What Is Infinergy? [$16 Trillion Energy Prediction]

Ian King has been promoting a presentation with the title “Infinergy.” It is about a technological disruption in the energy industry that will help grow a tiny company. The header reads:

“This Unstoppable Technology Could Potentially Power the Earth for the Next 5 Billion Years. Invest in This Tiny Company Before This Industry Soars 1,800% Over the Next Decade Into a $16 Trillion Behemoth”

In this article, we find out what “infinergy” is as well as cover every detail Ian King shared in his presentation about this company.

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What is Infinergy?

Ian King’s Infinergy presentation centers on an energy revolution that he believes will have a bigger impact than anything the country has witnessed in over 100 years.

Ian King's InfinergyIt has to do with an energy source he calls Infinergy that will have a big impact on the lives of every American citizen.

The revolution has to do with some crystals that, thanks to a Nobel Prize-winning discovery, will produce enough energy to power the entire planet for the next 5 billion years. Ian King says that the energy is virtually infinite, hence the name “Infinergy.”

This form of energy is universal and can be used for just about anything.

It is also cleaner than natural gas, oil, and coal.

So, at this point, you can tell, with relative ease, that he is talking about solar energy.

Solar energy solutions have prompted presentations like Matt McCall’s Four Solar Stocks and Jeff Siegel’s SPV Royalties with each of those gurus claiming that they have found the perfect company to ride the solar energy revolution.

Ian King’s infinergy is his take on this and we will address the company that he is backing later.

Before we get to that, I should point out that most of what he says about solar energy is true in theory:

It is estimated that on a bright sunny day, the sun transmits 173,000 terawatts of power (trillions of watts). On top of that, scientists expect the sun to burn bright for approximately 5 billion years.

Therefore, you can see where Ian King got the concept of infinite energy from.

What about those crystals?

Ian King's InfinergyHere is what he says about them and his number one solar company’s involvement with them:

“The company I’m monitoring…

The one I believe is going to become a household name…

Sells panels from crystals just like these.

The result: silicon that is 99.9999999% pure.

Or what scientists call “9N” or “9 nines” for short.

Because this silicon is virtually free from impurities, it can produce solar panels that are 400% more efficient than the first panels.

Coupled with this company’s all-in-one power and storage solutions, there is now a real practical way to take advantage of the sun’s energy.”

So those crystals are pure silicon which is used to make better solar panels.

Also, don’t forget the last bit there about storage solutions. A major problem with solar energy is its intermittent nature.

Solar has struggled to dominate the industry because storage solutions thus far have not been good enough.

Ian King says that solar energy is ready for mass adoption because we have better energy storage solutions and the cost of solar installation has plummeted by 99% since 1976 making solar more viable for consumers than ever before.

On top of that, he says that the government is incentivizing people to opt for photovoltaics because twenty-six percent of the cost of solar panel installation can be recouped with a tax credit for homeowners and businesses alike.

The convergence of all these factors means that solar energy will grow in importance. And this brings us to the company Ian King wants us to invest in.

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Ian King’s Number One Solar Company

King has identified one small American company that is situated in Silicon Valley. The company has developed technology that can harness the true power of the crystals we talked about earlier.

He calls it tiny because its market cap is just 1/25th of BP, 1/50th of Shell, and 1/100th of Exxon.

He adds that in the coming months, as solar energy becomes more readily accessible to the masses, this company will go from obscurity to a household name.

Ian King says that it has big clients and the potential for more:

“The biggest companies in the world are already lining up to partner with this one company.

The one I am going to tell you about today…

Apple, Target, Walmart and Costco are just a few businesses it has deals with.

But it doesn’t stop there…

This company also has Infinergy solutions for homeowners.

With over 130 million homes in the U.S. alone … the potential is huge.”

It has also partnered with the U.S. Military.

He adds that BlackRock, JPMorgan Chase, Nuveen Asset Management, and Goldman Sachs all recently increased their stakes in this company’s stock.

Ian King says that it sells solar panels and other accessories:

“Not only does it sell the most efficient panels on the market, but it also provides an all-in-one solution for homeowners and businesses alike.

