Mason Sexton Prediction: Disruption 2023 Legit?

Curious about the Disruption 2023 Mason Sexton Prediction, also known as “The Prophecy”? This highly anticipated webinar is hosted by Mason Speed Sexton and has garnered significant attention. It was even featured as a preview on the popular Clay and Buck show through the Disruption 2023 website.

During this event, Mason Sexton plans to provide an exact forecast of his market predictions for the next three years, including a significant market event that has not been witnessed in over 50 years.

Now, the question arises: Is Mason credible? Should we pay attention to “The Prophecy” and his strange and ominous forecast? Let’s delve deeper into Mason’s background, explore his track record, and assess the validity of his concerns to determine whether it’s worth checking out.

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What is Mason Sexton’s Prediction, “The Prophecy”?

Mason Speed Sexton, the father of Buck Sexton and founder of New Paradigm Research, brings extensive Wall Street experience to the table. We’ve seen other former Wall Street insiders like Teeka Tiwari and Nomi Prins venture into the world of financial newsletters, so it looks like Mason is also dipping his toes.

With a background that includes working at Morgan Stanley, and Salomon Brothers, and running his own firm for two decades, Mason has established himself as a seasoned veteran in the industry.

While he has maintained a relatively low public profile, Mason recently made an appearance on the Clay and Buck show. During his appearance, he took the opportunity to caution listeners about an impending significant event that he predicts will impact the markets.

Mason Sexton Prediction

During this event, Mason will delve into what he refers to as “America’s Great Disruption,” a prophecy that is likely to surprise many despite the Fed boss Jerome Powell assuring Americans that the U.S. banking system is sound and resilient.

Prepare yourself for Mason Sexton’s captivating predictions that are sure to ignite curiosity. In the wake of recent, highly publicized bank collapses Mason boldly foresees an impending economic recession. Hold on to your seat as he goes even further, revealing an exact date when he believes the unraveling will commence: between the sensational timeframe of July 12th and July 21st.

According to Mason, this extraordinary event (that we haven’t seen for half a century) will finally be unveiled in his upcoming interview.

Mason’s motivation for stepping forward with this exclusive information is crystal clear: he wants you to take immediate action to shield yourself from the imminent damage.

In his wisdom, he advises safeguarding your assets and adopting defensive positions for a substantial period of 12-18 months. Embrace this sage counsel to protect what is rightfully yours.

With a shrewd eye for lucrative opportunities, Mason passionately advocates for the inclusion of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) as a formidable defense. While his precise investment methods remain undisclosed, his focus has honed in on four tantalizing ETFs that demand attention:

  1. SPDR for S&P, ensuring exposure to the dynamic pulse of the market.
  2. TLT for the bond market, safeguarding your investments with long-term treasury bonds.
  3. GLD for gold, a precious metal revered for its timeless value and resilience.
  4. XLE for the energy market, capturing the essence of vitality and harnessing its potential.

In Mason Sexton’s astute vision, these ETFs stand as stalwart pillars, providing an impenetrable hedge against the encroaching recession.

Alongside his discussions about the imminent economic downturn, Mason Sexton has plans to endorse his investment newsletter.

Excitingly, Mason is venturing into the financial newsletter realm, and we will diligently provide you with the latest developments and progress in his endeavor. Stay tuned as we keep you informed about the unfolding journey of Mason Sexton’s entry into the financial newsletter domain.

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Mason Sexton Predictions

Let’s delve into Mason Sexton’s background.

During an interview with CNN on August 14, 1987, he shared his predictions, stating that we can expect a significant peak around August 24 or 25. Mason also mentioned that if he were to speculate on the final top, it would likely occur in the first or second week of October. By “the final top,” he meant it would precede a correction of at least 15% to 20% in the Dow.

Interestingly, the Dow actually reached its peak at 2,722 on August 25, which turned out to be the highest point for the year 1987. It took another two years for the index to reach that level again.

He garnered considerable attention for accurately predicting Black Monday where he advised investors to “Buy puts on the S&P index… Short IBM, GM, PA, XON, and CHV, and his subsequent series of high-profile predictions about the market proved to be true.

