What Is Jason Stutman’s Project Greenlight?

Jason Stutman has been teasing a new trading program called “Project Greenlight.”

He claims to have figured out the biotech industry by developing a program that can pinpoint six trades every month.

He says that if you invest in each, you should expect to earn up to $17,000, which would be enough to help you build a seven-figure net worth.

In this article, I intend to give you an overview of the program to help you decide whether it is worth looking into. To that end, I will share details of how Project Greenlight works, who Jason Stutman is, and what you can expect from the event.

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What is Jason Stutman’s Project Greenlight?

Project Greenlight is the title of a webinar by Jason Stutman through which he reveals his secret way of unlocking regular payments and a trade that is expected to turn a $2,500 investment into $193,800.

It is a common marketing tactic newsletter editors use to sell their services. For example, I encountered it when I recently reviewed Paul Mampilly’s 100X Club.

Jason Stutman's Project Greenlight

With that out of the way, Project Greenlight is a system that was designed to identify investment opportunities in biotechnology, a broad sector that provides investors with numerous avenues to make money.

Jason’s strategy is based on a system that pinpoints stock patterns in the sector. It makes it easier for him to find stocks that are riding on new production methods or product breakthroughs.

“And it gives everyday investors an easy way to learn how to set themselves up for massive payouts of $17,000 or more…

At least six times every single month…

Off of the hottest — and most lucrative — market opportunity out there:

The $1.1 trillion biotechnology sector.”

It took him and his team five years of research, 57,000 hours of programming, and more than $25 million in capital to get to where the initiative is right now.

If all that is true, Jason has some serious skin in the game (unfortunately, there is no way to prove that that’s what he spent).

And with that out of the way, let’s take a look at the guy behind Project Greenlight.

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Who is Jason Stutman?

Jason Stutman is a senior tech analyst at Angel Financial, a branch of Agora Financial.

At Angel Financial, he edits a newsletter called Technology and Opportunity. Through it, he alerts his readers to profit opportunities in the technology sector.

A majority of his recommendations are disruptors – these are companies that are at the forefront of some revolutionary technology that is expected to impact the way we live our lives.

The kind of technologies that fall under this category includes things like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 5G, Autonomous Vehicles, just to mention a few.

At the same time, he encourages readers to short “disrupted” companies. These are companies that are not innovative enough and that are being rendered obsolete by the disruptors.

Going by that simple analogy, he has managed to outperform the market since he began trading.

Jason Stutman develops algorithms to help him spot patterns that ultimately lead him towards companies that are pioneering exciting tech. That is one of the main features of Project Greenlight.

When he is not recommending stocks, he writes about topics like consumer electronics and development-stage biotech.

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How does Project Greenlight work?

As we saw in the introduction, Project Greenlight is based on a stock-picking system that relies on technical analysis to wade through the biotech sector in search of good stocks.

At the core of the system he uses is an algorithm that performs what software experts call “pattern matching.”

Pattern matching in the software engineering context refers to the process of locating data sequences from data and comparing them to a standard.

Jason’s algorithm analyzes thousands of data points to find patterns that it then matches with standard patterns that are have previously been shown to be the precursors of certain movements.

It even uses a “probability technique” that is normally used by Blackjack players:

“[Jason Reveals] the probability ‘hack’ that uses blackjack logic to make biotech trades ultra-profitable.”

This way, it finds the stocks that are about to go up by separating them from the ones that stay neutral or go down.

To top it all off, he has a network of “insiders” who let him in on the best stocks based on expert observation.

“[he reveals] the secretive network of scientists and doctors that have ‘insider’ knowledge about which companies will skyrocket…and how YOU can profit off their expertise.”

He claims that if you had been among its beta testers, you’d be $43,360 richer:

“In fact, had you been able to use Project Greenlight yourself during its initial test run of just a few short weeks…

You could right now be $43,360 richer.”

In addition to revealing the stocks that you should invest in, he also tells you how much you should spend on each play and how long you should hold your position. When the time comes to close your position, he sends you an alert.

Since the service is based on a short-term investment strategy, you typically keep your positions open for a couple of weeks. And by following his alerts and recommendations, you are likely to earn at least six payouts each month.

Could he be recommending options?

Unless he plans to short plummeting stocks, he could be recommending option trades, as this line from the teaser suggests:

“[Jason reveals] ‘The Topline Supercharger:’ — how one extra step allows you to profit even if the stock price moves DOWN.”

We often see this from gurus as they promise to show readers how to cash in during a recession by buying puts options. A good example is David Fessler with his 5G Contracts presentation; in it, “contracts” refer to options.

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Jason Stutman’s Project Greenlight Conclusion

The biotech industry is one of the hottest sectors in the market, particularly now that we are experiencing a pandemic. As researchers work on a vaccine for COVID-19, it has attracted the interest of eagle-eyed investors who wouldn’t want to miss out on returns should a vaccine roll off the production lines.

Furthermore, with an aging population that will require more drugs, it is expected that companies working on ways to treat this demographic will be more profitable. Smart investors who recognize this can capitalize on it.

Jason claims to have found a way to hack it in the sector. He has developed a system that profits whether a stock is rising or falling.

He even estimates that by following his recommendations, subscribers can earn as much as $17,000. However, this figure doesn’t mean much because he doesn’t tell us how much you’d need to invest to earn it.

Although Jason cites impressive backtesting results, they shouldn’t be enough to signify that it is a solid system. Past results don’t guarantee good results in the future. Therefore, take his advice with a grain of salt and only invest in his recommendations when you feel confident that you are doing the right thing.

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