What is Jeff Brown iCar Pitch? (aka RIP Tesla)

Jeff Brown recently did a presentation about the electric vehicle industry. He has been monitoring the electric vehicle industry and this time, he has his sights set on Apple’s potential involvement.

The header reads:

“Apple invented the iPod… the iPad… and the world-dominating iPhone. Yet their NEXT big breakthrough – the iCar – could beat everything… and send one tiny company on a 1,000% run”

A slightly different version of the pitch has a header that reads:

“November 19, 2021: R.I.P. Tesla

Silicon Valley insider Jeff Brown reveals ONE tiny tech company set to accelerate Apple’s surprising push into a $10 trillion opportunity”

In this review, I walk you through the presentation, revealing every important talking point I gleaned from the pitch.

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What is Jeff Brown iCar?

In his latest pitch centered around investment opportunities within the technology sector, Jeff Brown talks about Apple launching a car that he believes will revolutionize the automobile.

Jeff Brown iCar

I should point out that there are two versions of the presentation, although they are both pitching the same ideas albeit with differences to the title (and the preamble).

The other version looks like this:

Jeff Brown RIP Tesla

Whichever version of the presentation you come across, they both peddle the same ideas: Apple wants to launch a new electric car (that may rival Tesla).

Jeff Brown says that Apple is on the verge of rocking the world with their new car and that when the news breaks, it will dominate the news cycle. He also points out that this news could break “sooner than you might think,” suggesting that it will happen relatively soon.

Jeff Brown claims that Apple’s new vehicle project could wind up becoming bigger than the iPhone, which is a bold claim considering the impact the iPhone has had not only on communications but also how people consume the internet and conduct business (among a host of other things).

We have seen other supposed projects by Apple before in presentations like Apples’ Greatest Breakthrough Yet (by Ray Blanco) and Jeff Brown’s The Apple Super Cycle.

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The Apple Effect

Looking at it from the investing perspective, Jeff says that when Apple sells a product, stocks of tiny companies that are in its supply chain get a significant boost in the stock market.

Going back to the iPhone’s impact on the stock market, Jeff claims that companies that supplied Apple as it was making the phone saw large markups in their value for their involvement.

He gives examples of companies like Infineon, which provided the wireless data chips for the iPhone:

Jeff Brown iCarAMS that make the optical sensors in iPhones:

Jeff Brown iCarAnd GungHo Online entertainment, which is one of Apple’s biggest software partners and has more than 50 million iPhone users using their mobile apps:

Jeff Brown iCarThe same thing happened with the Macintosh in the ’80s.

Jeff asserts that companies that supplied Apple back then also benefited. Examples include Broadcom, which Jeff says went up 3,390% when it supplied computer chips, Intuit went up 28,400% on the strength of being one of the key software partners for the Macintosh, and Adobe went up 321,000% because it struck a major deal with Apple and has its software extensively used by Macintosh users.

Jeff notes that as the world’s most valued tech company, Apple holds enormous sway, and tiny tech companies that get into a partnership with it often wind up making a lot of money.

Since these companies are always way smaller than Apple, their stock market returns are always exponentially bigger.

We’ve seen this pushed in presentations like Tesla’s Secret Project B.E.S.S. and Jeff Bezos’ Big Bet encouraging investors to look for big, household name companies launching new products and piggyback on the smaller, lesser-known companies involved in those product launches.

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Is Apple Making an “iCar”?

Although the tech giant has been tight-lipped about this, rumor has it that Apple is working on an electric car that could be autonomous.

Jeff Brown iCarDubbed “Project Titan,” it is an electric car project that Apple has been working on for the past few years. Reports suggest that there are up to 5,000 employees working on the project.

Apple has not openly discussed the project leading to speculation that it is keeping it under wraps till it is ready. We saw Bill Spencer predict this in his presentation titled Profits From The Apple Car that sounded a lot like what Jeff is discussing here.

