What Is LikeFolio’s Earnings Season Pass?

TradeSmith recently started promoting a new service they are offering in collaboration with LikeFolio called Earnings Season Pass.

I took a closer look at it and in this article, I will be providing you with all the details regarding how it works, who is behind it for you to decide what to make of it.

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What is LikeFolio’s Earnings Season Pass?

Earnings Season Pass is an advisory service offered by Andy and Landon Swan via TradeSmith.com. TradeSmith.com is an internet-based firm that offers a suite of investment tools and research that empowers individual investors to take control of their finances. They cater to both seasoned traders and beginners with their advisory services.

LikeFolio's Earnings Season Pass (TradeSmith)

This isn’t the first time I am covering TradeSmith as I have recently done reviews of Keith Kaplan’s (the CEO) presentations like The 4X Stock Booster Summit and The Portfolio X-Ray.

The Swans created Earnings Season Pass to give individual investors trade recommendations on the most profitable companies out of a collection of more than 300 companies.

The service is active during the earnings season. If you are unfamiliar with the term, an earnings season is a period during which a majority of publicly traded companies release their quarterly earnings reports.

Andy and Landon Swan recently promoted the service through a presentation titled “The 10 Stock Speed Round” where they introduced readers to the concept of trading options during earnings seasons.

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What is LikeFolio and how does Earnings Season Pass work?

LikeFolio is an online service that informs its users how social trends are likely to affect various companies’ future performances. Here is how they describe it on the official website:

“Imagine if you could “listen in” on millions of conversations that real consumers were having about the brands and products owned by publicly traded companies. The products they like, the brands they hate…and most importantly, what companies they are spending money with. That would be pretty powerful information, right? That’s exactly what LikeFolio does.

We’ve developed a powerful algorithm, and through a direct partnership with Twitter, we identify when consumers are buying more (or less) from companies, which products are hits, and which are flops. We then identify shifts in those consumer trends on Main Street, before they become news on Wall Street and impact the stock price.

It’s like seeing what’s going on in real-time while the rest of the world waits for the report.”

How Earnings Season Pass works is that Landon and Andy Swan leverage their LikeFolio tools to find the best companies to invest in before they take off (or before their customer trends are priced in).

They take it a step further and they give recommendations (option plays on those companies) via email. They also show you how they do that, as we’ll see later.

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Who are Andy and Landon Swan?

Andy and Landon Swan are brothers and they run LikeFolio, as we’ve already seen. The firm was acquired by TD Ameritrade in 2014.

They both began trading at an early age. Their interest was piqued when their father allowed them to trade small amounts of money and plot their performances on graph paper.

Andy dropped out from Boston University, where he studied Law in 2000 to join his brother Landon – they were roommates at Bellarmine University – to start their first online fintech business. They have started and ran two other online businesses before LikeFolio.

Andy takes care of marketing, product development, media appearances, while Landon concentrates on back-office operations, coding, and content creation.

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What you get when you join LikeFolio’s Earnings Season Pass

When you sign up for Earnings Season Pass, you receive:

  • Weekly Earnings Scorecards. During the earnings season, Andy and Landon Swan send you an email every Sunday and it has each company releasing its earnings reports. They analyze each company and reveal whether they think it is a good candidate for investment. For each recommendation, they present you with three ways to trade to make money whether it is moving up or down – this is possible because options contracts are involved because they enable investors to profit in bear and bull markets. [INSERT]
  • Weekly Earnings Preview Videos. Andy and Landon send you a video every week dissecting the most exciting plays on their weekly earnings scorecard. You also get their insights on what LikeFolio’s data is telling them about Wall Street’s expectations versus what’s actually going on in a company. They also educate you on how to use LikeFolio to beat Wall Street analysts.
  • Regular trade recommendations every week. You will get five to ten recommendations from Andy and Landon every week of the earnings season after they have analyzed the data and leveraged their experience.
  • Access to the Swan’s 13-Video How to Trade Earnings Master Class. Andy and Landon show you how trading works every week of the Earnings Season, including how they evaluate their trades. They also explain how their setups work.

How much do you pay to join Earnings Season Pass?

One year of the Earnings Season Pass costs $5,000

Does Earnings Season Pass have a Refund Policy?

They do not offer refunds although they give you 90 days to cancel your subscription in exchange for credit that you can use for any service offered by LikeFolio or TradeSmith.

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Closing Remarks on LikeFolio’s Earnings Season Pass

Earnings Season Pass is meant to take advantage of stock movements as companies release their earnings reports – but the two brothers are a step ahead because they analyze the consumer trends to predict how those numbers will look before they are even released. This way, they make the moves they feel will earn big returns and they use the leveraging power of options.

If you are into that kind of trading, you can try it out. However, do more research into it before you sign up because that $5,000 is non-refundable.

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