Larry Benedict Prediction: Larry’s Urgent Warning Real?

Wondering what Larry Benedict prediction and urgent warning is all about?

Larry Benedict is a market analyst and trader who claims to have accurately predicted the market crashes in 2020 and 2022.

He recently announced that he will be holding an emergency briefing to issue a warning about the markets. In brief, he thinks that the volatility we’ve seen in the market so far is nothing compared to the impending market event he is anticipating that he believes could create a full-blown hysteria on Wall Street.

Keep reading to learn more about Larry Benedict’s Prediction & Warning.

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What is Larry Benedict’s Prediction and Warning?

Larry Benedict has made a career out of issuing timely market warnings to his followers. For example, he issued warned his followers in February 2020 right before the market fell by 34%, and again in January 2022 right before another 20%+ drop.

Larry Benedict Prediction and WarningIn his latest pitch, he intends to issue another one of his timely warnings and he says that it’s not a prediction.

The warning he is talking about involves a massive market event that he claims is guaranteed to happen just days from now.

Larry says that it could affect more than $1 trillion in market value.

He says that unfortunately, most people who trade have no idea what’s going on but the biggest names on Wall Street are preparing for it. We’ve seen this narrative (where a guru tells us that Wall Street is in on something that Main Street isn’t) from other analysts like Nomi Prins and Jim Rickards.

Larry Benedict says that the steps you take to prepare for the event could determine whether you end up protecting your investment this year or losing money.

He says that the market event is guaranteed to hit in mid-September creating a “shock” worth an estimated $1 trillion.

He intends to reveal a unique ticker that could help you flip the script and accumulate some big gains if you act quickly.

Now, leading up to the event, Larry has been writing about happenings in the market via his Trading with Larry Benedict newsletter and his letters could shed light on what he may be about to talk about.

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Changing Narratives

In one of the articles, Larry talks about how new narratives can grip the market only to change quickly and move on to the next one.

The implication here is that what we are seeing in the market can change pretty quickly.

For example, last month, the market moved on speculation that the Fed would ease up on the rate hikes but when that failed to happen, it changed the momentum.

Therefore, Larry is saying that the market is waiting for the next narrative to determine how it will pan out.

But he already has an inkling of how it could work out.

Inflation and The Fed

Larry says that regardless of what the market does before the next Fed meeting where the interest rates will be set, inflation will remain high and will not be going any time soon. This is because it is at the highest it’s been in more than 40 years.

He says that the Fed cannot get inflation down to its 2% target in less than five years without blowing up the economy.

He expects the interest rates to continue rising, tightening the screws on both the consumer and the economy.

As for the next narrative, he expects it to be all doom and gloom, as the Fed plans to raise rates.

Now, since markets always overshoot, he wants his followers to prepare for the eventuality by making the right moves – and he intends to help with that.

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Who is Larry Benedict?

Larry Benedict has been trading for 35 years, starting his career at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He grew his skills and wound up running a world-class $800 million hedge fund – where he regularly traded position sizes in the millions of dollars.

From 1990 to 2010, Larry Benedict had an impressive run where he did not have a single losing year, which put his hedge fund in the top 1% of Barron’s rankings. That included 2000 and 2008 when the market crashed.

Larry says that in 2008, his hedge fund returned $95 million to his clients, including the Bank of New York, Royal Bank of Canada, and even the Saudi National Bank, just to mention a few.

Owing to his success, he was featured in the Hedge Fund Market Wizards.

In this latest webinar, he will be talking about what he considers an urgent market event that few outside of elite Wall Street circles know about.

He says that it’s something he’s used before to deliver millions of dollars to his clients.

He’s been behind other presentations like The 7 Day Blitz Summit and One Ticker Retirement Plan.

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Closing Remarks on Larry Benedict Prediction and Warning

In one of his emails to his newsletter subscribers, Larry Benedict claims that the job of traders is to avoid buying into any narratives because when it comes to the markets, there’s always a narrative.

He believes the best strategy is to prepare for when a narrative causes the market to overshoot in either direction so that you can be ready to pounce when the market inevitably reverts to its mean.

Larry insists that there is a market event that’s coming that may create a full-blown hysteria on Wall Street. He says that this event will shock the system. But it’s also an opportunity to profit – if you know what to do and he wants to help you do that.

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