Here is what Jeff says about the project in his presentation:

“Considering that Apple built the most popular smartphone in history… a computer more powerful than the one that put a man on the Moon decades earlier…

Why wouldn’t they take it a step further and design a car?

Especially when $10 trillion is at stake.

That’s exactly what they’re doing…

CNBC reports Apple is pouring more money than ever in developing new breakthroughs like the Apple car.

They spent 24 times more than what it cost them to launch their biggest cash-cow to date — the iconic iPhone.

In my mind, there’s no doubt about it. Apple is going for the jugular with the electric car.

Ming-Chi Kuo is widely considered the most tapped-in Apple insider on the planet. He’s convinced the electric car will be Apple’s ‘next star product.’”

Jeff Brown suggests that Apple is biding its time before entering the EV market in an impactful way. He says that whenever the company enters an industry, no matter how late, it always disrupts it and he expects the same to happen with the “iCar.”

He also mentions Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF International Securities who gathers intelligence from his contacts in Apple’s Asian supply chain. His research notes often shed light on Apple’s plans and while he doesn’t always get it right, his predictions have been accurate enough to make him a reliable source of Apple rumors.

Let’s get into how Jeff Brown wants you to invest as you wait for the Apple iCar launch.

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The Tiny Technology Company Potentially Behind Apple’s iCar

Jeff says that he has identified a tiny technology company that could partner Apple as it produces the “iCar.” He says that it is 500 times smaller than the tech giant.

Here’s what he reveals about this tiny company in the pitch:

“A tiny technology company – with the potential to become Apple’s key partner on the Apple car – will start its meteoric rise.

In fact, a major announcement that could set it all off is due on November 19. That’s just days from now.”

Speaking of that November 19 event, many people who follow Apple’s events don’t foresee an Apple event on that day. So, that announcement could be an event by the tiny tech company, not Apple.

What about the tiny company’s leadership:

“At the helm of it is a man known in tech circles as the “Steve Jobs of cars.”

An immigrant who dreamed of doing big things. A visionary billionaire never afraid of making big, bold bets. A mover and shaker in the global electric car industry.

He was instrumental in the rise of Tesla. Elon Musk brought him in to design the first Tesla car, which quickly became a best-seller.”

So, it is led by a charismatic guy with links to Tesla and he helped design the first Tesla car.

Jeff stops short of guaranteeing that there is a partnership although a prototype car was spotted at Apple’s campus.

“…their prototype electric car was recently spotted at Apple headquarters in Cupertino.

The Detroit Bureau reports Apple engineers wanted to get a closer look at this company’s revolutionary technology.

Of course, this in itself is no guarantee of any kind of partnership with the tech giant. And there’s no official contract on the table yet.

But looking at it from Apple’s perspective, the companies are a perfect fit for each other.”

Jeff Brown follows that up by saying that Apple could acquire the company to cement its position in the automobile industry.

And he lays it thick by speculating that there are further ties:

“…they inked a major deal with a major manufacturer.

And not just anyone.

It’s the same company used by Apple for the assembly of nearly all its products. Millions of Apple devices each year are made under the same roof.

This cannot be overstated. Can you see why I’m convinced they’re a perfect candidate for a major deal with Apple?

This tiny technology company has nearly everything in place for the Apple car rollout. All that’s missing is the official announcement of its partnership with Apple.”

And then the conversation segues to the big-name investors that have been acquiring stakes in the company:

“Morgan Stanley has been buying up every share they can get their hands on. Quite literally.

Since last year, they grew their stake by — get this — 10X.”

“Nearly every major Wall Street firm — BlackRock, Vanguard, Bank of America, even private equity giant Apollo.

They’re already positioned for what’s coming for this tiny stock.”

Jeff has written a special report detailing everything he wants you to know about this investment opportunity. It is titled The iCar: How to Profit From Apple’s Next Breakthrough.

