Justin Waller Net Worth & Business 2023 [JWaller]

Justin Waller, or JWaller, has become synonymous with overcoming obstacles to become a successful entrepreneur and CEO of a thriving construction company. His journey from humble beginnings to building an empire is nothing short of impressive.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or simply looking for motivation to pursue your dreams, Justin Waller’s story will inspire you to never give up on your goals.

In this piece, we delve deeper into Justin Waller’s fascinating journey—from backyard sheds to board rooms—and explore what lies ahead for this innovative American businessman.

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Who is JWaller?

Justin Waller was born and raised in Denham Springs, Louisiana, a small town with a population of less than 10,000 people. He grew up poor and was raised in a trailer park where he had to endure a lot of challenges.

After graduating from college during the 2009 economic crash, Justin had to work hard to establish himself in the construction industry.

His determination and hard work paid off, and he is now the CEO and founder of RedIron Construction, a multi-million dollar company with employees and operations in multiple states.

In high school, Waller played tight end on the 2008 football roster for Denham Springs High School.

Education and Early Career

After graduating from high school, Justin Waller attended the University of Louisiana Monroe where he earned a degree in Construction Management. He was a D1 athlete.

He thought he would get a job after graduating but he couldn’t have gotten out at a worse time. You see, he graduated in 2009 right when the economy was in recession, which meant that job prospects were grim.

Justin Waller Review

JWaller left his small town and began his career in construction, working for various companies in Louisiana and Texas. He had a dream of creating a construction company.

Later, he would start his own company and grow it into a multi-million-dollar enterprise by the age of 28.

Overcoming The Small-Town Mindset

JWaller often says that despite the limitations of growing up in a small town, he refused to let his environment define him. He recognized the potential for greatness within himself and worked tirelessly to achieve his goals.

Waller’s determination and perseverance helped him to overcome the small-town mindset and achieve success beyond his wildest dreams.

Nevertheless, he acknowledges that growing up in a small town, he better understood the importance of hard work, perseverance, and dedication.

Grinding it out

When Justin initially arrived in the city, he took up a position with a construction company, digging ditches and earning $17 per hour. He also took up a side job as a waiter at a restaurant called Texas de Brazil to make ends meet.

After a few months, Justin decided to leave both jobs to focus on a project at a hospital that was undergoing construction.

The job was demanding but it paid well. JWaller took home $75,000 which meant that he could afford to obtain a contractor license.

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RedIron Construction

With a license in hand, Justin established his own business, RedIron Construction. At the outset, he started his company with three men and a pick-up truck, building small backyard sheds.

He focused on securing commercial projects and his business experienced remarkable growth, generating over $800,000 in revenue by 2014. The business kept doing well, eventually earning a profit of $10 million in 2022.

JWaller RedIron Construction

RedIron Construction is described as a firm that “provides an array of construction services to the metal building industry.” It is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

RedIron Construction Project

RedIron Construction is a steel company that specializes in pre-engineered metal building assembly and standing seam metal roof systems.

The company has completed various projects across all fifty states and the Caribbean, building everything from airplane hangars to large box stores like Costco and Rooms to Go.

Following his success, JWaller became the youngest board member of the Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association. He worked on creating the Metal Building Apprenticeship program for Louisiana.

Innovative Approaches

Justin Waller’s innovative approaches have helped him stay ahead of the competition in the construction industry. He uses the latest technology and techniques to ensure that his company delivers high-quality projects on time and within budget.

Industry Recognition

Justin Waller’s success in the construction industry has not gone unnoticed. Waller’s company has been featured in industry publications for its innovative approaches and high-quality projects.

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Justin Waller’s Net Worth

Justin Waller is estimated to be worth around 10 million dollars. This is due in part to his successful company. He became a multimillionaire at the age of 33.

JWaller Promoting Andrew Tate’s The Real World

JWaller is a big fan of Andrew Tate’s blueprint for financial success, teaching high-income skills and the secrets of how the wealthy manage their money.

JWaller promoting The Real World on Twitter

He actively promotes The Real World program on his YouTube channel and was also a vocal supporter of the Tate brothers when Romanian authorities detained them.

JWaller and Andrew Tate

He has also actively promoted The War Room, an online networking forum run by the Tate Brothers.

Personal Life

While Waller’s personal life is not widely known, he has spoken about the mindset shift that changed his life. He credits his success to changing his perspective and focusing on personal growth and development.

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Social Media Presence and YouTube

Justin Waller started a YouTube channel to share his story and help others achieve their goals.

JWaller on YouTube

The YouTube channel has also been a particularly effective tool for building his brand. By creating informative and engaging videos, he has been able to establish himself as a thought leader in his industry.


In addition to digital content creation, Justin Waller also participates in many podcasts where he shares practical tips on entrepreneurship and business management. He draws inspiration from experts like Robert Kiyosaki and Patrick Lencioni and applies these principles in his own businesses’ operations.

He was a guest in Cameron Hanes’ podcast, The Keep Hammering Collective. He has also been on Fresh and Fit and Tate’s Emergency Meeting podcasts.


He also uses Instagram to share behind-the-scenes glimpses of his work and personal life, giving his followers a more personal connection to him.

jWaller on Instagram

However, he is careful to maintain a professional image on social media because he understands that everything you post online can be seen by potential clients and business partners. Therefore, he only shares content that reflects positively on his brand.

He also understands the importance of engaging with others online. By commenting on and sharing posts from other thought leaders in his industry, he has expanded his network and increased his influence.

Justin Waller has made a significant impact on personal development through his inspirational social media content and mindset coaching, inspiring people to step out of their comfort zones and pursue financial freedom.

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Justin Waller’s Investment Portfolio

Waller’s entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop at the construction business; he delved into the real estate sector as well. Leveraging his expertise from managing construction projects and dealing with real estate businesses, he has been investing in more real estate properties such as land commercial projects and trailer parks.

Justin Waller is also a crypto enthusiast. He has worked internationally with crypto consulting firms trading cryptocurrency in Eastern Europe.


In conclusion, Justin Waller is a successful American businessman who has made an impact in the construction and real estate industries. Starting from humble beginnings in a small southern town, he managed to overcome limitations and achieve financial freedom through hard work and dedication.

As the youngest board member of the Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association and owner of RedIron Construction, his innovative approach to business has led him to own multi-million-dollar companies.

He continues to inspire others through social media platforms with inspirational content and mindset coaching.

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