Jullien Gordon: Multifamily Masterplan Legit? [Net Worth]

If you’ve got your eye on real estate investment coaching or diving into the world of entrepreneurship, you’ve probably come across the name Jullien Gordon.

People often call him Mr. Multifamily, and his big goal is to help 300 folks break free from the rental grind through his real estate investment coaching. Gordon’s got quite the background too – he used to be a corporate trainer, went through the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and even did a TEDx talk.

One of his nifty creations is the Multifamily Masterplan, a program that’s all about finding sweet deals for both homeowners and renters. You see, he’s well aware of the struggles investors face when trying to spot those quality deals, which is why he started the Multifamily Masterplan in the first place.

Gordon’s work has made its way into some big-name outlets like Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Black Enterprise. His mission is all about setting 300 people free, kind of like Harriet Tubman, through entrepreneurship and the world of real estate investing.

Today, we’re delving into Jullien Gordon’s program, The Multifamily Masterplan. But here’s the burning question: Can you trust Jullien Gordon? Hang tight because we’re about to unravel the truth in this Jullien Gordon review.

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Who is Jullien Gordon?

Jullien Gordon is a well-known entrepreneur, real estate investor, and motivational speaker. He’s the brains behind the New Higher, a company focused on personal and professional development.

Jullien Gordon

Being one of the leading business and life coaches in the game, Jullien’s mission is to assist both individuals and businesses in reaching their maximum potential.

Other noteworthy names in the business and life coaching industry include people like Iman Gadzhi and Luke Belmar.

Background and Education

Jullien Gordon hails from Oakland, California, where he was born and raised.

He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from UCLA and later pursued a Master’s degree in Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Organizational Behavior from Stanford University Graduate School of Business, according to his LinkedIn profile,

Following his academic journey, Jullien gained experience across diverse fields, including finance, consulting, and education, before embarking on his entrepreneurial path.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Jullien Gordon’s journey into entrepreneurship kicked off during his college days when he launched his first venture—an enterprise specializing in college tours. Since then, he’s been the driving force behind several thriving businesses, one of which is the New Higher. This company is all about providing top-notch training and coaching in mastering business and honing essential skills.

Jullien Gordon entrepreneurial journey

But Jullien isn’t just about business. He’s also a savvy real estate investor, guiding many on the path to financial freedom through his Multifamily Masterplan real estate investing. On top of all that, he’s a highly sought-after speaker, sharing his wisdom on entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal development at various conferences and events.

Jullien’s core belief is that anyone has the potential to succeed and make their dreams come true. He’s fiercely passionate about equipping others with the entrepreneurial skills they need to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

Through his work, Jullien has become a source of inspiration and empowerment, helping countless individuals tap into their full potential and lead their best lives.

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The Freedom School

Jullien’s flagship program, the Freedom School is an online school that teaches real estate investing, digital marketing, and subconscious success.

The freedom School

The program’s aim is to assist individuals in attaining mental, time, and financial liberation.

The Freedom School serves as an ideal option for those interested in learning from Jullien but are unable to participate in his in-person gatherings.

Online University

Jullien also runs an online university that offers courses covering a wide range of subjects related to personal and professional growth.

These courses are designed to be self-paced, allowing individuals to learn at their convenience.

This online university provides an excellent alternative for those eager to benefit from Jullien’s teachings but may not have the opportunity to attend his face-to-face events.

Inspirational Talks

Jullien is an accomplished motivational speaker with a five-year career, having delivered powerful and enlightening talks to audiences exceeding 1,500 people.

Jullien draws from his own life experiences to provide motivation and inspiration to his audience. If you’re seeking that extra push to reach your goals, Jullien’s talks are just what you need.

Jullien’s teaching approach is a winning combination of being captivating, informative, and downright inspiring. Whether your interests lie in real estate investment, digital marketing, or personal development, Jullien offers programs that can propel you toward your aspirations.

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What is Multifamily Masterplan?

So, what’s this “Multifamily Masterplan” all about? Let’s break it down in this Jullien Gordon review.

The Multifamily Masterplan is a real estate investing program created by Jullien Gordon that spans over three months.

Multifamily Masterplan

According to Jullien, once you’ve completed this program, you’ll be all set to buy your very own multifamily home. It’s a pretty big deal because, in the world of real estate investing, Jullien believes that the first step is achieving “rent freedom” and clearing out all your debts.

