Is Jeff Brown’s The Bleeding Edge Legit?

Interested in The Bleeding Edge by Jeff Brown?

Investing early in new technological trends that later become popular is every investor’s dream, but more often than not, we get it wrong.

But according to Jeff Brown, all you need to do is sign up for his free newsletter, The Bleeding Edge.

Through it, he sends you daily emails with investment tips that may alert you to new tech trends before the rest of the market catches wind of them.

In this article, I will dissect the newsletter to reveal how it works, so you’ll know what to expect if you sign up.

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What is Jeff Brown’s Bleeding Edge?

The Bleeding Edge is a free newsletter published by Bonner & Partners.

It is offered by Jeff Brown, who’s also its chief editor.

Jeff Brown's Bleeding Edge

To be precise, it is a mailing list that enables you to read Jeff’s commentary about the market and the economy with a focus on the global technology industry.

He also recommends moves you can make in the stock market to position yourself to make money or protect your portfolio from a bad market.

He discusses trends in the technology industry that he feels are likely to influence the market in a major way.

And that is characteristic of Brown, whose views regarding such trends have featured in presentations like “The #1 Tech Stock for 2020“.

Although he publishes those presentations to advertise his newsletters, his investment strategy is consistent.

Jeff is equipped to be talking about tech investments because he has spent his career either working for technology companies, locally and internationally or investing in tech startups as an angel investor.

This exposure has given him access to information that is typically the prerogative of what you’d call “Silicon Valley insiders.”

By leveraging his experience, he is usually more informed about the industry than analysts who haven’t been as involved as he has.

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What Does “Bleeding Edge” Mean?

The literal definition of a bleeding edge is the tip of the knife or the part that pierces. The cutting edge, which you more commonly hear of, is the part that cuts.

Thinking in terms of technology, a product that is at the bleeding edge is thought to be breaking the mold and doing things that had never even been conceived. It ventures into new territory.

Investopedia describes it as follows:

“Bleeding edge refers to a product or service, usually involving technology, that is available to consumers but is so new and experimental that it has not been fully tested and, consequently, may be unreliable. Early adopters could experience design flaws and bugs that have not been observed by the developers.”

Due to the uncertainty associated with bleeding-edge technologies, they tend to be riskier. There is a looming danger that they may never reach mass adoption.

Such products are usually sent out to the public (a small group of beta testers) to spot any problems or hurdles that were overlooked during development. The company behind the product then determines whether it is practical and popular enough to warrant additional investment.

Investors who put faith in a bleeding-edge technology reap oversized returns when it goes mainstream.

The downside is that they risk money on something that may not even work out.

When a bleeding-edge product has been around for long enough, it becomes a cutting edge product. At this stage, it is considered more reliable.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is an investment guru who publishes his investment insights via Bonner & Partners. His newsletters are Early Stage Trader, Exponential Tech Investor, and Near Future Report. He focuses his research on the tech industry.

Jeff has had a 25-year involvement with the technology sector. Along the way, he built early-stage startups and ran massive companies bringing in millions in revenue.

He spent twenty years working for international companies, which gave him an intuitive understanding of the global market. He uses this to his benefit while evaluating stocks.

His experience enables him to single out companies that show signs of growth. He sees things long before the regular investor who relies on mainstream commentary sees them.

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How does Jeff Brown’s Bleeding Edge Work?

Jeff Brown’s Bleeding Edge is a free newsletter.

If you want to join, you should fill in your details on the landing page. That way, you will start receiving his updates.

To get to the landing page, you have to visit the Bonner & Partners website.

Once you’re there, click on the subscribe button at the top right corner.

Jeff Brown The Bleeding Edge

When you sign up, you will receive bleeding-edge opportunities such as that time he predicted that cryptocurrencies would be a major hit: (taken from the website)

“Jeff accurately predicted the rise of cryptocurrencies, the creation of 5G wireless networks, and the world-changing impacts of artificial intelligence. And he did it all years before the mainstream media or the financial press caught on.”

When he is not making such predictions, he is analyzing the news of the day:

“Other times, he’ll show the real story behind the top tech headlines of the day. And he’ll even highlight emerging technology plays that investors need to keep on their radar.”

You will also receive a free report called Tech Manifesto. It contains the four biggest tech trends Jeff is following, normally consisting of the most explosive early-stage tech startups.

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“The Bleeding Edge” Conclusion

Here are the main takeaways concerning Jeff Brown’s The Bleeding Edge:

  • It is a free newsletter offered by Jeff Brown via Bonner & Partners. There are no special requirements to join; all you need to do is fill out your name on the landing page.
  • When you subscribe, you receive a free report called Tech Manifesto.
  • Jeff Brown is a tech investment expert with more than 25 years of experience working as a tech executive for various companies and investing in tech startups as an angel investor.
  • A “bleeding edge technology” is one that is ahead of its time and is still unproven.
  • Investing in bleeding-edge companies puts you both at a disadvantage and an advantage. The advantage is that you earn oversized returns if the technology works out and the disadvantage is that you risk losing your money if it fails.
  • The Bleeding Edge newsletter exposes you to new opportunities you won’t hear from mainstream sources.

If you ask me, I think you should give it a try because you may learn something from Jeff Brown. Besides, it is free of charge.

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