What is Marc Lichtenfeld Prediction? [Valorem Stocks Mega-Trend]

Marc Lichtenfeld Prediction event concerns three “Valorem stocks” that he thinks could soar 200%… 500%… or more in the next 12 months.

In this review, we take a closer look at the presentation to allow you to get a good picture of what Marc is talking about here.

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What is The Last Mega-Trend Of Our Lifetimes?

“The Last Mega-Trend of Our Lifetimes” is a pitch by Marc Lichtenfeld where he explains away the radical changes we’ve been seeing in the markets and proposes ways of navigating those changes.

Marc has been behind some popular presentations like “The Great Gold Shortage of 2021” and “The Great 2020 Real Estate Redo” so this is the kind of thing he does.

Marc Lichtenfeld PredictionHe talks about a massive shift that has been happening in the markets in the early weeks of 2022: “traditional” tech stocks have had a rough start to the year.

Marc says that tech stocks, which have been massively bloated from years of government stimulus are now taking a turn for the worse. He notes that they are dropping fast, whereby companies like Tesla, Zillow, and Peloton have gone down from their November highs of 2021.

Marc Lichtenfeld PredictionLichtenfeld says that a majority of the popular growth stocks in the technology space are taking a beating. Some of the companies that took off during the pandemic are coming down spectacularly.

And he is right about this. Technology companies, led by Meta (FB), have endured a massive sell-off that has triggered sharp drops in NASDAQ and S&P 500 indices.

As this happens, he says that there are still investment opportunities elsewhere. He says, “there’s always a bull market somewhere” and that even when the market is uncertain, you should look for undervalued assets.

He says that there is a new unexpected group of stocks that are taking over.

What are these stocks he is referring to?

Well, let’s find out.

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“Era of Valorem”

Marc Lichtenfeld claims that there is a new bull market beginning now that he is calling the “era of Valorem.”

He says that there is a new class of stocks he calls “Valorem stocks” that are outperforming the market left and right.

So, what do the “era of valorem” and “valorem stocks” mean?

He says that in Latin “valorem” means “value.”

Therefore, when he says that he is targeting “Valorem stocks,” he is talking about value investing.

Value investing means buying stocks that trade at a significantly lower value compared to intrinsic value. When you invest in undervalued stocks, you look for companies that the market has failed to value correctly.

Marc says that what we are seeing right now is people moving out of the overvalued tech stocks. Meanwhile, a new bull market has begun that involves value stocks.

He says that this is following a precedent whereby during inflationary periods, value stocks always tend to be some of the best performers. They thrive during periods of rising inflation.

He also refers to Nobel laureate Dr. Eugene Fama’s work that proved that 93% of the time, over 15-year periods, value stocks outperform growth stocks.

To justify his prediction, Marc Lichtenfeld says that he is relying on metrics that help him keep track of any megatrend shift. He says that the metrics now are at their highest and most urgent in the history of the stock market.

He provides a chart that shows this:

Marc Lichtenfeld Prediction

Marc says that when the graph is below zero, it means growth stocks are outperforming and when it is above zero, it means value stocks are outperforming.

He also explains that every single time the chart hits a low point, it skyrockets straight back up. This means that every time growth stocks hit an extreme, value stocks have skyrocketed afterward.

As the chart shows, the spread between growth stocks and value stocks is very big. Bigger than it was during the dot-com bubble. Therefore, he expects value stocks to take off.

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How Marc Lichtenfeld Finds Great Value Stocks

Now that he knows that the market is ready for a value stock upsurge, how does he pick his stocks?

He says that he uses the price to free cash flow ratio (P/FCF) instead of the more popular price-to-earnings ratio, or P/E ratio.

He says that the P/E ratio, while a good tool for determining whether a stock is expensive or not as well as a measure of value, is less accurate than the P/FCF ratio.

He says that “earnings” can be – and often is – manipulated by clever accounting whereas it is much more difficult to lie about cash flow because it is the dollars and cents left after a company pays its bills.