Here’s the kicker: this program is geared towards teaching you how to dive into multifamily real estate without needing to break the bank. You’ll also get the lowdown on hunting for those fantastic off-market deals, all while using equity and built-in cash flow to your advantage.

As you progress through the program, you’ll pick up valuable insights on how to spot excellent investment opportunities, whether they’re in your own city or beyond. And here’s the icing on the cake: you’ll be doing all of this remotely, which can be a game-changer.

Members of the Multifamily Movement will gain access to some valuable benefits, including:

The Multifamily Map: You’ll learn how to pinpoint robust emerging markets, neighborhoods, and properties, whether they’re in your local area or at a distance.

These insights will help you identify opportunities with the potential for impressive cash flow and appreciation.

The Multifamily Math: This part of the program equips you with the skills to quickly and quantitatively evaluate a real estate deal in less than 10 minutes. This efficiency enables you to make competitive offers ahead of the curve, giving you an advantage in the market.

The Multifamily Mindset: You’ll delve into the crucial aspect of developing the right mindset. This mindset shift will empower you to think like an expert real estate investor, especially when it comes to matters of wealth, money, real estate, and debt. It’s a key component of your success in the multifamily masterplan real estate world.

Multifamily Goals

Jullien Gordon has a heartfelt mission in the business world: he’s on a mission to help “liberate 300 people, just like Harriet Tubman did,” but this time it’s financial freedom through Multifamily Real Estate investing.

Now, that might sound like quite a stretch, but let’s explore what this business model can actually bring to the table. With the right mindset, skills, and business know-how, you might find yourself enjoying some fantastic perks, such as:

  1. Regular cash flow that’s in the green.
  2. Making headway on paying down your principal.
  3. Saving on taxes.
  4. The potential for your investments to appreciate over time.

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Why Multifamily Real Estate?

Why does Jullien Gordon prefer multifamily real estate investing over other options like single-family real estate, flipping, or wholesaling? Let’s break it down.

Jullien’s choice to focus on multifamily properties stems from the fact that there’s a consistent demand for them. Buying a house can be a hefty investment, so there will always be folks looking to rent homes.

Moreover, when you compare multifamily properties to single-family ones, they often come with a more affordable price tag while offering larger returns. Plus, they’re generally easier to manage and maintain.

Think about it: instead of running around to inspect multiple separate properties, you can streamline things by visiting multiple units all under one roof. It’s a lot more convenient and efficient, which is why Jullien leans towards multifamily real estate.

The Multifamily Masterplan Program Overview

Let’s dive into an overview of the Multifamily Masterplan real estate program. This course is all about the ins and outs of financing, locating, and sealing the deal on your very first multifamily property.

In this section of the Jullien Gordon review, I’ll give you a quick rundown of what the course curriculum entails.

Multifamily Masterplan course

Week 0: Part 1 – Getting Your Financial House in Order

This initial week is all about prepping for the course. During this week, you’ll learn how to calculate your current net worth and assess your monthly cash flow.

Additionally, you’ll get the lowdown on setting up your bank accounts for optimal interest rates and preparing yourself for your new venture.

Week 0: Part 2 – Your First Deal Analysis

In this second part of the preparation, you’ll be guided on how to set up Zillow and Trulia for automated searches. Additionally, you’ll undergo a diagnostic test that focuses on analyzing a multifamily deal.

As part of this test, you’ll also be presented with Jullien’s own analysis, giving you the opportunity to compare your findings with his.

The primary objective here is to give you a sneak peek into what you’ll be learning throughout the course. It’s a practical way to understand what’s ahead.

Week 1: Understanding the Multifamily Mindset

Once you’ve joined this course, your primary objective is to break free from the shackles of rent and mortgage payments.

In Week 1, you’ll dive into lessons on why multifamily real estate stands out as the best investment choice.

Plus, get ready to have some common real estate myths debunked.

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Week 2: FHA & NACA Debunked

In the second week, you’ll explore various downpayment programs that can work to your advantage.

Additionally, you’ll be schooled on state-based downpayment assistance programs.

Given that real estate investing can be quite pricey, it’s essential to uncover ways to cut costs and save your hard-earned money.

Week 3: Approval & Affordability

In Week 3, you’ll gain insights into why going all-in on your very first deal is crucial.

You’ll explore various financing options and receive a reality check on how much you’re willing to invest in your initial venture.

Week 4: Finding a Market & Agent

Week 4 is all about discovering how to locate real estate agents who can assist you in your journey.

You’ll also get schooled on identifying a promising market for investment, with recommendations from Jullien himself.

