Inevitable Wealth Summit: 8-Figure Fortunes Legit?

The Inevitable Wealth Summit featuring Banyan Hill’s Charles Mizrahi was hosted by former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee.

At the event, Charles shows you 100 years of data that proves that investing in a volatile stock market, like the one we’re in now, will give you a 100% chance of making money. He also promotes his newsletter.

Let’s take a look at what Charles and Gov. Mike Huckabee talked about at the Inevitable Wealth Summit.

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What is Inevitable Wealth Summit?

The Inevitable Wealth Summit was an event hosted by Governor Mike Huckabee and Banyan Hill’s Charles Mizrahi where they talked about Mizrahi’s new approach to investing in the stock market.

According to Charles, although it is scary to venture into an unpredictable market, he thinks that he has found a way to navigate it.

The Inevitable Wealth Summit

According to Huckabee, the stock market has taken a beating lately and has become one of the ugliest markets since the 1970s, with tech stocks falling as much as 80%.

Even then, he believes that the damage may not be done because some experts warn “a crash is imminent,” that “stocks could dive as much as 90%” and that we should prepare for an “economic collapse.”

Therefore, taking your money out of the market and keeping it somewhere safe sounds like a reasonable thing to do.

But Charles comes in and says that keeping your money away will lead to you losing up to 30% of it. He says that you should invest it not in CDs, money markets, or gold, but rather in the stock market.

Charles has created an “inevitable portfolio” that comprises stocks that could bring in massive gains. He talks of a 10X return as $1 million turns into $10 million in the next 10 years.

Why does Charles Mizrahi believe that now is the time to invest?

He says that according to 100 years of history if you invest in this bear market, we have a 100% chance of making money because every bear market in history led to a bigger, stronger bull market.

The Inevitable Wealth SummitHe says that on average, bear markets last 18 months and when the stocks fall, they fall fast. And then the bull markets come in and last three times as long.

Therefore, he thinks that the current bear market will give way to a bull market, and when it does, it will be big. So, he wants you to get in on the right stocks at the right time.

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How to pick Stocks

According to Mizrahi, for a stock to be inevitable (likely to perform well), it must have three characteristics: A strong business model, an amazing CEO, and be available at a bargain price.

But in addition to those factors, he looking for stocks with a catalyst, a hidden opportunity, or an event that will catapult them higher.

The first type of catalyst he thinks has helped stocks beat the market 2-to-1 for the last 20 years is a spin-off.

A spin-off occurs when one company creates another independent company through the sale or distribution of new shares of an existing business or division of the parent company.

Charles says that companies that spin off have beaten the market 2-to-1 for the last 20 years.

An example of this is eBay. In 2015, eBay spun off PayPal, and then both stocks soared. eBay went up 225% and PayPal went up about 740%. He argues that anyone who knows about the spin off beforehand makes a lot of money.

And there are many opportunities like these because spin offs happen often. Charles says they happen once or twice a month but most people never hear about them until it’s too late.

Another catalyst he looks for is what he calls a “money in the bank” opportunity. It’s a situation, or event, that has made Wall Street completely misunderstand a company’s business model and price its stock so low. When you buy an undervalued stock, you are likely to make money.

The third catalyst he looks for is a “power stroke.”

Charles usually looks for a high-ranking person to make a move that will amplify the performance of a company. This could be a change in CEO, the involvement of an activist investor, an insider who is buying up shares, or something that will have a big, clear, and immediate impact on a company’s performance.

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Three Stocks on Charles Mizrahi’s Inevitable Portfolio

Charles Mizrahi has identified “inevitable stocks” to add to his portfolio and they include:

  • Recommendation #1 is a spinoff. Its parent company is a global leader in healthcare, it has a segment with household brands that consumers have trusted for years, and both the parent company and the spinoff are underpriced.
  • Recommendation #2 is a media company with a huge library of content, insiders have been buying shares, and its stock price has been underpriced.
  • Recommendation #3 is one of the largest insurance brokers in the world, it has more than 90% of the Fortune 500 companies as its customers, and it has already had some board members replaced with industry veterans who know the industry in and out and have an excellent track record.

To get the names of these three companies, you have to join Charles Mizrahi’s new advisory service called 8-Figure Fortunes.

Who is Charles Mizrahi?

Charles Mizrahi is an investment guru with more than 35 years of experience recommending stocks under his belt. Charles has been around long enough to have invested through the booming 1990s, dot-com bubble and bust, housing bubble, and the 2008 financial recession.

He has been behind presentations like Catalyst Calendar, Super Stocks Project, and Miracle on Main Street.

He taught investing at New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies and was the founding editor of Park Avenue Investment Club. He was the editor of the Insider Alert advisory services.

Charles Mizrahi has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, The New York Times, and MarketWatch.

Charles has written a highly acclaimed book called Getting Started in Value Investing.

He has been on the editorial team at Banyan Hill Publishing for a few years now. He has launched advisory services like the Alpha Investor, 8-Figure Fortunes, and Microcap Fortunes. He also runs a free e-letter called Real Talk.

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8-Figure Fortunes Review

The Inevitable Wealth SummitCharles’ 8-Figure Fortunes is a new advisory service designed to help you take your investing to a whole new level. Charles says that when you subscribe, you gain access to a package of exclusive benefits like:

Details on at Least 12 Additional Inevitable Wealth Stocks

Every month, Charles sends you a briefing where he publishes details on a stock that he believes is about to climb due to a spinoff, a “money in the bank” opportunity, or a power stroke.

Charles’ Model Portfolio

Mizrahi’s model portfolio includes every stock that is on Charles’ “buy now” list.

Weekly Updates

Each week, Charles will send you a brief update on the market and current 8-Figure Fortunes positions.

Members-only Website Access

This is a website where Charles keeps track of the model portfolio, new recommendations, weekly updates, his guides and trading manuals, and his entire library of special reports.

Optional Text Message Notifications

You have the option to receive a text message notification 48 hours before Charles adds new stocks to his Inevitable Wealth portfolio. You get a brief text whenever a new stock recommendation has been made. When you get a text, just check your email for the details

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8-Figure Fortunes Pricing

You can get 10 years of 8-Figure Fortunes for $4,995.

A one-year subscription to 8-Figure Fortunes costs $1,995.

The 8-Figure Fortunes Refund Policy

There are NO CASH REFUNDS once you join Charles Mizrahi’s 8-Figure Fortunes.

The Inevitable Wealth SummitBut they allow you to cancel your membership and use that money to join other services by Banyan Hill Publishing.

Closing Remarks on Inevitable Wealth Summit

Charles Mizrahi believes that rather than play it safe, you should invest during the late stages of a bear market.

He says that Warren Buffett is a perfect example of this approach working. Mr. Buffett has always told investors how profitable it is to buy when others are fearful. He’s made billions.

Charles is suggesting that you emulate Buffett by going all in and investing not just in any stocks, but focusing on stocks that have the potential to go up 10X over the next 10 years.

He also launches a new advisory service called 8-Figure Fortunes which will be the vehicle for his investment advice based on this approach.

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