What Is Louis Navellier’s Big Bet Investment?

Louis Navellier’s Big Bet is a pitch published by InvestorPlace during which Louis explores an investment opportunity that is being created by a “quantum leap” in technology.

The header of the presentation reads:

“One sector of the market is about to make a “quantum leap” in technology. The last time something like this happened, early investors made 20X, 30X their money over time. In fact, this is so groundbreaking, if I had to put all of my life savings into one trend this would be it.”

In this review, we dissect the presentation to tease out the key talking points and find out what technology Louis is excited about and what investments he could be hinting at.

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What is Louis Navellier’s Big Bet?

Louis Navellier’s Big Bet presentation focuses on one sector that he wants to encourage people to make investments in. He says that it is about to go through a technological transformation that will change the way we live our lives.

He insists that this transformation will remake whole industries, change many businesses, and affect how we shop, communicate, and travel.

Louis Navellier's Big BetHe also tells us that early investors have the opportunity to make incredible wealth by making “just one Big Bet.”

That in itself is a pitch we’ve seen before when newsletter gurus tell their audience that we are about to see a new technology that will change people’s lives. We’ve seen it from presentations like “Apirion” by Chris Rowe and Imperium Technology by Adam O’Dell.

Circling back to Louis Navellier’s Big Bet, he says that his advanced computer systems (that he uses to identify the biggest moves in the market) recently alerted him to a major development in the market.

He calls it “one of the hottest moneymaking opportunities” in his career and if he had to put every penny of his life savings into one industry, this would be it. He says that this is why he is calling it his Big Bet.

He says that if you ride this wave, you could see incredible gains in the coming months and that this big bet investment is a ticket to funding a dignified retirement and to an incredible new life.

So, what technology is he talking about? It is 5G.

As it turns out, Navellier is extolling the importance of 5G, which has driven many investment presentations we’ve seen before like George Gilder’s 5G Killer pitch or 5G Volta by Keith Kohl.

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How Louis Navellier Wants You to Invest in 5G

Speaking of 5G, Louis Navellier has a unique investment strategy.

For one, Louis is not a big fan of diversification if it is not done “correctly.” What does he mean by that?

He says that diversification is not a strategy that can make you wealthy if you’re diversifying across the entire spectrum of the stock market – investing in many different industries like agriculture, consumer goods, defense contractors, and telecom all at once.

He says that many index funds and mutual funds have been allocating capital that way and it always results in sub-par returns.

Instead of going that route, he prefers to pick a single industry and diversify the investment within that industry.

How does he find the right sector to invest in?

Louis has three qualifications that he has to see in a sector before he considers investing:

First, it has to have the potential for massive growth

“If we’re going to make a big bet on just one “dream” investment opportunity, it has to be an industry poised to transform the world and generate explosive growth…”

Second, the growth of the industry should be inevitable

“I don’t want to spend any sleepless nights wondering if some “long shot” like the Segway or New Coke will pan out.

I want to sleep soundly… knowing the industry I’ve made a big bet on is a “lock” to change the world.

For example, if you knew anything about the internet in 1994, you knew it would change the world.”

The final requirement for making a big bet is NOT placing your entire bet on one single company because that exposes you to massive downside risks.

Therefore, he implements a focused portfolio strategy where he picks 3 to 8 of the best companies in his chosen industry, buys all of them in equal amounts, and then treats them as one holding.

He says his approach is different from ETFs because he doesn’t spread his investment across dozens or hundreds of stocks. He dislikes this ETF approach because you end up owning lots of average companies that dilute your returns.

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Louis Navellier’s Big Bet in 5G

Louis Navellier is telling us that 5G is the place to be right now because he anticipates a “5G revolution” characterized by faster internet speeds.

He says that this increase in speed will make it possible for billions of devices to connect, interact, and collect data from each other, in other words, the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT). With this, consumers, industries, and governments will expand to new frontiers of production and innovation and he believes that it will give rise to new technologies.