Week 5: How to Find Deals in Your Own Backyard

There are likely some fantastic deals waiting for you right in your own neighborhood.

In this module, you’ll learn how to spot these golden opportunities and uncover off-market deals through diligent research and relationship-building.

The treasures might be closer than you think!

Week 6: How to Analyze a Deal in 10 Minutes or Less Using the Purchase or Pass Deal Analyzer

Week 6 is all about determining whether those deals you’ve found are gems or duds.

You’ll be equipped with a handy checklist to help you swiftly assess these opportunities and decide: should you dive in or move on?

Week 7: How to Find & Manage Your Team

Real estate investing is no solo act—it involves a slew of tasks that can be overwhelming for one person.

In Week 7, you’ll uncover the secrets to building a team that can help you achieve your goals.

Plus, you’ll learn the ropes of working with contractors to keep things running smoothly.

Week 8: How to Find Deals in a New Neighborhood in Your City

A new neighborhood presents a wealth of real estate investment opportunities for property investors. Fresh properties hit the market, and your job is to stay ahead of the curve to achieve financial freedom.

This module will teach you how to spot off-market deals on rental property and make savvy investments in these up-and-coming areas.

Week 9: How to Buy Right & Make a Strong & Speedy Winning Offer

In Week 9, you’ll dive into the art of making winning offers in a competitive market.

You’ll learn how to stand out and increase your chances of snagging that property you’ve got your eye on, even in the face of stiff competition.

Week 10: How & Where to Find the One

Your first investment is a decision that should be carefully considered. It needs to align with your goals and deliver a substantial return on your investment.

In this week, you’ll discover how to continually evaluate potential deals and where to find a plethora of options. The more choices you have, the better equipped you’ll be to make a smart investment decision.

Week 11: How to Find a Market From a Distance

In Week 11, you’ll delve into the art of identifying a market to live in and invest in, even when you’re miles away.

This module will equip you with the skills to analyze deals from a distance, ensuring you’re making sound investment decisions regardless of your physical location.

Week 12: Developing the Courage to Make Offers Without Fear

As you near the end of the course, Week 12 focuses on helping you conquer any lingering fears and uncertainties. It’s time to utilize the real estate software tools take action and decide which deal you’ll be closing.

You’ll get a sneak peek into the closing process, including how it all works, what you need to bring to the table, and crucial information you should have at your fingertips before sealing the deal. It’s all about making those bold moves with confidence.

Special Situations

These videos cover a variety of miscellaneous financial topics, serving as a bonus module.

You’ll dive into key financial terms and situations, including tax filing, first-time home ownership, managing student loan debt, bankruptcy, and more. It’s a valuable resource for gaining insights into various financial scenarios.

Property Management 101

Once you’ve got your first property, it’s time to learn the ropes of property management.

This module guides you through the essential processes and tasks involved in property management, such as boosting revenue, trimming expenses, handling evictions, and more.

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How & Where to Quickly Find Quality Tenants that Pay Fairly & On Time

Since you’re stepping into the realm of property rental, it’s crucial to know how to attract top-notch tenants.

This section will teach you the art of crafting appealing property listings, navigating the leasing process, and hosting open houses that draw in the renters you want.

REI Tax Secrets

As a responsible investor, managing your taxes is a must. Once you’re in the property investment game, your tax situation will change.

This module covers topics like setting up an LLC, tracking rent and expenses, and exploring tax-saving strategies.


This section includes bonus material like webinars and TED talks related to property investing.

Additionally, your purchase grants you access to the following:

  • Weekly Deal Room Call Recordings: These recordings, hosted by Jullien every week, address student concerns. They might be a bit disorganized but provide valuable insights for refreshing your knowledge.
  • Credit Etiquette Course: This course helps you understand, repair, and build your credit—an essential skill if you’re looking to improve your credit score.
  • 2021 Generational Wealth Conference Recordings: These recordings cover how to create, protect, and transfer generational wealth, from basics to more complex strategies.
  • 2022 Generational Wealth Conference: You’ll also gain access to this conference, which can provide further insights and networking opportunities in the world of wealth creation and preservation.

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How long do you have access to the course?

Once you enroll, you’re granted lifetime access. That’s right, you get unlimited access to the course material.

Plus, it’s designed to be accessible on any device with an internet connection, so you can learn on the go or from the comfort of your home.

Is the multifamily masterplan real estate course online?

The Multifamily Courses offer the ultimate flexibility for your real estate education. They are entirely self-paced and accessible online, allowing you to participate from anywhere in the world.

