What is James Altucher’s “Neural Remapping” Pitch?

James Altucher released a presentation titled “Neural Remapping” and at the event, he was talking about a new breakthrough in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, PTSD, and other diseases that affect the mind.

Specifically, he was talking about the investment opportunity that breakthrough will create, singling out a tiny company that he thinks could earn $8 Billion in Sales Per Year — Even If It Captures Only 5% of the Market for ‘Neural Remapping’”

In this review, I walk you through the presentation, highlighting the key talking points and the offer he wants you to consider.

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Introduction to James Altucher’s “Neural Remapping” Presentation

The Neural Mapping presentation by James Altucher centers on a new way of treating diseases that affect the mind in a non-invasive way.

James Altucher's Neural RemappingHe starts the presentation saying,

“A team of engineers has developed a technology I thought was only science fiction.

They are about to turn the page on how doctors treat several incurable diseases.

We’re talking about potentially eradicating some of mankind’s biggest killers…

Alzheimer’s, addiction, PTSD, depression…

All treated with one gigantic breakthrough.”

And it all has to do with a strange strip:

James Altucher's Neural RemappingIf this strange strip is as effective as James tells us it is, what it does borders on impossible by today’s medical standards. He continues,

“It might not seem like much, but you’re looking at a clinical-stage biotech breakthrough…

Because a single dose of this medicine, which dissolves under the tongue…

Has the potential to give 47.7 million chronically sick Americans a new lease on life.

That’s more than one in every seven Americans who are sick… who had no hope for meaningful, lasting help.

That’s why famous institutions like Johns Hopkins, Mt. Sinai, and Yale have entire departments researching the therapy I’m calling ‘Neural Remapping.’”

James claims that it has nothing to do with genetic engineering, synthesized cannabis molecules, or virtual reality treatments and that it remains unknown to most people and even most doctors.

He even shows us an image of how it can repair the damage done by neurological diseases:

James Altucher's Neural RemappingAltucher mentions that studies have shown that it can be an effective treatment for a number of diseases, namely

  • Opioid, Alcohol, and Nicotine Addiction
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • PTSD
  • Chronic Lyme Disease
  • Anorexia
  • Schizophrenia
  • Anxiety
  • And Depression

He says it is effective against these diseases because it disrupts harmful brain connections and feedback loops created by those ailments.

James Altucher adds that it is so effective, the FDA has granted it the “Breakthrough Therapy” designation. The “breakthrough” designation has been granted to the Polio vaccine, open heart surgery, and antibiotics thus implying that the new therapy may have that level of impact.

To add to that, he says that some big name investors have already started investing in it and he mentions PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, Tech entrepreneur Bruce Linton, and Shark Tank’s “Mr. Wonderful,” Kevin O’Leary.

From all those clues he gives, it is obvious that he is talking about psychedelics (he reveals this later in the presentation).

To be precise, he is referring to “psilocybin,” the active ingredient in so-called Magic Mushrooms. He says that although it was banned from scientific research by the UN in 1971, that doesn’t prevent it from becoming a “biotech blockbuster.”

He is not the only newsletter guru talking about psychedelics. We have seen Jeff Siegel talk about the investment opportunities in psychedelics when he did a presentation called “Molecule 520.”

James Altucher has identified a small company that he wants you to consider investing in.

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The Biotech company to invest in

He says that there is one Canada-based microcap stock leading the charge. It could potentially increase its revenue from its psychedelic therapies from $1 million in 2021 to a quarter billion dollars by 2027.

As of writing this, it is not trading on a major US exchange but it could be listed in the next few weeks. It isn’t going to do an IPO because it is already publicly trading at $3 and can be bought like a normal stock. He says that it has a temporary ticker, which means that it is trading over the counter.

Now, why did he choose this company over all others that are developing similar therapies?

One factor is its leadership and scientific team:

“This company is working with dozens of the heaviest hitters in the biotech industry.

This team has spearheaded billions in pharmaceutical sales at companies like Merck, Elan, GSK, Sanofi, and Eli Lilly…

And overseen over 60 new drug investigations…

Including the development of one of the biggest blockbuster drugs of all time, the allergy medicine Allegra.

Not to mention…

This company has the ONLY scientific team to have successfully brought a “Neural Remapping” drug to market in the past.”

It also has a clear path to profit:

“This company has already discovered over 50 proprietary therapeutic “Neural Remapping” molecules…

It has over 20 pre-clinical trials running…

And it has filed 13 patents, spanning 153 countries.