Marc has identified three value stocks that he wants you to consider investing in because each could soar as much as 200%… 500%… or MORE over the coming year. He says that his top three picks could be some of the biggest winners of the next year:

The first company sells one of the most popular financial products for retirees bringing in $209 BILLION in 2020 alone. Every year since 2009, this company has paid shareholders an increasing dividend.

The second company on his list is an energy company whose P/FCF dropped below 10 recently (it reached 8.41). Its revenue has also been increasing every single quarter and it is paying out $3.9 BILLION to shareholders this coming year. The stock has been increasing its payments for 24 straight years and you could pick up shares for just $20. It paid out $1.7 BILLION in dividends in 2021.

The third company is the most cash-rich biotech on the market. It has rights to the bestselling drug of 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017.

You can learn all the details about those companies through a special report by Marc Lichtenfeld called How to Get Rich in the Era of Valorem.

Marc Lichtenfeld PredictionYou can get this report by signing up for his newsletter called The Oxford Income Letter.

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Who is Marc Lichtenfeld?

Marc Lichtenfeld is an investment guru who writes for The Oxford Club, an independent publishing company that offers investment advice to investors.

Marc considers himself a retirement investment expert.

His work has appeared on Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg, Jim Cramer’s TheStreet, and other outlets. He has also been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Investor’s Business Daily, and The Wall Street Journal.

Marc Lichtenfeld is also an author. His books on retirement won the ‘Book of the Year Award’ from the Institute for financial literacy.

Marc Lichtenfeld Prediction

They were also Amazon bestsellers.

Marc writes a daily column called Wealthy Retirement that has more than 200,000 readers.

All said, Marc has been doing this for 25 years. He has been sharing huge opportunities with Main Street Americans before anyone else hears about them from the mainstream financial media.

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The Oxford Income Letter Review

Marc Lichtenfeld’s Oxford Income Letter is an investment-based newsletter that focuses on income investment opportunities to prop up retirement accounts.

Marc writes about dividend stocks every month and shares his insights every week.  

If you sign up for the newsletter, you get:

  • His new number one massive-income recommendation every month.
  • The “Complete Oxford Income Letter Options Guide” in which he explains how options work.
  • A Private Executive Call via video
  • Dividend Riches: Marc Lichtenfeld’s Income Investing Video Series. It is a six-part premium video series that shows you how to maximize your income
  • Access to the password-protected website, which has all the income resources Marc has, including his four income-generating model portfolios.
  • “Multiply Your Money With THIS Moonshot REIT.” It is a dossier that has a fast-moving real estate investment you can make IN your brokerage account.
  • “The Safest High-Yield Dividend in the World,” is a dossier about how to secure massive income opportunities without unnecessary risk
  • “Income for Life.” A special report with details on 12 dividend stocks that will enable you to earn income every month.

You also receive some unique special reports, including:

“5 Growth Stocks to Avoid in 2022”

Marc Lichtenfeld PredictionIt has the names of stocks Marc wants you to stay away from. He says that they are getting a lot of hype yet their P/FCF ratios are 37, 47, 100, 214, and negative 21.

For context, the ideal P/FCF is 10 or lower.

101 Ways to Grow and Protect Your Retirement Savings

Marc Lichtenfeld PredictionIt is a 162-page e-book is filled with retirement income secrets he has uncovered in his 25 years in the markets.

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The Oxford Income Letter Pricing

The annual subscription fee is $49 in your first year. After that, they charge you $79 per year to renew the subscription. It is an automatic process and you’d have to cancel if you don’t want to be saddled with a newsletter you don’t like.

The Oxford Income Letter Refund Policy

They have a one-year money-back guarantee.Marc Lichtenfeld Prediction

Closing Remarks on The Last Mega-Trend Of Our Lifetimes

Marc Lichtenfeld is an investment analyst who believes that in the coming months, overvalued tech stocks will continue to fall. As this happens, value stocks will rise.

He has identified a couple of value stocks he wants you to consider investing in. At the same time, he has also found some growth stocks that are popular that he thinks will go down.

He says that we are at a tipping point and these changes will create opportunities but at the same time decimate some stocks.

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