What is Luke Lango GCT Technology Stock? [G.C.T.]

Luke Lango of InvestorPlace recently released a presentation where he talks about a new technological trend called “GCT Technology.”

He claims that it is a relatively new technology that could soon be used by up to two billion people by 2025. His goal is to invest in a $3 company that is going to be instrumental in bringing this technology to market.

I’ll give you an overview of the presentation and reveal what CGT Technology is in case you want to get involved in the trend.

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What is Luke Lango GCT Technology?

Luke Lango is one of the chief analysts at InvestorPlace where he is known for talking about the latest new technological trends. In this case, he is focusing on something he is calling G.C.T.

He shows us a device that has G.C.T. technology in it and tells us that it will reinvent trillion-dollar industries across the world.

Luke Lango GCT TechnologyHe quotes Forbes magazine saying that this tech will usher in the next industrial revolution and the New York Times saying it will be the most important innovation of the 21st century.

We learn that G.C.T. is a term he created to refer to “Genetic Coding Technologies.”

What is G.C.T.?

It is a technology that analyzes genetic material. The device is a DNA sequencer and it can read your DNA and store, display, and analyze it on a computer.

Luke Lango says that the new third-generation sequencer is an improvement on previous versions of the technology because it can analyze DNA faster and cheaper.

Other investment gurus have talked about DNA sequencing in recent weeks, talking about how it is a good investment opportunity. We’ve seen that with presentations like Jeff Brown’s OMNIA Technology and Ted Bauman’s Tech Disrupt.

Luke Lango points out that sequencing the human genome used to be a costly affair where you needed up to $1 billion to complete it.

But as technology has gotten better, the same can be done for just $600, although he says that this could drop further to $100.

He says that some experts estimate that up to two billion people will have their genomes sequenced in the next four years.

That will be a 6,566% increase from the number that have had their genomes sequenced so far.

If this happens, he expects companies involved in DNA sequencing to grow faster than FAANG stocks did in the 2010s when they became the biggest companies on the planet.

Speaking of the impact of gene sequencing, Luke Lango mentions a study by the McKinsey Global Institute that found that G.C.T. will have a direct economic impact of up to $4 trillion per year over the next 20 years.

Here are some of the areas that Luke expects this tech to impact the most:

Genetic Diseases

More than 475 million people are diagnosed with “rare diseases” and up to 80% of them are caused by DNA. With cheap DNA sequencing available, doctors will create treatments for them.

Food Safety

The CDC estimates that up to 48 million Americans get sick from eating bad food every year. 128,000 are hospitalized and more than 3,000 people die. He says that DNA sequencing will make it easier to prevent the spread of disease in the food supply chain.


Luke says that as much as 60 percent of the physical [resources] in the global economy could be produced biologically. He claims that we can produce natural materials, plastics, and fuels without extracting them, just by re-creating them from engineered biology.

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How to invest in the GCT Trend

Luke Lango wants you to consider investing in a company working on C.G.T.

He wants you to follow the example of big Wall Street players like Vanguard, who’ve invested $11.4 billion, J.P. Morgan Chase has invested $1.3 billion, Morgan Stanley with $2.2 billion, BlackRock with $9.8 billion, Credit Suisse with $1.1 billion, Goldman Sachs with $853 million, and State Street with $4 billion.

He has found a company that is involved in the new tech revolution that he claims could be the next Microsoft (because it will rise in value steadily).

What do we know about it?

Luke tells us,

“And my research has led me to what could be the software giant of the DNA era.

The company is headed by an MIT scientist who helped build ARPANET, the technology that laid the foundation for the internet.

In 2009, after witnessing the huge potential in DNA and the falling costs of sequencing, he started this incredible company.

It specializes in programming the DNA of microorganisms…

And then licensing out those programs to companies who use them to make physical materials, consumer products, and more.”

This company has partnered with Quest Diagnostics, Cronos Group, Bayer, and other companies.

Bill Gates has invested in this company and Cathie Wood is also on board.

Luke has a report called “The Next Microsoft: The Software Company Powering the $80 Trillion DNA Revolution,” where he provides you with everything you need to know about the company, its symbol, and his target buy price.

There is also a second report called The Next DNA Sequencing Giant.

It is about a company that has patented its technology that allows them to read longer sequences of DNA at incredible speed.

It makes a third-generation sequencer that is the first one that can be used outside of a laboratory. It has even already been used to sequence DNA on the International Space Station.

If you want the two reports, you have to subscribe to Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor newsletter.

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Who is Luke Lango?

Luke Lango is an investment guru and financial blogger who’s been writing about new trends in the stock market. Some noteworthy pieces he’s presented include The Crypto Code and The 10X Anomaly Summit.

He is a senior analyst at InvestorPlace, one of the oldest financial research firms in the country.

He attended the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) where he graduated with a degree in Economics.

In college, he was a basketball player and that’s where he nurtured his interest in sports with math.

He worked at a fintech startup called Scoutables where he designed cash flow management models for professional sports organizations. He based his calculations on player injury and performance data.

Luke Lango was the founding manager at L&F Capital Management, LLC, a boutique investment fund based in San Diego.

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A Closer Look at Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor

Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor is his flagship investment research service.

He launched it to show investors how to identify the biggest tech investment opportunities early and invest in them.

Here is what you get when you sign up:

  • A 12-month subscription to Innovation Investor. You gain access to Lango’s daily notes, market updates, recommendations, and special research reports for 12 months.
  • Innovation Investor Daily Notes. It is a free daily e-letter where Luke Lango provides you with a breakdown of stock market action and updates to his model portfolio.
  • Access to the Model Portfolio. You can examine and monitor all of the current open positions in his model portfolio.
  • 24/7 access to the members-only website portal. Luke provides you with the newsletter’s past issues, a full library of special reports, exclusive interviews with industry experts, and so much more.
  • 3 World-Changing AI Stocks to Buy NOW. It is a special report that is about artificial intelligence. Luke provides you with his three favorite upstart firms at the forefront of the AI revolution.

Innovation Investor Subscription Fee

A one-year subscription goes for $79, $99, or $129 depending on the subscription level you choose.

The Innovation Investor Guarantee

The newsletter has a one-year policy.

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Luke Lango GCT Technology Conclusion

Luke Lango’s GCT Technology pitch is the latest presentation within the financial newsletter circles that involves gene sequencing.

Luke is the latest finance guru to tell us that DNA sequencing is the new shiny object we cannot afford to miss out on.

He tells us that it could add a lot of value to the economy and affect huge industries. Therefore, investing in the right companies involved could be huge. It is not clear how big of an impact GCT technology will have but it could be worth looking into because there has been a lot of excitement of late.

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