Are Jeff Brown’s Timed Stocks Legit?

Jeff Brown’s Timed Stocks presentation introduces you to a “new” kind of stocks that deliver returns based on their timing.

He claims that you can use his recommendations to earn venture-capital like returns on overlooked stocks.

In this review, we will be taking a closer look at what these stocks are, why you have never heard of them, and how they earn returns to help you decide whether Jeff’s newsletter is worth signing up for.

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What are Jeff Brown’s Timed Stocks?

Jeff Brown’s “Timed Stocks” summit concerns a distinctive group of stocks that experience price rises when their “timers” countdown to zero.

“You see, these stocks have a preset ‘timer’ attached to their share price. And once that ‘timer’ hits zero, the share price can explode hundreds of percent in days or even hours.”

As bizarre as that sounds, he says that there are up to 926 stocks in stock exchanges around the world that have pre-set timers that count down to when they are likely to grow exponentially. He claims to have identified more than 100 of those stocks in his backtests, each posting 100% returns.

Timed Stocks Summit

He confirms that they are not a new phenomenon, and have been around for years. But not many people know about them.

Nevertheless, that cannot be said of 21 of the largest and richest hedge funds as he says that they have been profiting from those stocks for years now.

Some of the most successful venture capitalists have so far invested around $97 billion earning returns of 1,900%, 2,200%, or more.

Since the rich have been in on these opportunities, Jeff wants to bring retail investors into the fold.

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What are Timed Stocks?

Timed stocks are biotech companies that are developing new drugs and have plans to release the results of their clinical trials. The timing aspect has to do with FDA regulations that touch on the timing of those announcements.

Jeff Brown claims that the proof that this works is the fact that companies that have in the past filed a document titled 21 CFR 312 usually ended up seeing their share prices spike.

This means that companies that are awaiting FDA approval usually have a strong chance of going up when their trial results are released. The reason being that they are a step closer to introducing a new drug to the market.

The caveat is that you have to find the stocks that report good results because bad results in such trials usually cause the stock to plummet.

Additionally, you have to invest before the results are released. That’s where he claims that a company that files a “timed stock request form” usually has started its countdown – an indicator that you can invest in it.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is an angel investor and newsletter editor. He publishes his work via Bonner & Partners, an affiliate of Agora Financial.

He is an editor of the Near Future Report, Exponential Tech Investor, The Bleeding Edge, and Early Stage Trader.

Jeff’s strategy involves looking for trends in the technology space that he can get in on before other people catch wind of them to earn a profit.

He has been in the tech industry for over twenty-five years and knows a great deal about it. That gives him an advantage as he scours the market looking for new trends and profit opportunities.

In the 25 years he has been in the business, he has worked as an executive for a few companies building up his ability to discern good tech startups from bad ones. Some of the companies he has worked for bring in millions in revenue annually.

This, of course, is not the first time I am reviewing Jeff’s work. I recently reviewed his presentation concerning a “$15.7 Trillion McCarthy Chip.

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What is Early Stage Trader?

The purpose of the summit was to advertise the Early Stage Trader, an investment research service through which Jeff shares recommendations of small tech stocks that are riding on highly profitable trends.

The goal is to get in on them on the ground floor and hold on to them as they experience exponential growth. Then you sell them and earn a nice bit of profit. These stocks are usually tech stocks, owing to his background.

Although growth investing typically yields returns after a sustained period, Jeff promises to sometimes help you make money within a few weeks. This means that you don’t have to wait for months, or years, for your profits to tally.

If you sign up, here is what you get:

  • The Early Stage Trader Manifesto: It is a guide that outlines how the service works and how Jeff and his team work in the background to bring you new opportunities.
  • Twelve monthly issues of the newsletter: Each month, he sends you a new report with an early-stage startup deal to invest in.
  • Weekly Updates: Every week, he sends you an update of how his stocks are performing keeping you in the loop of key developments in the market.
  • Urgent Alerts: Each time there is an investment that requires immediate action, he sends you an email. It could be a position you need to close or a stock you need to purchase.

It is a high-end advisory service that will set you back $5,000.

Refund policy

Jeff does not refund your subscription fee even when you cancel your membership. Instead, he provides you with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. As per the terms, if you cancel your membership within 90 days they issue with the credit you can use to purchase any other service they offer.

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Jeff Brown’s Timed Stocks Conclusion

Jeff Brown introduces the concept of “Timed Stocks.” These are stocks that have a preset timer attached to their stock price. The timer counts down and when it reaches zero, the price of those stocks surges earning at least 100% returns.

He claims that they are special because they are subject to very specific federal government rules.

As we have seen, he is referring to biotech stocks that are about to announce the results of their medical trials. The rules he cites are FDA guidelines (since the FDA is a federal government agency) that govern the review timelines of the trials.

I should warn you that although biotech companies working on new drugs present you with the opportunity to make huge returns, there is always the potential of racking up devastating losses.

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