What Is Matt McCall’s 2021 Crypto Millionaire Forecast?

The 2021 Crypto Millionaire Forecast is an event that centered on Matt McCall’s new approach to trading cryptos.

He attributes his new strategy partly to what he calls “The Main Street Revolution Event,” a phenomenon that saw retail traders take on hedge funds thus triggering “a larger populist revolt” that will “bring Wall Street’s wealth to the everyday American.”

This article walks you through the presentation, highlighting the key points Matt and his co-panelists talked about.

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What is the 2021 Crypto Millionaire Forecast? (The Pitch)

The 2021 Crypto Millionaire Forecast is a presentation that was hosted by Lauren Sivan who was interviewing Matt McCall to have him (and Charlie Shrem) explain his crypto trading strategy. The event was also meant to pitch the Ultimate Crypto newsletter.

Matt McCall's 2021 Crypto Millionaire Forecast

The presentation starts with Lauren talking about the GameStop story that trended in January before she goes on a tangent and suggests that there are other similar “populist revolts” unfolding where retail investors are getting the better of the Wall Street “elite.”

“While the opportunity to make big money in GameStop shares may be over, the two men joining me tonight say investors have the potential to make 10, 20, even 30 times their money as the next chapter of the “populist revolt” against the Wall Street elite plays out.”

That’s when Matt and Charlie join the conversation and it quickly becomes about investing in cryptocurrencies. Matt says that the GameStop story will play out across the markets and in the crypto market in particular…

“Lauren, I believe we’re going to see little pockets of opportunities like GameStop in the future in all sorts of different markets… we already saw it in the stock market, and I have no doubt it will creep into other markets like currencies, commodities, and bonds…

But the biggest opportunities of the coming populist financial revolution…

The slingshot that David has in his back pocket to take down Goliath… is the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrencies are the #1 weapon regular folks have against Wall Street.”

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So, what’s new about cryptocurrencies that we don’t already know?

According to Charlie, the new thing with cryptos now is that the infrastructure on which they are built (the blockchain) is due to change. Here is what he says about this…

“CHARLIE: Well, Lauren, like I said, Bitcoin – or blockchain 1.0 – was all about making the exchange of money more transparent and fair, cutting out governments and middlemen…

But, blockchain 2.0 takes that to the next level… it’s goal is to do the same thing but with information – our most valuable resource.

Blockchain 2.0 is taking what Bitcoin did for physical currency…and translating that same concept to all sorts of bureaucratic industries, making them more efficient, more transparent, and more honest…

We’re talking massive changes to banking, hedge funds, voting, stock trading, insurance, advertising, real estate, academia…”

He says that the Bitcoin blockchain was about making monetary transactions more transparent and fair. The new blockchain will do the same thing that Bitcoin did for money, but this time for information.

Its goal will be to streamline the storage and dissemination of information by utilizing the blockchain properties of decentralization and transparency. Although the blockchain typically has multiple uses, Charlie and Matt chose to focus on decentralized finance…

“LAUREN: Well, don’t leave us in suspense any longer – what exactly is this cryptocurrency special situation? How was this not on anyone’s radar one year ago but now it’s growing into a massive catalyst?

MATT: To answer your question in two words: Decentralized Finance.

Also known as “DeFi.”

De-Fi is a global movement towards an open financial system.”

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a form of finance that eliminates central regulatory bodies and intermediaries like brokerages and other players and rather than use conventional financial instruments, it uses smart contracts. It allows people to borrow and lend money to other participants, speculate on derivatives, trade cryptos, and even earn interest in savings-like accounts.

This isn’t the first time we are seeing an investment guru talk about DeFi as we already encountered that when Martin Weiss pitched Weiss Crypto Investor.

To invest in the DeFi boom, Charlie and Matt want people to trade altcoins – a technical term used to refer to cryptos that are not Bitcoin (think of it as Bitcoin’s alternative coins).

Buying De-Fi Altcoins

As you’d expect, they are teasing some altcoins that they want you to buy to make the most of the introduction of blockchain 2.0.

Matt says that he and his team started a ranking system to identify the best altcoins in the market in early 2020. He then shared these rankings with his followers and pointed them to the altcoins that would be profitable.

For people who listen in on the presentation, he proposes that they sign up for his newsletter, Ultimate Crypto, to receive a research report called 5 DeFi Coins For 50X Gains that has details concerning his top five newest buy recommendations.

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Who is Matt McCall?

Matt McCall is one of the editors at InvestorPlace where he edits premium services like Investment Opportunities, Bull Market Confidential, Early Stage Investor, Cannabis Cash Weekly, Crypto Investor Network, and Ultimate Crypto.

According to his profile on the InvestorPlace website, he began his career as a stockbroker at Charles Schwab 17 years ago. He was known for his chart analysis and claims to use this expertise to advise his clients.

It also says that for his research, he has been focusing on stocks and ETFs and is also an expert in cryptocurrencies and marijuana investments.

He is the founder and president of Penn Financial Group, a firm that offers advice to retail and big investors.

Who is Charlie Shrem?

Charles Schrem is an American entrepreneur and a Bitcoin advocate. He was a co-founder of the BitInstant, which has since been shut down and was one of the founders of the Bitcoin Foundation.

In 2014, he was convicted for aiding and abetting unlicensed money transmissions. He was sent to prison for two years and when he was released, he joined Jaxx to serve as the CEO. He has been involved in other ventures revolving around cryptocurrencies since then.

He launched a podcast in 2019 called Untold Stories where he talks about the history of Bitcoin.

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What is Ultimate Crypto? (The Newsletter)

The presentation was meant to pitch Ultimate Crypto, an investment advisory service headed up by Matt McCall. Matt will run it together with Charles Shrem.

The newsletter focuses on investing in altcoins – Matt and his team recommend altcoins to their readers regularly.

In a nutshell, here is what you get when you sign up for it:

  • A full year of the Ultimate Crypto. This means receiving regular recommendations from Matt and Charlie.
  • Access to the model portfolio comprising of cumulative picks by the two gurus.
  • Top 20 Altcoin Rankings. You get the pair’s five favorite DeFi coins as well as alternatives.
  • FREE KeepKey Hardware Wallet. Although it normally costs $49 plus tax and shipping you get the wallet for free.

You also get free copies of the following special reports:

  • 5 Defi Coins for 50X Gains. This dossier has the top five DeFi altcoin picks.
  • Cryptocurrency Investing for Beginners. This report shows you how to trade cryptos if you are new to them.
  • Bitcoin $100,000: Digital Gold of the Future. Matt explains why he thinks investing in Bitcoin with a long-term outlook is a smart move and why he sees it reaching $100,000.

How much do you pay to join Ultimate Crypto?

An annual subscription costs $2,000

Does Ultimate Crypto have a Refund Policy?

There are no refunds.

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Closing Remarks on 2021 Crypto Millionaire Forecast

The 2021 Crypto Millionaire Forecast promotes Matt McCall’s Ultimate Crypto, a crypto-based advisory service that is published by InvestorPlace. As we’ve seen with other gurus, Matt claims that he knows how best to navigate the market and has been doing so since he discovered Bitcoin a few years back.

Matt and Charlie are pretty much predicting that 2021 will be a good year for crypto. If you agree with them, be careful with that because if the vaccine sets up a possible economic recovery, investors may decide to ease off cryptocurrencies because some see them as an alternative to gold.

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