion “McCarthy Chip” Stock?

Have you come across Jeff Brown’s presentation on The $15.7 Trillion “McCarthy Chip” and are wondering what to make of it?

In the header, Jeff alludes to a microchip that will revolutionize the tech industry:

“It’s about to unlock a fortune for America’s tech giants, the Pentagon, and early investors.”

In this article, I will walk you through the main takeaways from the presentation so that you can decide whether Jeff Brown’s newsletter is worth investing in.

I even reveal the name of the stock that will be behind the “$15.7 Trillion “McCarthy Chip.”

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What is The $15 Trillion “McCarthy Chip”?

The $15.7 Trillion “McCarthy Chip” is the title of a presentation that was published by Jeff Brown promoting his investment research service, The Near Future Report.

Another Jeff Brown presentation that I recently reviewed advertising the newsletter was called The #1 Tech Stock for 2020.

The $15.7 Trillion McCarthy Chip

The “McCarthy Chip” is a term coined by Jeff referring to a new type of microprocessor that scientists are working on that could prove vital in pushing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its next frontier.

The name is in reference to John McCarthy, the Stanford computer scientist who was one of the pioneers of AI as a discipline. He even came up with the term “Artificial Intelligence.” However, he is not associated with the microchip as Jeff clarifies:

“Now, I should make it clear that I’m not associated with the university — or John McCarthy’s rich legacy — in any way.

Rather, the ‘McCarthy Chip’ moniker is a bow to the man who helped pave the way for the biggest tech boom of our age.”

The $15.7 Trillion figure is in reference to how much he believes the AI industry is worth.

In the presentation, Jeff says that the “McCarthy Chip” is the most powerful device in the AI industry. As he says at the beginning of the presentation:

“Smaller than your pinky fingernail… the ‘McCarthy Chip’ is 1,000 times more powerful than chips currently out there.”

There is a great demand for them too:

“These ‘McCarthy Chips’ are taking the world by storm. And the scramble we’ve seen so far is only just the beginning. Demand is set to explode another 40x just in the next five years.”

And that leads us to the company that he wants you to invest in.

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The company behind the “McCarthy Chip”

This company has begun constructing a new facility worth $20 billion to step up its capacity to churn out as many chips as possible. It has a 50% market share of AI microchips.

Here are a few other details about it:

Apple has already ordered 65 million chips for its next iPhone:

“Tech giants like Amazon, Apple, and Google are all waiting in line for the first shipments.”

It expects to make up to $9 billion from the microchip sales:

“Over the next 12 months, one low-profile chip company stands to outstrip the rest, and pocket a $9 billion windfall from the ‘McCarthy Chip.’ That’s almost a third of their total revenue last year.”

Based on that information, I think the company he is referring to is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), stock symbol TSC. It fits the description because it has been constructing a $20 billion microchip factory.

Furthermore, it has a contract with Apple to supply microchips for the new iPhone and is expected to be a leader in manufacturing high-powered AI chips.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is a tech executive with over 25 years of experience in the technology industry. He knows a great deal about the industry, with his knowledge spanning broadcasting and video technology, technology infrastructure, semiconductors, IT security, network infrastructure, consumer electronics, and even automotive.

He is also an investment newsletter editor who publishes Exponential Tech Investor, Early Stage Trader, and The Near Future Report via Bonner & Partners. Bonner & Partners is a subsidiary of Agora Financial.

He is also an angel investor who deals with early-stage tech companies. He leverages his access to information that other investors lack because he is an insider. He has built startups and ran companies with massive revenue streams.

With the benefit of his foresight, his readers invest in breakthrough companies months or years before the rest of the market catches up.

He has a BSc degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from Purdue University. He also has a Master of Science in management and majored in corporate finance at the London Business School.

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What is The Near Future Report?

The purpose of The Near Future Report is to find profitable opportunities from world-changing trends that are on the verge of mass adoption. On the official website, here is they describe it:

“The Near Future Report is an investment advisory focused on identifying: the trends of today – those right around the corner on the point of mass adoption. Our large-capitalization growth stocks connect to revolutionary shifts in technology like 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and more…”

The one-year subscription fee is $49. As soon as you sign up, you will be entitled to:

  • The special report titled Microchip Millionaire: How to Profit From the Next Tech Boom. It contains details concerning the AI revolution and the company that Jeff wants you to invest in to take advantage.
  • A bonus report titled AI Pioneers: Three Ways to Make a Fortune on AI. It has names of stocks that he thinks will soar during “the 5G services boom.”
  • A second bonus report called Amazon Coin: Two Ways to Profit From the Next Blockchain Revolution. Jeff thinks that Amazon is launching its cryptocurrency and that two companies will increase in value as a result.
  • Model portfolio updates. Jeff and his team track their recommendations and let you know whenever something significant happens that may affect your investments.
  • A bonus subscription to The Bleeding Edge. You will be entitled to a free subscription to Jeff’s weekly newsletter.

Refund Policy

The Near Future Report has a 60-day money-back guarantee if you subscribe to it via the link provided at the end of the presentation.

However, if you subscribe via the website, they give you a 90-day refund period.

The Near Future Report Refund Policy

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McCarthy Chip Conclusion

Jeff Brown believes that AI will be the biggest tech breakthrough of our age. He thinks it will even be bigger than the smartphone, internet, and computers.

I should clarify that AI is not being invented. It has been around for decades. Examples of its applications are virtual assistants, self-driving cars, speech recognition tools, just to mention a few.

What Jeff is talking about is “General AI” that is capable of carrying out a larger set of complex tasks – the less complex AI we have is called “narrow AI.”

He thinks that it is going to trigger a $15.7 trillion boom that will revolutionize the tech industry. It will also create investment opportunities for people who are keen to benefit from it. Many companies will see their shares soar, buoyed by AI.

If you’d like to learn more about the unprecedented opportunity he touts during the presentation, you have to subscribe to the Near Future Report.

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