Navellier believes that right now is the perfect time to get in on 5G investments because of the coronavirus.

Why? He says that just before 2020, a lot of the big 5G projects were underway where companies were gearing up for the big rollout. But then the pandemic started and many 5G projects were delayed a year or sometimes even 18 months.

He says that now 5G projects that had been stopped are restarting as the economy reopens.

And with this, 5G has reached a “tipping point” because the infrastructure and technology are in place and now we are about to see implementation or “the big rollout.”

He says that the biggest gains are going to be made over the next few months and years.

Now, Louis Navellier has found six 5G stocks that he has put together in a special report called 5G Hypergrowth Portfolio: Six Stocks to Incredible Wealth.

Louis Navellier's Big BetHe says that they are all small-cap stocks with high growth potential.

He recommends that you take equal position sizes in all of these stocks to cut down on risk.

To get the report for free you have to sign up for his advisory service called Breakthrough Stocks.

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Who is Louis Navellier?

Louis Navellier is a renowned growth investor and he often cites New York Times referring to him as “an icon among growth stock investors.”

He provides investment advice to tens of thousands of investors through his publications that are published by InvestorPlace, an independent financial publishing company. Louis has been at this for more than three decades earning a reputation as a savvy stock picker.

For over 35 years he has established an exceptional long-term track record offering a wide range of simple but powerful tools that help investors to significantly beat the market.

His most popular investment research service, Growth Investor, has been around since 1998 when he launched it and he claims to have beaten the S&P 500 by a margin of 3-to-1 over the past 17 years.

He is also a portfolio manager and he runs a firm called Navellier. His firm offers customized investor solutions to investors advising them on how to manage assets in a private account or defensive portfolio.

His goal throughout has been to uncover Wall Street’s inconsistencies and help investors beat the market by targeting the market’s best growth stocks.

Nowadays, he advises individual investors to help them achieve their financial dreams through his unique newsletter services.

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Breakthrough Stocks Review

Breakthrough Stocks is an investment research service by Louis Navellier that focuses on small-cap stocks. In this service, Mr. Navellier provides exclusive market commentary as well as recommendations on small, off-the-radar stocks with massive upside.

He claims that these are lesser-known stocks that can go on incredible runs. He says that these companies are not “the Apples and the Googles of the world, but the stocks that could be the next Apple and Google.”

He wants you to sign up for his research service after watching his presentation about 5G stocks and he promises that when you do, you will get:

  • Access to Louis Navellier’s Breakthrough Stocks Model Portfolio
  • Navellier’s monthly market commentary and analysis
  • Three to four new small-cap stock recommendations each month

Then, of course, there is the special report about his six 5G stock picks that he teases in his presentation.

Breakthrough Stocks Pricing

A full year of Breakthrough Stocks is $1,995

The Breakthrough Stocks Refund Policy


However, there are some concessions meant to sweeten the deal. Like this one that I saw on the order page:

Louis Navellier's Big BetLouis Navellier does not offer refunds because he says that you’ll be getting his six recommendations right off the bat.

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Closing Remarks on Louis Navellier’s Big Bet

Louis Navellier is an investment analyst I am familiar with. I have covered presentations he has done before and this one has striking similarities in terms of the way he has structured it.

Navellier insists that he wants you to attain financial freedom because he thinks it will give you personal power: the ability to do anything you want unrestrained by lack of money.

He says that the best way to do this is to invest differently from how mainstream sources tell you. So, he wants you to stop investing passively in index funds, ETFs, and other similar forms of investment and instead focus on one industry at a time and find a small group of stocks within it.

He prefers that you go for small off-the-radar companies with a competitive advantage. This way, you give yourself a chance of having a stock like Amazon in your portfolio, where you see gains so great, it more than makes up for any losses.

Is his approach good? I think that it is up to you to decide once you have analyzed its merits. Also, remember that small stocks come with greater risk and you may lose your money when things fail to pan out as anticipated.

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