Jeff Brown iCarTo get your hands on a free copy of the special report, you have to sign up for the Exponential Tech Investor newsletter.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is the chief investment analyst at Brownstone Research, a boutique financial publishing firm that targets individual investors with its material.

Jeff spent 25 years working as a high-technology executive. He was an executive for companies like Qualcomm, NXP Semiconductors, and Juniper Networks.

He has been an active angel investor targeting early-stage tech companies. His job is to predict new trends before they reach mainstream adoption and find companies that are likely to benefit from those trends, as evident in the presentation.

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Exponential Tech Investor Review

Exponential Tech Investor is one of the investment advisory services that Jeff publishes over at Brownstone Research.

He calls it “an upgrade from [his] flagship research service, The Near Future Report.”

He says that The Near Future Report has been focusing on “stable, sleep-well-at-night technology stocks” and as a result, it has garnered a large number of subscribers. He goes as far as saying that it is arguably one of the most widely-read newsletters of its kind in the world.

However, he says that when he wants to recommend small, explosive technology plays, he cannot do that on The Near Future Report because with such a large readership, such a recommendation could create a stampede in those small companies and send their prices soaring before most readers have had a chance to invest.

The Exponential Tech Investor is the answer to this problem because, with a much smaller readership, his hardcore followers can get in on explosive opportunities involving cutting-edge breakthroughs in tech.

Jeff Brown says that so far, his readers have received 75 recommendations involving companies in Predictive medicine, 5G, virtual reality, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, just to mention a few subsectors.

He adds that last year alone, the average recommendation more than doubled in value, going up by 106%.

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What is included in Exponential Tech Investor?

As I mentioned earlier, if you sign up for Exponential Tech Investor, you get a copy of the free report titled The iCar: How to Profit From Apple’s Next Breakthrough.

Jeff Brown iCarYou also get a new stock recommendation each month that has the potential to soar 500% to 1,000%.

Then, you have complete 24/7 access to the Exponential Tech Investor member website

In addition to that, you also get the following special reports for free:

The iPhone Profits Blueprint: 5G Edition

As Apple released their new and most advanced iPhone this year, Jeff says that he expects sales to crash records. He says that a section of the profits that come from these sales will go to the tiny Apple supplier companies.

He has identified three companies he wants you to consider. Here is what he reveals about one of them:

“During my recent deep dive into Apple’s vast network of supplier companies, three particular companies stood out.

Their technology is critical to the new iPhone. And that’s not an exaggeration.

To guarantee a steady supply of iPhone components, Apple invested $800 million in just one of these three companies.

In the words of Apple’s chief operating officer, this tiny supplier is ‘pushing the boundaries of innovation.’”

In the report, you get all the details about each company.

Seven Exponential Tech Stocks to Buy Today

Jeff Brown iCarIn this report, he has put together a list of his top recommendations in the Exponential Tech Investor model portfolio.

He says that these opportunities are set for exponential growth. “Not years or months down the road. But right now.”

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Exponential Tech Investor Pricing?

An annual subscription to Exponential Tech Investor costs $2,000 per year if you join via the link provided at the end of the presentation.

If you sign up via the Brownstone Research website, you pay $4,000.

The Exponential Tech Investor Refund Policy

There are NO CASH REFUNDS but Jeff offers something he calls the “90-DAY GUARANTEE”:

Jeff Brown iCar

Closing Remarks on Jeff Brown iCar

Jeff Brown believes that the electric car industry is one of the sectors to look out for even without Apple’s involvement.

But he expects Apple to enter the market with its “iCar” and he thinks that it will cause a massive shockwave in the industry, just as it has in the smartphone and personal computer industries.

But instead of recommending Apple (AAPL) stock directly, he wants you to consider another smaller company that he alleges is likely to partner with the tech giant and possibly be acquired.

Nothing is guaranteed and he even clarifies that the partnership has not happened yet (he is merely speculating).

If you are looking to invest in EV stock, there are numerous companies to consider and Jeff Brown’s recommendation could be one to look out for.

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