What is Luke Burgess Super Fuel Pitch? [Aka Secret NASA Fuel]

Luke Burgess, an investment analyst who works for a financial publishing firm called The Outsider Club, recently released a presentation with a header that reads:

“Secret NASA “Super Fuel” Could Power 95 Million Homes in America”

It concerns what he describes as an “unusual, eco-friendly ‘Super Fuel’ [that] has already begun soaring for a 12,200% growth surge… And could hand investors 1,900% profits or more… It’s got nothing to do with natural gas, nuclear, hydrogen, or lithium…”

Let’s take a closer look at the pitch to find out what he means by “super fuel” and whether it is as good an investment opportunity as he claims it is.

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Introduction to Luke Burgess Super Fuel

Luke Burgess’ presentation centers on a “super fuel” that he believes has what it takes to take the world by storm. He acknowledges that most people have never heard of it yet it has the potential to change the way we live and make early investors a lot of money.

Luke Burgess Super FuelIt reminds me of presentations like Keith Kohl’s TriFuel-238 and Liquid Electricity by David Fessler where the gurus make the same promises, albeit with different fuels.

Going back to Luke Burgess’ pitch, he says that the Biden Administration’s plan to revamp the country’s infrastructure also caters for new clean energy technologies, having set aside $1.5 trillion for them.

So, what is this “super fuel” Luke is talking about that is more powerful than natural gas, hydrogen, lithium, and nuclear?

Luke Burgess is talking about Vanadium.

He says that it is utilized in national defense and is integral to some aerospace applications. For example, he says that it is used to power the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird.

Luke Burgess Super FuelNote that when he says “power,” he doesn’t mean that it is used for propulsion because the blackbird uses specially designed jet fuel that is made from oil.

He says that Vanadium batteries can power your home, your neighborhood, and your city with 100% clean energy, 24/7. He continues:

“Vanadium is about to become the no. 1 energy resource for large-scale electricity storage…

Beating lithium and anything else you’ve heard of…

It’s the “fuel” that will power the new solar, wind, and clean energy wave of the 21st century.”

And, it will be making batteries:

“The world’s wealthiest investors and America’s political leaders are quickly realizing that vanadium flow batteries are shaping up to be one of the most profitable investments of the 21st century.

These batteries are superior to every other kind of battery on the market. Unlike lithium, the vanadium battery has the ability to be recharged infinitely. It has almost unlimited storage capacity. It doesn’t catch on fire. And these batteries can last FOUR TIMES as long without replacement.

On top of all that, they’re even cheaper than Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries!

For all of the reasons you’ve seen today, vanadium is poised to become a household name in energy.

Surging to the front of the battery storage boom… which is kicking into high gear right NOW.”

Vanadium Flow Batteries (VFB) or Vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFB) are a type of rechargeable flow battery that uses vanadium ions in different oxidation states to store energy. Vanadium can exist in four different oxidation states and this makes it ideal for this kind of use.

Luke Burgess Super FuelHowever, VFBs are bulky and that has meant that their use is restricted to grid storage or commercial (and sometimes, domestic) use. For example, the California Energy Commission selected four energy storage projects in late 2020 incorporating vanadium flow batteries from UK-based Invinity Energy Systems plc for their utility-scale long-duration energy storage needs.

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Luke Burgess No. 1 “Super Fuel” Play

As the hype around VFBs plays out, Luke Burgess has identified one company that he wants you to back:

“And I’ve found what I consider to be the ultimate play… one that could make you extremely wealthy.


Because this little firm is NOT your typical mining play. It’s much, MUCH more than that. It’s a powerhouse in every sense of the word.

See, this company handles ALL aspects of the vanadium battery market…

From exploring for deposits of vanadium… to mining it… to producing the flow batteries themselves!

They do it ALL.”

It is based in Canada and it owns mines too…

“This small firm from Canada owns the richest, highest-grade vanadium deposits on the planet.

We’re talking 99.5% purity — which is exactly what steelmakers around the world love!

But not only does this firm have the richest vanadium, but it also has the world’s largest supply of it too!

So it’s able to mine and produce vanadium for some of the lowest costs in the world.

It gets even better too…

Because this firm is about to cash in on the vanadium boom in another MAJOR way!

One that could make you huge gains NO MATTER WHAT happens to vanadium prices.

Because they’re also building safe, scalable, and cutting-edge flow batteries for clean energy storage…”

So he wants you to consider getting in as fast as you can before the story hits the mainstream. He also says that it could announce the product launch of its vanadium flow batteries any day within the coming weeks and you should consider investing before this happens and the market realizes the true value of the company.

He has written a report about it called The Renewable Energy Storage Breakthrough: How to Make a Fortune on the Vanadium Boom.

