Is Matt McCall’s Bull Market Confidential Worth It?

Matt McCall is one of the most recognizable figures in the financial services industry thanks to his bold predictions and recommendations.

In his latest pitch, titled Matt McCall’s Bull Market Confidential, he talks about investing in the small companies that stand to benefit most from an impending bull market and also claims to have identified the best stocks to invest in to take advantage of it.

In this article, I will dissect the presentation to provide you with the main talking points so that you can decide whether Matt’s insights are worth following.

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What is Matt McCall’s Bull Market Confidential Event? (The Pitch)

Matt McCall’s Bull Market Confidential Event is the title of a presentation by Matt McCall, hosted by Lauren Sivan, where he talks about the prospects of there being a bull market in the coming decade, which he keeps referring to as “the roaring 2020s.”

The event was published by InvestorPlace who are behind popular newsletters like Fry’s Investment Report.

Matt McCall's Bull Market Confidential

As Lauren puts it:

“You’re [Matt] forecasting a historic bull market in stocks… one that could see the Dow soaring hundreds of percent… and one that will see top companies soar more than 1,000% in value.”

Matt states that you can make massive 50X, 100X, or 700X returns if you invest in the right technology firms on the ground floor. And by that, he means that you should invest in startups. He says this about them:

“First and most importantly, they have been the leaders in every bull market for decades.”

And follows it up with:

“Second, this group of stocks has many similarities with past superstars like Dell, EMC and Microsoft in their glory days in the 80s and 90s.”

And then:

“Third, these stocks are in the ideal spot to capitalize on the convergence of powerful new technologies like AI, 5G, biotech, and the blockchain.”

Therefore, he expects them to lead the market in the next ten years.

Matt points out that he is not merely interested in individual technologies, rather he is interested in the products that arise from the convergence of multiple technologies. For example, rather than focus on AI and 5G separately, he opts for self-driving cars because they blend the two.

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What is Matt’s investment strategy?

Although he doesn’t reveal his investment strategy in its entirety, he shares a few of the rules he observes while picking stocks. These include:

Rule 1: “Hunt elephants, not mice”

This means that he doesn’t go for investments with limited potential. To illustrate that, he says that he’d rather invest in a burger or pizza joint than a Vietnamese vegan restaurant because the former has a bigger pool of customers to draw from and, therefore, more likely to grow big.

Rule 2: “Have a product that’s better or cheaper than what’s already out there.”

He doesn’t recommend companies with products or services that are just slightly better or cheaper than what’s already out there because customers will be too lazy to try out something that’s just a little better than what they have. Instead, he opts for innovative firms that have products and services that are much better and cheaper (to a great degree) than their competition.

Rule 3: “Have a business that’s highly scalable”

He prefers companies that can grow their revenues significantly without having to increase operating costs significantly. He gives the example of a software company that can sell many copies of its product without having to invest a great deal in production.

Rule 4: “Do you have a moat or competitive advantage in your business?”

He recommends companies that cannot easily lose their customers because they have an edge over their competitors. This could be an innovative business model that is not easy to copy or a product that has been patented.

Rule 5:  “Could the company be worth a lot more in a year or two than it is today?”

That one means that he recommends stocks that have good prospects.

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The stocks that Matt wants you to invest in

Matt has identified one small biotech company called BioXcel Therapeutics (BTAI) that meets those requirements. Here are a few facts about it.

The first one:

“As I said, this company is one of the leaders in using AI techniques like machine learning to discover drugs quicker and cheaper.”

The second one:

“It’s working on some very promising anti-cancer therapies but the project that is farthest along is an anti-agitation drug.”

The third one:

“This company’s solution to the agitation problem is ingenious—it’s a thin strip coated with the drug and you place it under your tongue.

Kind of like those dissolving breath strips you can buy at any drug store or grocery.”

The fourth clue:

“The FDA has granted it Fast Track Designation, which means its testing and approval process will be expedited because it targets a serious condition where there are no good alternatives right now.

Even better, the recent Phase 3 clinical trials showed it had positive results in schizophrenia patients, with trials for opioid withdrawal and dementia underway.”

In addition to that, he has earmarked a few other small companies that form what he refers to as the Bull Market Confidential Portfolio.

He doesn’t share much information about them; therefore, I couldn’t identify the names of those companies. He merely offers a brief description of each.

  1. The first pick is a biotech company that develops therapies for sickle cell, leukemia, and other ailments using gene-editing methods.
  2. The second one is involved in online casino gaming and has the number one online gaming platform. It is also making an entrance in brick and mortar gaming.
  3. The third one is backed by hedge fund billionaire David Shaw and Bill Gates. It runs a platform that enables drug companies to speed up their drug development process and counts 20 of the largest drug makers as its customers.
  4. The fourth one exploits 5G and the Internet of Things. It develops virtual reality tools and augmented reality devices that have wide-ranging applications in various industries.

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Who is Matt McCall?

Matt McCall is a member of the editorial team at InvestorPlace. He edits a couple of newsletters, including Early Stage Investor, Investment Opportunities, Ultimate Crypto, and Cannabis Cash Weekly.

Matt began his career at Charles Schwab more than 17 years ago where he worked as a stockbroker. He steeped himself in technical analysis, which he has been using extensively to pinpoint investment opportunities for his clients.

He subscribes to the notion that you can build wealth fast if you invest in hypergrowth trends that are changing the world.

He runs an investment advisory firm called Penn Financial Group that caters to institutional and individual investors.

Matt has spent the past few years pointing his followers to the best individual stocks and ETFs and is one of a few analysts competent enough to be doing that at InvestorPlace.

When analyzing stocks, he uses a top-down, macro-to-micro strategy that enables him to better manage risk and maximize returns.

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What is Early Stage Investor? (The Newsletter)

If you want to receive a free copy of the “Bull Market Confidential Portfolio” report called Five Small Caps to Buy Now, you have to subscribe to Early Stage Investor.

When you sign up, you will receive:

  • Trade alerts for every new buy or sell move you ought to be making.
  • The Early Stage investor Owner’s Manual.
  • A monthly briefing discussing powerful trends affecting small stocks in the model portfolio.
  • Access to all of Matt’s research materials to enable you to understand his strategy and grant you access to all his new reports.
  • Access to the encrypted Early Stage Investor website where you will have access to archived alerts and Matt’s model portfolio.
  • A special report called The One Nano Cap to Buy Now about a company that is in the cloud computing business. It has revolutionized medical billing by helping companies minimize billing errors.
  • Another special report titled Three SPACs to Buy Now. The report is about three special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) that have high potential.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Early Stage Investor?

An annual subscription to Early Stage Investor costs $1,750

Does Early Stage Investor come with a refund policy?

There are no refunds once you subscribe to the Early stage Investor.

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Closing Remarks on Matt McCall’s Bull Market Confidential Event

After watching Matt McCall’s Bull Market Confidential event, a few elements stuck out for me:

  • Matt McCall expects the markets to be bullish for the next few years, at the very least.
  • Matt spends a decent chunk of the presentation telling his audience that small-cap stocks are the ideal picks in a bull market because they have ample room for growth, which you can leverage for gains. He rules out big companies citing that although they are stable, he doesn’t expect them to grow by a large margin.
  • Matt has a set of rules that enable him to pick the ideal stocks for investment.
  • He is a big believer in technology and biotechnology companies as each of his picks is in those industries.

Ultimately, the decision to join Matt McCall’s investment advisory service rests upon you. You need to learn more about it before you commit to a $1,750 subscription, which is non-refundable.

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