These patents cover everything from new medicinal compounds to new ways of delivering “Neural Remapping” treatments…

Including the dissolvable medicine strip I told you about at the beginning of this presentation.”

He also says that it has $64 million in the bank to fund all its research and testing.

James Altucher has written a report about this tiny company with the title, The ‘Neural Remapping’ Prospectus: How to Hit it Big With Psychedelic Medicine.

James Altucher's Neural RemappingIn it, he has provided the name and ticker symbol of the company, a full overview of “neural remapping” therapy, a breakdown of the opportunities this company has when it brings its therapies to market, and a timeline of the stages a company has to go through to get FDA approval.

He has also written about two other early-stage biotech stocks on his watch list that he believes have explosive moneymaking potential due to the excitement in the psychedelics market right now.

To get your hands on the special report for free, you have to sign up for James Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory newsletter.

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Who is James Altucher?

James Altucher is a writer, entrepreneur, chess master, and venture capitalist. He has started and sold companies and has published a bestselling book called Choose Yourself.

His writings have been featured in the Financial Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and The Huffington Post.

James also has two highly-rated podcasts: The James Altucher Show, where he has had guests like Mark Cuban, Peter Thiel, and Tony Robbins, and Ask Altucher, where he answers questions from his listeners.

James Altucher has also been in the investing world for 20 years during which he has managed a $55.6 million hedge fund and a $200 million venture capital firm. In 2007, while appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box, he predicted that Facebook (FB) would be worth over $100 million.

He has been writing newsletters about investment opportunities and publishing them via Three Founders Publishing. They include The Altucher Report, Secret Income, Altucher’s Investment Network, Altucher’s Weekly AlphaBrain Alert, Altucher Alliance, and Altucher Confidential.

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What is James Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory?

The Top 1% Advisory is a top-tier research publication that James Altucher edits. It is published by Three Founders Publishing.

James Altucher's Neural RemappingMost of what he writes about are the fast-moving stock opportunities he finds out about from his contact list of hedge fund managers, billionaires, scientists, and venture capitalists. He says that he learns about those opportunities from them before they become newsworthy.

He believes that there are going to be a number of technological and macroeconomc trends that could materialize 5-10 years down the line and he learned about them from his network in the top 1%. These are the kinds of opportunities he will be writing about.

Here is what you get when you join the Top 1% Advisory:

  • Weekly alerts from James in which he tells you which companies have the biggest chance of exploding in value, when you should buy, which price you should go for, and when to sell to earn maximum profit.
  • 24/7 Access to The Online Web Portal
  • Bonus Flash Alerts in addition to your normal alerts, whenever something major happens in the markets or there’s an urgent chance to buy.
  • Subscriptions to FREE daily e-letters: Altucher Confidential, The 5 Min. Forecast, and One Last Thing.

As a bonus, you will also receive:

Top 1% Advisory SMS notifications

You can be receiving a text every time James issues a “buy” or “sell” alert. This service is optional and James says that it is free of charge.

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In this special bonus report, he talks about the lessons he has learned from the greatest investment minds. This includes people like Warren Buffett, John Templeton, and Peter Lynch.

The Big Data Bet: To $1 Trillion and Beyond

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Why? The infrastructure needed to transmit, store and process that data will be immense. He says that it is going to create the next batch of $1 trillion+ companies

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How much is James Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory?

If you join the newsletter through the link at the end of the presentation, you only have to pay $2,000 per year, down from the usual $5,000.

The Top 1% Advisory Refund Policy

Unfortunately, there are NO CASH REFUNDS once you sign up for Top 1% Advisory.

Instead of cash refunds, you get the following guarantees if you decide to terminate your membership to the newsletter:

James Altucher's Neural RemappingAs you can see, you have 90 days to cancel your membership to receive $2,000 credit that you can use to join any other publication offered by the firm.

The second part of the guarantee means that if James fails to deliver on his promise about the Canadian company, you get a lifetime membership to his newsletter.

Closing Remarks on James Altucher’s “Neural Remapping”

James Altucher’s “Neural Remapping” presentation is all about investing in a company that is developing psychedelic drugs.

I’d say don’t jump into the investment if you are risk averse because small companies such as this one are quite volatile. Even Altucher acknowledges this when he says, “this is not a play for your mortgage money.”

As for the subscription, it is up to you to decide whether it is worth that $2,000. From what I’ve seen, James Altucher seems to know what he is doing and it could be worth trying if you have that kind of money.

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