It has the name and ticker symbol of his number one pick.

You can get a copy of it if you sign up for his investment advisory service called Junior Mining Trader.

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Who is Luke Burgess?

Luke Burgess is the chief mining investment strategist at Angel Publishing. He is also an editor at the Outsider Club.

Luke has for the past two decades been helping people capture big gains from big metal booms. He has been urging people to invest in resources since 2002 when he became bullish on gold following a sharp drop in the value of the US dollar.

He has had his research published on sites like Kitco and 321Gold.com, and he has been to numerous radio interviews. Luke has also met with some of the biggest voices in the mining investment world, including Rick Rule, Robert McEwen, Eric Sprott, and Shawn Ryan.

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Junior Mining Trader Review

Junior Mining Trader is an investment newsletter that Luke Burgess publishes where he provides regular alerts to readers to profit from opportunities such as this super-fuel company he is touting in the presentation.

Luke Burgess Super FuelHe writes about the mining sector focusing on small-cap companies with big upsides. This includes explorers and producers as well as other opportunities with profit potential. He writes about opportunities in silver, copper, rare earth, and hard assets, according to him, “can never ‘go to zero’… that offer a strong hedge against a collapsing U.S. dollar.”

He says that every single stock in his portfolio has the potential for 50-to-1 returns.

What do you get when you sign up beside the dossier about the number one play?

  • Quick-profit e-alerts. You get flash updates on the latest money-makers in the junior mining sector. They are delivered straight to your inbox when they are announced.
  • Regular Portfolio Updates. You get these updates on each play in the Junior Mining Trader This way, you know when to close your position for maximum profit.
  • Members-Only Website Access. You have private access to the Junior Mining Trader members’ area where you find archives of research reports, commentary, picks, and the current portfolio.
  • A free subscription to the Outsider Club. You find the latest in breaking news and market commentary so you can adapt your investment strategy as the market evolves
  • Access to the VIP Support Desk. This is a team of highly qualified professionals that help you get the most out of your subscription.

In addition to these benefits, you also get two bonus reports:

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The ONE Stock You Must Own for the Rare Earths Revival

Luke Burgess says that rare earths are in high demand because they are used in a variety of clean energy technologies, including wind turbine magnets, solar cells, and electric vehicles.

Luke Burgess Super FuelHowever, the country is almost fully reliant on China for its supply of these elements because 80% of its imports come from China.

But one company is reviving rare-earth mining in America and it has gotten multiple contracts from the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy. Luke believes that its upside potential is huge and you should consider investing in it.

U.S.A. Gold: Three Stocks for the New American Boom

Luke claims that the media is ignoring a gold boom that is happening in America right now. For example, he highlights a tiny company that owns a gold mine in Arizona that is backed by one of the best management teams in the mining sector.

Luke Burgess Super FuelThe board chairman has a good gold mining track record, considering he founded a gold company that was bought by a major company for $749 million. However, his new firm could produce bigger profits, and shares are still very cheap.

Luke has also written about two more tiny gold companies in America with massive profit potential. If you want the names and ticker symbols, you have to read this report.

How much is Junior Mining Trader?

The Junior Mining Trader costs $1,999 for a one-year subscription. A two-year subscription goes for $2,499.

The Junior Mining Trader Refund Policy

It has a 90-day money-back guarantee:

If you decide within 90 days that it’s not for you, you’re out nothing. Call our friendly member services team at 877-303-4529 and let them know. You’ll get a prompt and courteous full refund of the membership fee you put down today.

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Closing Remarks on Luke Burgess Super Fuel

Luke Burgess acknowledges that the world is moving away from fossil fuels and into sustainable energy sources. However, renewables are known to be unreliable and the only way to make them reliable is to incorporate energy storage. This is where Vanadium Fuel Batteries (VFBs) or “Redox Flow” batteries come in because they allow you to store this energy conveniently.

They can be charged infinitely with no loss in strength or performance (but they require you to replace the membrane separating the cells every few years). They have other advantages over Lithium batteries, which explains his fascination with them.

He is backing one Canadian company that is heavily involved in the VFB energy-storage industry.

Should you invest in the company? Ultimately, that decision comes down to you. Although I should point out that following Luke’s advice without doing your research is not wise. Find out more about the company and be realistic in your expectations because Luke is merely offering general advice.

As I mentioned in the presentation, we’ve seen many of these “new fuel that will solve the energy industry” pitches before. The story in each of those pitches typically goes, “here is a new fuel that will revolutionize the sustainable energy industry and there’s this tiny company that is behind it. Invest in the tiny company now and you could make a ton of money when the world adopts the new fuel en masse.”

Is Luke Burgess’ presentation any different? Not really, but he does raise some interesting points worth consideration.

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