What Is Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence?

James Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence newsletter embodies what Jim has been talking about for as far as I can recall: The international financial system is bound to collapse.

Even his best-selling books have been pushing this agenda.

Unsurprisingly, when he set up the Strategic Intelligence newsletter, he decided to use it to push investments that, in his opinion, prepare his subscribers for the collapse of the currency system.

In this article, I will walk you through what the newsletter entails in case you are mulling over signing up for it.

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What is Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence?

Strategic Intelligence is a newsletter published by Jim Rickards. He publishes it via Paradigm Press, a publishing imprint of Agora Financieal.

For years, Jim Rickards has been predicting the collapse of the monetary system, and particularly the usurping of the US Dollar as a global reserve currency.

Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence

If you have followed his work or read his books, the overriding theme is that you should take protective measures because the collapse of the monetary system could savings and investments in the capital markets.

It sounds a bit like Nick Giambruno’s warning in his Endgame 2020 presentation that I recently reviewed was about the introduction of a new monetary system to replace paper money. He argued that that move would devastate people’s savings, which sounds eerily similar to Jim’s message here.

Going back to Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence, the newsletter’s order form has a statement to the effect:

“We believe a financial collapse like nothing we’ve seen in history is approaching — perhaps as soon as within the next few months. Millions of unprepared Americans will be wiped out.”

Therefore, he launched Strategic Intelligence to help his readers prepare for such an event to ensure survival and potentially thrive.

He believes that he is perfectly positioned to predict such a collapse owing to his privileged access to sensitive information. He cites his involvement with various national intelligence apparatus as what gives him an edge over your ordinary investment guru.

You could argue that his intelligence community connections and his willingness to use them to update his readers inspired the name of the newsletter – the “intelligence” bit.

His publisher handily highlights that fact in the order form, stating:

“Jim’s long list of contacts in the upper echelons of foreign and domestic governments, central banks, national intelligence communities, Wall Street and K Street make him your eyes and ears. Through Jim, you’ll gain access, to the inside of nearly every major American network that impacts your wealth and well-being on a daily basis.”

With his help, he says that ordinary Americans can see through the “deception” peddled by political figures to sidestep the impending crisis.

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How does Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence Work?

He intends to help you do that by proposing investments that will do well in a currency crisis.

He claims to have developed a “revolutionary way of looking at the financial system and stock markets.”

His strategy is built around a predictive tool he refers to as “complexity theory” that warns you about any upcoming financial catastrophe:

“It gives him insight on exactly how the dollar’s collapse could play out, what stocks might fall, and what assets could rocket up in price. His predictive tool – something he calls ‘complexity theory’ – will warn you well in advance of the coming collapse.”

He claims that he is the first person to use the tool in the financial world and is one of 10 people in the world who can use it that way.

Here is an excerpt from Agora Financial’s official website on the Strategic Intelligence “publications” page:

“In fact, it’s estimated there are less than 10 people in the entire world who know how to apply ‘complexity theory’ to the financial markets. Jim is one of them…”

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Who is Jim Rickards?

James (Jim) Rickards is a lawyer, economist, bestselling author, and former portfolio manager. With 35 years of experience working in the capital markets on Wall Street, he is one of the most experienced investment gurus in the financial services industry.

He edits the Strategic Intelligence newsletter, which he publishes via Agora Financial’s publishing imprint, Paradigm Press.

He has written a couple of well-received books, including The New Case for Gold (2016) and two New York Times bestsellers, Currency Wars (2011) and The Death of Money (2014).

While he was working on Wall Street, he held senior positions at firms like Caxton Associates, Citibank, and Long Term Capital Management (LTCM). He was involved in the 1998 negotiations to rescue LTCM whose collapse could have triggered a global financial crisis.

He writes Op-Eds for the Washington Post, the Financial Times, New York Times, and Evening Standard and has appeared on CNN, BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox, C-SPAN, and NBR.

Rickards advises the US Intelligence Community and the Office of the Secretary of Defense on matters to do with the capital markets.

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What you get when you subscribe to Strategic Intelligence?

When you sign up for Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence, you are entitled to:

  • The monthly newsletter.
  • Monthly live Intelligence briefings that have a Q&A session.
  • Access to the members-only website.
  • Access to the master archive of all newsletter issues and reports.
  • Free daily e-letters, including The Daily Reckoning and The Agora Financial Executive Series (includes The 5 Min. Forecast)

Subscription Fee

One year of Strategic Intelligence costs $199.

Refund Policy

There is a 6-month, money-back guarantee

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Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence Conclusion

Strategic Intelligence is a newsletter service provided by Jim Rickards via Paradigm Press. He launched it to provide ordinary citizens with investment insights previously only available to high net worth clients and members of the intelligence community.

It all has to do with the threat of what Jim believes is the impending collapse of the international monetary system. He is particularly concerned by the US Dollar because he thinks that other countries are conspiring to displace it as the Reserve Currency.

His mission is to prepare you for those adverse events to enable you to come out of them unscathed.

To be fair, James Rickards has been consistent. For example, in Currency Wars, he stated that money is at risk of collapsing and that people should invest in more reliable stores of value. He echoed those sentiments in The Death of Money.

Since his messages have an element of fatalism about them that sounds alarmist, many people tend to rule them out, if not flat-out ignore them. However, it may prove more helpful to keep an open mind because you can learn something from him.

That said, you should still question his propositions and only invest when they align with your investment strategy.

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