Keith Kohls Infinite Lithium Technology Legit?

Keith Kohl, a financial writer who works for Angel Publishing, just pitched his latest investment ideas in a presentation titled “Infinite Lithium.”

In his presentation, he claims that scientists have created a technology that enables them to manufacture an infinite supply of super-rich Lithium on-demand, which means that we don’t have to rely on some war-torn country or adversary for the important mineral.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what manufacturing process Keith was talking about as well as find out what company he is telling us to consider investing in.

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What is Infinite Lithium?

Keith Kohl is known for talking about investing in commodities and for his new presentation, his focus was on Lithium.

He claims to have found a company that has one of the world’s most advanced facilities and a small 65-member team that has perfected a technology for creating an infinite supply of super-rich lithium right here in America WITHOUT having to mine a single ounce.

Keith Kohl's Infinite LithiumHe tells us that the firm just built the largest lithium factory in North America, a $175 million state-of-the-art facility, and it has construction underway for several more of these facilities across the country in places like Arizona and Alabama.

Considering how important Lithium is to the technology sector, it is easy to see why he is so excited by this, as he explains:

“See, not only does it power your smartphone… and billions more smartphones worldwide…

It fills the batteries that power the bulk of clean energy technologies available today, including…

Electric vehicles — an $802 BILLION market — and grid storage systems for renewable energy, which will be a $546 billion market by 2035.

Lithium is what will power the ships, trains, and airplanes of tomorrow. It’s what will power our entire future!”

He estimates that demand for Lithium may grow by over 4,000% by 2040.

Keith Kohl's Infinite LithiumAnd The price has shot up in the last 12 months:

Keith Kohl's Infinite LithiumAnd as a result, shares of Lithium mining companies have soared:

Keith Kohl's Infinite Lithium Keith Kohl's Infinite Lithium

He says that if this small company gets its act together (i.e. starts producing enough Lithium to meet demand), America will not have to rely on some war-torn country or have to deal with adversaries like for its Lithium like it currently does.

The tiny company he is teasing has developed a revolutionary scientific process that uses a combination of safe, nontoxic liquid chemicals inside a lab. This production process is 100% emission-free and it doesn’t even waste a single drop of water.

That makes it even cheaper than the cost of traditional lithium mining, a complex and wasteful process.

Keith goes on to assert that the firm can create enough material to power a whopping 20,000 electric cars a year and it will only get better.

Keith says that major billion-dollar automakers have already signed huge deals with this little- firm. At the time of releasing the pitch, he said that the deals were worth a total of $985 million and they involved some of the largest automakers and battery manufacturers.

The firm has even attracted the attention of an investment subsidiary of the Koch brothers, which has invested $100 million to help the firm rapidly expand its operations across North America.

Keith claims that revenues for this firm are set to grow 7,883%.

With demand for Lithium across the world increasing, Keith is predicting that the share price of this company could soar 10, 20, or 30 times higher from here and he even goes as far as saying that it could turn every $500 into $39,915 for early movers.

He says that it’s a small firm for now and most folks don’t have a clue it even exists, which is why you should consider investing in it before it gets splashed all over major news outlets.

Keith Kohl's Infinite LithiumIf you would like to find out the details of this stock, you need to get your hands on a special report Keith wrote about it called “Infinite Lithium”: How to Get in on the Ground Floor of the Energy Breakthrough of the Century.

To get a free copy of this report, you have to sign up for Keith Kohl’s newsletter, Energy Investor.

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Keith Kohl’s Infinite Lithium Company REVEALED!

You don’t have to read the report because after doing my research, I found out that the company Keith is teasing is Li-Cycle.

Li-Cycle (LICY) was founded in Toronto in 2016 as an industry-leading lithium-ion battery resource recovery company and the largest lithium-ion battery recycler in North America.

It leverages its Spoke & Hub technologies to provide a customer-centric, end-of-life solution for lithium-ion batteries while creating a secondary supply of critical battery materials.

It merged with the Peridot SPAC to come public last year and has been publicly trading with the ticker LICY.

In the last two years or so, Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), also known as “blank check companies” were quite popular.

We saw many investment analysts start offering newsletters like Empire SPAC Investor and Jeff Brown’s Blank Check Speculator targeting SPAC investments.

Who is Keith Kohl?

Keith Kohl is the director of energy research at Angel Publishing, one of the fastest-growing independent investment research firms in the world.

He has rubbed shoulders with some of the greatest minds in the energy world — including millionaire and billionaire CEOs, oil tycoons, scientists, and geologists.

He leverages his connections and resources to help guide his readers to sound investments in the energy market.

At Angel Publishing, he is the investment director of Angel Publishing’s Technology and Opportunity, Energy Investor, and Topline Trader advisory services.

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Energy Investor Review

Keith Kohl’s Energy Investor is an investment newsletter published by Angel Publishing and its focus is on energy investments.

Keith Kohl shares his latest research on the breakthroughs in the energy sector.

Here is what you get when you become a member of Keith Kohl’s Energy Investor:

  • An issue of Energy Investor with at least one new opportunity to profit from America’s energy revolution every month.
  • Investment updates: When it’s time to sell stock and take your profits or increase your potential payout by taking a specific action, Keith will keep you updated.
  • 24/7 portfolio access: Kohl has compiled every opportunity into a portfolio you will always have access to. You just need to log into the members-only website, and you’ll have access to every open position, including the buy date, current profits, and much more.
  • Special reports: If an opportunity is so urgent and so lucrative that he writes a special report, you will receive it via email.
  • Archives: If you want to look back at a past investment thesis or even just read Keith’s past work, you can do so through the archives.
  • Free subscription to Energy and Capital: By joining Energy Investor, you’ll also get a free subscription to Energy and Capital

You also get the following special reports for free:

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The Apex Charger: Hidden Life-Changing Gains From the EV Revolution

This special report by Keith Kohl focuses on a $1.7 trillion government-proposed plan that involves building 500,000 new electric vehicle charging stations nationwide.

Keith Kohl's Infinite LithiumKeith says that there’s one company that’s positioned to be the single most critical player in the project as it already has a 34% share of the entire EV charging market, with more than 14,000 EV charging locations across the U.S.

Keith says that if the government turns to it for the project its stock could skyrocket 30-, 40-, and maybe even as high as 120-fold.

The Undiscovered Tech Company Behind the Coming ‘TriFuel-238’ Revolution

Keith believes that wealthy people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Ray Dalio are investing their money to get in on a new energy breakthrough known as “TriFuel-238.”

Keith Kohl's Infinite LithiumHe claims that it could trigger a wealth event unlike any that we’ve seen since the dawn of the internet because it may become the cheapest source of energy on the planet.

He did a presentation a while back about this company and speculates that a $3,000 grubstake could see you collect a life-changing fortune of as much as $1,380,564.

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Closing Remarks on Infinite Lithium

Keith Kohl is an investment analyst best known for his commodity investment recommendations. In this presentation, he focuses on Lithium, an important element in the age of battery-powered cars and renewable energy sources.

In this case, he has his eyes on Li-Cycle (LICY), a tiny company that was founded in Toronto in 2016 as an industry-leading lithium-ion battery resource recovery company and the largest lithium-ion battery recycler in North America.

He says that Li-Cycle has found a way to produce Lithium so that we don’t have to rely on other countries for the element. As we anticipate higher demand, he believes that we may see this company grow exponentially thus making for a good investment.

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