Essentially, you get everything you need to start using solar. From the panels … to energy storage … along with a smartphone and tablet app to give you complete control of your energy production and usage.”

If you want to invest in this company, you have to get your hands on the special report Ian King wrote about it.

Infinergy: Ride the $16 Trillion Revolution

Ian King's InfinergyThis report has all the details you need to know about Ian King’s No. 1 solar company to invest in it.

The only way you can get a copy is to sign up for Ian King’s Strategic Fortunes newsletter.

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Who is Ian King?

Ian King works for Banyan Hill Publishing as a newsletter editor. He is also one of Investopedia’s contributors.

He is a former hedge fund manager with more than twenty years of experience trading in the financial markets.

He began his career at 21, working in the mortgage bond trading department at Salomon Brothers. He later traded at Citigroup before spending ten years working for a New York-based hedge fund called Peahi Capital. During his time at Peahi Capital, his team made a 339% return in 2008.

He joined Banyan Hill Publishing to help individual investors get ahead of the markets. He edits three newsletters: Strategic Fortunes, New Era Fortunes, and Next Wave Crypto Fortunes.

Ian’s insights have been featured on Fox Business News, Investopedia, and Seeking Alpha.

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Ian King’s Strategic Fortunes Review

Ian King’s Strategic Fortunes is his flagship investment newsletter. Through it, he gives his readers continuous updates and recommendations on how to make the most of the opportunities that sprout up.

Ian King's Strategic FortunesHere is what you get with Strategic Fortunes:

  • Twelve monthly newsletters: This is the “meat and potatoes” of the service. Each month, he sends you a new edition of Strategic Fortunes. It is an in-depth report analyzing a new opportunity he has identified. With each new investment recommendation, he wants to help you build wealth that lasts for generations.
  • Access to the model portfolio: This portfolio has all the stocks on his buy list. It goes beyond renewable energy stocks and includes anywhere Ian sees opportunities.
  • Weekly alerts and updates: Whether there is an announcement or a market-moving event, Ian King will ensure that you’ll never be left in the dark by updating you on all the current positions.
  • 24/7 access to a private members’ only website: Every research briefing and newsletter can be found on this secure website.
  • A dedicated customer support team: If you have questions about your membership, you can call the support team and they’ll walk you through everything you need.

Besides those preliminary benefits, Ian King will also send you two special reports:

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The Solar Storage Superstar: Grab Big Profits on This Innovative Company Now

This report is about a $4.2 billion solar storage company. Ian King claims that even with that market cap, it is tiny when you consider that it is in a sector that will attract $16 trillion in investments and grow 1,872% (by his calculations).

Ian King's InfinergyHe says that this firm will be one of the leaders in solar power generation and storage because it recently launched an energy storage system for households. With its storage systems, customers can use solar power and store energy for a rainy day. Storage capacity was previously focusing mainly on solar farms – not anymore.

BlackRock, JPMorgan, and Invesco are just a few big names that have put money into this stock.

Mobility as a Service: A $1.8 Trillion Revolution

In this report, Ian King promotes the idea of Mobility as a Service. He explains that cars have been viewed as products so far but they’re going to soon be seen as a service.

Ian King's InfinergyHe says that cars will be chauffeuring us around and trucks will be making long-haul deliveries without a driver – a $1.8 trillion sector in the future.

He has identified one company that has 266 patents pending and granted. This company will enable you to capitalize on the MaaS boom.

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Ian King’s Strategic Fortunes Pricing?

A 12-month subscription to Strategic Fortunes goes for $79, which is 60% savings on the usual rate of $199.

The subscription will auto-renew annually for $79.

The Ian King’s Strategic Fortunes Refund Policy

The first year of membership comes with a 100% money-back guarantee:Ian King's Infinergy

Closing Remarks on Infinergy

Ian King’s Infinergy presentation is about having the chance to get in on the ground floor of a new energy revolution. If what Ian is saying is true – the solar energy sector is expected to attract $16 trillion in investments over the next decade – then he could be on to something worthwhile.

That being said, his track record isn’t perfect and he is not in isolation because nobody has a perfect record.

There is always risk in investing particularly when it involves a small company in a fledgling industry like Solar power.

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