This means you can seamlessly integrate your real estate learning into your hectic schedule and progress at a speed that suits you.

Whether you’re just starting out in real estate investing or you’re already an experienced investor, Jullien Gordon’s Courses are designed to elevate your skills and knowledge.

With a lifetime membership and unlimited access, you have all the resources necessary to construct a lucrative multifamily real estate portfolio. It’s a comprehensive package that empowers you to excel in the real estate investment arena.

How much does Multifamily Masterplan cost?

Enrolling in The Multifamily Masterplan comes at a one-time cost of $3,997. It’s worth noting that this payment covers everything; there are no ongoing monthly fees, and you’ll enjoy lifetime access to the course materials along with a lifetime membership.

Multifamily Masterplan progr cost

This might sound like a solid deal, especially when compared to other courses that charge more and tack on monthly fees. If you’re absolutely certain about your aspiration to become a real estate investor, this program could be a worthwhile investment.

However, if you’re still in the exploratory phase or unsure about diving in headfirst, it might be a good idea to explore other, more affordable options that can provide you with the foundational knowledge you need before committing to a larger investment.

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Refund Policy

Unfortunately, the multifamily master plan doesn’t offer refunds due to the lifetime membership and ongoing support. Even after you complete the course, you’ll continue to receive guidance until you successfully close a real estate deal.

Jullien’s goal is to help you achieve your goals, and that’s why refunds aren’t provided. It’s a unique approach, but it seems to be driven by good intentions.

Is Multifamily Masterplan a scam?

No, the Multifamily Masterplan by Jullien Gordon is not a scam. It is a legitimate program designed to teach individuals about multifamily real estate investments.

Unlike traditional real estate courses that may offer generic information applicable to various real estate sectors, the Multifamily Masterplan hones in specifically on multifamily properties.

This program provides a comprehensive approach to developing multifamily real estate investment.

Is Multifamily Masterplan a scam

Through his Multifamily Masterplan courses, Jullien teaches people how to quickly find quality tenants, provide incredible cash flow, and quantitatively assess potential appreciation in strong emerging markets.

It offers practical tools and techniques to help individuals navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that come with multifamily investments.

While the Multifamily Masterplan does come with a cost, it’s essential to view it as an investment in your education and potential financial future. The program can equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions in the multifamily real estate market.

However, it’s crucial to approach any educational program or investment opportunity with caution and conduct thorough research. There are instances of scams in the real estate education industry, so it’s essential to verify the credibility of the program and align it with your specific goals before enrolling.

Jullien Gordon’s Books And Publications

Jullien Gordon is the author of several books, including “The 8 Cylinders of Success,” “The 7 Laws of Focus,”

“The Innate Design,” and “Rich & Righteous: Spiritual Secrets To Mastering Money, Manifestation, & Your Mind.” Want to learn more about Jullien Gordon’s impactful philosophy on personal and organizational development? Keep reading!

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What is a digital real estate business?

A digital real estate business involves acquiring, developing, and profiting from digital assets such as websites, domain names, mobile applications, and online businesses.

Much like traditional real estate, these digital properties are investments that can generate income through various means, including advertising, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and more. Website flipping, domain investing, and content websites are common examples of digital real estate businesses.

These ventures offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to navigate the digital landscape, optimize assets, and monetize their online presence for financial gain.


In this article, you’ve gained valuable insights into Jullien Gordon and his multifamily real estate business model. It’s clear how he empowers individuals to venture into multifamily property investment, emphasizing its potential for lucrative returns with fewer hassles.

Furthermore, you’ve witnessed his strong emphasis on self-mastery and cultivating a resilient mindset when navigating the real estate investment landscape.

Jullien Gordon’s extensive knowledge in multifamily property investment is evident, backed by his experience teaching at esteemed institutions like Stanford University.

Investing in multifamily properties offers several advantages, such as the ability to accommodate multiple tenants under one roof, resulting in cost savings and reduced tenant risk. The quantitative assessment of investment performance facilitates informed decision-making for your portfolio.

While Jullien Gordon’s business model may not suit everyone, his teachings hold immense value for those interested in multifamily property investment. Through his program, you can acquire the skills needed to locate, acquire, and effectively manage multifamily properties, potentially yielding substantial returns on your investments.

Whether you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio or take your real estate journey to new heights, Jullien Gordon’s expertise can be a source of inspiration and knowledge in your pursuit of financial freedom and property investment success.
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