What Is Jim Rickards $2 Million Prediction?

James Rickards recently released a presentation about “The $2,000,000 prediction.”

It is about an event that Jim says he’s seen happening consistently over the years and that can enable you to make a fortune in a specific sector of the markets. To be precise, it concerns investing in junior mining gold stocks.

I sat through the presentation and put together this article to walk you through the main points that arose from it. Keep reading to find out what Jim Rickards is talking about.

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What is Jim Rickards $2 Million Prediction? (The Pitch)

Jim Rickards $2 Million Prediction is a presentation whose premise is that Jim expects gold to reach $15,000 per ounce by 2026.

Jim Rickards $2 Million Prediction

He says that once paper currencies fail – and he states that history proves they always do – a hard asset currency that would come in the place of fiat money with a 40% gold backing would mean that gold would instantly be revalued at $15,000. He, therefore, argues that investing in gold is the best way to protect yourself from a full currency collapse.

He also says that a window will open that will allow investors who make the right investments to make a lot of money. This is not the first time that it is opening because it has opened at least five times in the past five decades. And he has an investment of choice when this window opens.

What investment is he talking about?

It is something he refers to as “penny gold” – a name he uses to refer to junior mining companies. He says that every time the window opens, these investments rise much faster than the spot price. If you are unfamiliar with it, spot gold price is the price at which gold may be bought and sold at an instance.

Junior mining stocks are companies that trade for pennies but that are volatile enough to go up by massive margins. They are, of course, incredibly risky because the volatility goes both ways – you can lose a ton of money if they decline. This volatility, explains why they may go up faster than the spot price.

Gold investments are popular when there is an economic downturn and in the past year, I have reviewed presentations like The Gold Spike Summit and Michael Robinson’s Digital Gold Rush about investing in precious metals.

Rickards has a system that identifies the best gold plays called the MIDAS system. He didn’t create it alone and says that he collaborated with another analyst. The name MIDAS is an acronym, where M stands for mining, I for information, D for develop, A for assets, and S for secure gold production.

He says that MIDAS has identified three kinds of plays that he would recommend:

Gold hounds.

These are companies that are exploring. It has identified five of them, including:

  • A 40 cent company located in a region where there are 125 million ounces of gold
  • A small-cap gold play with a well-known backer who owns a 21% stake.
  • A gold-rich company in Idaho with a successful CEO who has been involved with $2 billion in M&A.
  • An undervalued junior miner in the famous “Golden Triangle.”
  • A $360 million company that mines in the same area as companies like Kinross Gold and Coeur Mining.

Gold’s Silent Partners

According to Jim, these companies appreciate when the price of gold rises and don’t get dragged down when the price plummets. The MIDAS system has spotted three:

  • A Canadian firm with 50 properties in its portfolio, including Goldcorp, Barrick Gold, and Agnico Eagle. It pays a dividend.
  • A $3 company with 3 million acres of mineral property assets. It has investors like Sprott and Morgan Stanley backing it.
  • A company with 900 million (Canadian Dollars) ready to invest in capital projects including one of the most exciting gold development projects in mineral-rich Canada.


This refers to option plays that earn big gains fast. They enable you to invest in expensive gold stocks without having to pony up large sums of money. They are speculative too. The MIDAS system has spotted:

  • A well-known mining company that owns five of the industry’s top ten “tier one” gold assets.
  • A gold producer with a history of operational excellence that has returned more than $2 billion to shareholders over the last six quarters.
  • A miner with a portfolio of reliably producing gold mines that totaled $1 billion in revenue and $321 million in operating earnings in just the last quarter.
  • An acquisition target whose stock has tripled in value in the latest gold rally
  • A Canadian-based miner with 9.7 million ounces of gold reserves that has paid dividends to shareholders for 11 consecutive years.

Unfortunately, these descriptions are rather vague and it is hard to decipher the names of the plays being teased.

Rickards has created a Penny Gold Allocated Portfolio that has the above-listed 13 picks from the MIDAS system. This portfolio shows you how much of each investment you should buy.

To get access to this portfolio, you have to sign up for his advisory service called Jim Rickards Gold Speculator.

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Who is James (Jim) Rickards?

James G. Rickards is an American lawyer, investment banker, and economist with more than 40 years of experience working in the capital markets.

He was highly influential in the nineties; he was a negotiator in the rescue of Long-Term Capital Management L.P by the Fed in 1998. He has worked for institutional investors, government agencies, and was, at one point, an advisor to the U.S. Intelligence community on matters capital markets.

He is also a newsletter editor. He edits a couple of investment advisories, including Strategic Intelligence, Project Prophesy, Crash Speculator, and Gold Speculator.

He is an accomplished author who’s written books centering on macroeconomic phenomena – four of them have been on The New York Times bestseller list. They include The New Case for Gold (April 2016), Currency Wars (2011), The Death of Money (2014), The Road to Ruin (2016), and Aftermath (2019). His most recent book that was published at the beginning of 2021 is The New Great Depression.

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What is Jim Rickards Gold Speculator? (The Newsletter)

Jim Rickards Gold Speculator is an advisory service by Jim that focuses on gold investments. When you sign up for it, you get:

  • Access to the analysis of upcoming MIDAS recommendations. Every month, you receive a new issue with a recommendation from the MIDAS system.
  • Access to the Penny Gold Allocated Portfolio.
  • Monthly model portfolio updates
  • A virtual VIP invite to any mining trips Jim embarks on.
  • A free gold coin – sent to you via mail.
  • Free copies of two special reports, namely The Path to $15,000 Gold (And How to Profit as it Rises) and The M.I.D.A.S. Touch.

How much do you pay to join Jim Rickards Gold Speculator?

An annual subscription costs $1,995

Does Jim Rickards Gold Speculator have a Refund Policy?

The subscription fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Closing Remarks on Jim Rickards $2 Million Prediction

One thing you’ll notice from going through the presentation is that Jim Rickards positions himself as a gold expert. He even says that you need someone like him that knows how the market works and has connections with powerful figures to have a shot at making money investing in precious metals. While this is reassuring, it doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to make money when you follow his advice.

Therefore, as a fail-safe, if you decide to sign up for his newsletter, do not invest more money than you are willing to lose. Besides, small companies (such as the ones he is advocating in the presentation) are volatile and inherently riskier than the major players.

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