What Is SCG Technology & How To Invest In It? [S.C.G. Tech]

Wondering what is SCG Technology by Jeff Brown aka S.C.G. tech and how to invest in it?

Jeff Brown’s latest presentation titled “The $1.5 Trillion Arms Race for S.C.G.” or “The End of Smartphones” concerns a technology he calls S.C.G. that he claims has attracted investment from big tech and could be worth $1.5 trillion. The header reads:

“Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook & Microsoft are betting big on S.C.G., a new tech that has been called “one of the great transformational technologies of the next 50 years.” Here’s how to play this new $1.5 trillion trend.”

After watching the presentation and analyzing it, I put together this article to shed light on what exactly Jeff Brown is talking about here. Keep reading to learn more:

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What is Jeff Brown’s SCG?

Jeff Brown’s pitch is about a new device that he says will make smartphones obsolete. As I mentioned above, there are two titles of the presentation.

One is “The $1.5 Trillion Arms Race for S.C.G.”:

Jeff Brown's SCG

And the second one is “The End of Smartphones”:


Jeff Brown's SCG

Now, they both have everything in common except for the title.

Either way, Jeff Brown claims to have stumbled across a technology that will render smartphones obsolete.

In one of the two versions of the presentation, the header reads:

“The new device inside this black box will replace all 6.3 billion smartphones on the planet, making early investors rich beyond their dreams.”

In his hands, he holds a brand new iPhone 13 and says that it could soon be worthless thanks to a new revolutionary device he has discovered called S.C.G.

Before we go any further, I should tell you that S.C.G. is an acronym for Spatial Computing Glasses.


Jeff Brown's SCG

These are specially made glasses that will operate as a smart device and Jeff thinks that they will have the functionalities of a smartphone (you can text, call, check emails, get directions, and browse the web on them).

But on top of having all those functionalities, he thinks that they will be more convenient for us than phones.


Because they will be operable by voice commands, hand gestures, and even eye movements

He also adds that they will have “spatial computing”:

“Computing will no longer be limited to two-dimensional flat screens, laptops, or phones.

It will be all around us.

You’ll be able to control it with simple hand movements, your eyes, and your voice.

Tech insiders like me call this “spatial computing”…

You’ll be able to view information and use the internet much like how we do for smartphones today…

Except this is totally hands-free.

You’ll no longer have to look down on your screens.

Instead of holding a smartphone in your hand and staring at a screen, you’re going to wear it.”

Spatial computing sounds like an alien concept but it has been around for a while now.

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What is Spatial Computing?

Technically speaking, spatial computing is the digitization of activities by people, objects, and machines and the environments in which they exist to allow the optimization of actions and interactions.

With spatial computing technology, objects, people, and machines no longer have to interact with computers as an outsider as those objects interact as if they are within the digital realm. Computers get to interact in a three-dimensional world using augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR).

It allows for the marriage of the real world and the digital landscape.

VR headsets and AR glasses are just some of the few applications of spatial computing.

I think Jeff Brown is talking about the AR glasses when he talks about spatial computing glasses because they allow you to delve deeper into the digital realm. The device projects data and imagery and is quite useful for industrial applications.

While Google and Microsoft (Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens) have already developed AR glasses, Jeff is keen on the glasses Apple is working on.

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How Jeff is investing in S.C.G.

Jeff Brown says that Apple Inc. is working on SCG. Here’s what he says to that:

“In recent years, they’ve acquired multiple start-ups in the space.

Just to give you an example, in 2018 they acquired a company called Akonia Holographics, a startup that specializes in lenses for these types of glasses.

And right now, as I speak, Apple is ramping up development for its first S.C.G. with hundreds of engineers in Cupertino and Sunnyvale working on the device.”

Apple is rumored to be working on smart glasses but we may have to wait for a few years to see them in the market.

Of late, I have been seeing a lot of pitches about big potential projects that Apple is working on that could wind up becoming profitable. I have already reviewed presentations like Bill Spencer’s Profits From The Apple Car Pitch and The Apple Super Cycle by Jeff Brown.

The thing with Apple is that the company rarely reveals details regarding such projects thus people base their assertions on rumors.

That being said, Jeff Brown is leaning pretty heavily on this project that he has identified a “little-known company that’s set to skyrocket as this new device takes over the smartphone market.”