After several years of relative silence, Mason is now stepping into the public eye with his latest major prediction. This prediction will be unveiled during an event where he will be interviewed by his son, Buck Sexton.

What you get when you sign up for The Prophesy event

Mason Sexton extends a special invitation to you, enticing you to register for his upcoming event using your email address. By taking this step, you will unlock a series of exclusive privileges:

  1. VIP text reminders as the event approaches, ensuring you stay informed and engaged.
  2. Access to additional details about Mason’s intriguing forecast, details that will remain undisclosed to non-VIP attendees. This includes his precise insights into the period spanning from July 12th to July 21st, as well as the three most crucial dates to prepare for between now and 2026.
  3. An incredible opportunity to win a coveted four-month subscription to Mason’s esteemed daily email list. Valued at an impressive $20,000, this membership boasts a distinguished clientele that includes renowned names such as two top-ranked hedge funds in America, an individual ranked among Forbes’ 40 richest people worldwide, and a billionaire within the alternative media sphere.

Upon registering for the event using your email address, you will receive an email encouraging you to provide your phone number. However, please remember to prioritize your privacy and refrain from sharing your details if you are not comfortable doing so.

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Who is Mason Sexton?

Mason Speed Sexton, the founder of New Paradigm Research, a publishing company linked to Legacy Research Group, has a professional history that includes positions at Morgan Stanley and Salomon Brothers, as well as running his own firm for two decades.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Law and Government from Columbia University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Currently, he serves as the senior managing director at Paulson Investment Company, LLC.

In 1972, he embarked on a Wall Street career, commencing with a three-year tenure in Morgan Stanley’s Corporate Finance Department. Following that, he had a stint in Salomon Brothers’ Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Department, and eventually assumed the position of heading the Sales and Research Department at Mabon, Nugent & Company.

Mason Sexton Prediction The Prophecy Legit

According to Mason Sexton, he was recognized by Timer Digest, a publication that tracked analysts’ market timing, as a “Top 10 Timer” for multiple years. Specifically, he claims to have received this distinction in 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993, and 1994, which also coincided with his appearance on the cover of the magazine.

He established Harmonic Research in 1984, a precise market timing service that provided insights into the stock and bond markets, as well as individual large-cap stocks.

After successfully operating Harmonic Research for many years, he decided to merge the company with the investment bank Jessup and Lamont in 2003. Subsequently, Jessup and Lamont were acquired by a publicly traded entity.

Mason Sexton claims to have uncovered a peculiar secret four decades ago, which has enabled him to make a remarkable series of market predictions. Astonishingly, he has accurately foretold significant events down to the exact dates.

Some of his notable predictions include the renowned crash of 1987, the bottom point of the 2009 crisis, the highs and lows of the Covid-induced market crash, and even the precise market peak of the previous year. His extraordinary track record has garnered substantial attention and acclaim.

Mason Sexton claims that he has accurately forecasted the 10 most disastrous market days within the last three years, which rank among the 20 most catastrophic days in the history of the market.

Mason Sexton has founded two ventures: CYR and New Paradigm Research. New Paradigm Research, owned by Legacy Research Group, utilizes his extensive experience as a trader, forecaster, and insider on Wall Street to assist readers in capitalizing on the volatile fluctuations in the stock market.

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Is Mason Sexton Legit?

Mason Sexton’s prediction, known as “The Prophesy,” is considered to be authentic and credible.

Mason Sexton has established himself as a credible and trustworthy source of investment recommendations, as evidenced by the fact that many investors and hedge funds consistently compensate him with monthly payments ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 for his valuable insights. This ongoing financial support from hedge funds speaks volumes about the value he brings to the table.

It is important to recognize that Mason’s track record of successful predictions does add to his credibility. However, it is crucial to remember that investing in the financial markets inherently carries risks, and there are no guarantees of future accuracy or profitability. While Mason’s insights have proven to be valuable in the past, it is essential to approach his recommendations with a discerning mindset.

It is prudent to exercise caution and carefully consider the potential risks before making any investment decisions based on Mason’s advice. Investing in the market always involves the possibility of incurring losses, so it is vital to only allocate funds that you are willing and prepared to lose.

By approaching his predictions with a balanced perspective and maintaining a realistic understanding of the risks involved, you can make informed investment choices that align with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

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