He says that this company is a key supplier to Apple and will potentially see its stock go through the roof when Apple Glass hits the market and inspire a spatial computing revolution.

He has written a report called The #1 Stock for the $1.5 Trillion Spatial Computing Revolution.


Jeff Brown's SCG

Inside this report, he provides you with all the details on this little-known Apple supplier, including its name and ticker symbol.

To get the report for free, you have to sign up for The Near Future Report, a financial newsletter provided by Jeff.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is a tech analyst who’s best known within newsletter circles as the founder and chief investment analyst of Brownstone Research (the publishing company behind The Near Future Report, Exponential Tech Investor, and Early Stage Trader among other newsletters).

He writes about investment opportunities within the technology sector, particularly focusing on early-stage startups with the help of his research and editorial team. His free newsletter, The Bleeding Edge, is quite popular because he shares his insights on the technology landscape.

Jeff Brown has a degree from Purdue University and certificates from Stanford, MIT, London Business School, and the Yale School of Management.

Before he got into financial writing, he was an executive at Qualcomm and a Vice President at NXP Semiconductors. He then became a mentor, advisor, or investor in more than 200 private technology and biotechnology companies.

Jeff is also an active member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce in Washington, D.C. He has consulted with policymakers, members of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the Defense Intelligence Agency.”

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The Near Future Report Review

The Near Future Report is the second most widely-read of Jeff Brown’s newsletters, after The Bleeding Edge.


Jeff Brown's SCG

The goal of The Near Future Report is to reveal and discuss early-stage trends where Jeff believes you can have the chance to get ahead of everyone else and make a lot of money as a result.

Spatial computing is just one of many trends Jeff writes about because his model portfolio is diversified across the top trends in technology. He writes about AI, genetic editing, blockchain, cloud computing, 5G, and self-driving cars.

When you join The Near Future Report, here is what’s included:

  • 12 months of Jeff’s newsletter: Every month, he sends you a brand-new issue of The Near Future Report with ideas on how to invest in AI, blockchain, 5G, robotics, self-driving cars, biotech companies working on FDA approved research, and other exciting tech trends.
  • Access to the model portfolio, where you can see all the current open positions.
  • Access to a customer support team located in Delray Beach, Florida. They can handle any question related to your subscription but they cannot offer personalized investment advice.
  • Full, 24/7 access to the members-only website

In addition to those benefits, there are bonus reports you receive for signing up for The Near Future Report.

How to Invest in Tesla’s Secret Supplier

This special report was featured in another presentation by Jeff Brown called Tesla’s Secret Project B.E.S.S.

Jeff Brown's SCG

In this report, Jeff Brown reveals the name of a company that is playing a key role in the adoption of electric cars.

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My #1 Spatial Computing IPO


Jeff Brown's SCG

Since the IPO market is booming, Jeff Brown thinks this could be the hottest IPO of 2022. It is about a private company that is within the industry and likely to do well when the technology becomes more commonplace.

Your 101 Guide to Striking it Rich in the NFT Gold Rush


Jeff Brown's SCG

This report covers the #1 way to profit from NFTs. Jeff also explains how NFTs work, in case you want a refresher on that.

Jeff Brown considers NFTs the hottest trend in the crypto space.

The Near Future Report Pricing?

An annual subscription costs $49 in your first year and $129 every other year after that.

The Near Future Report Refund Policy

The Near Future Report has a 60-day money-back guarantee. Read the terms and conditions page on the official website of Brownstone Research. Jeff Brown offers subscribers refunds but the terms may change without warning.

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Closing Remarks on Jeff Brown’s SCG

Spatial Computing Glasses (or Augmented Reality glasses) are still in their developmental phases and they’ll only get better. Jeff sees them as the next frontier in smart wearable devices and he wants you to invest in a company that may be involved in their rollout.

I am unsure as to whether they will replace phones completely and it is more likely that they will work in tandem, just like we see with other smart wearable devices.

Speaking of the investment side of things, Apple acquiring a smaller company is not newsworthy as it is known to acquire numerous startups.

However, you shouldn’t take Jeff’s concerns for granted because Apple may be working on something tangible in AR glasses and an investment in his recommended company could prove lucrative. On top of that, he has been in the business for many years and knows the industry just as well as a licensed healthcare provider would be conversant with the healthcare industry.

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