I Tried Income Team X by Brad Wilksford [Review]

Searching for reliable ways to earn money online can be overwhelming.

Have you heard of Brad Wilksford’s Income Team X, a program that promises members a way to earn passive income working from home?

We bought the program and our team did a deep dive into it for two weeks and I will share their findings with you.

In this blog, we will dissect the truth about this system — from how it works, and its benefits, to its potential drawbacks.

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Key Takeaways

  • Brad Wilksford’s Income Team X is an online system promising users up to $1797 in daily earnings through affiliate marketing.
  • Joining is easy with a one-time activation fee, and no special skills or education are required.
  • Though it offers potential passive income, some users report lower-than-expected returns and criticize the lack of a money-back guarantee.
  • Feedback about Income Team X varies greatly; while some praise it for providing opportunities to earn online, others feel it falls short in delivering its bold promises.

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What is Income Team X?

Income Team X, by Brad Wilksford, is an online program that allegedly gives its students the potential to generate income (up to $1797 daily).

The program has stirred a lot of buzz among those looking for ways to make money online due to its substantial profit claim.

Income Team X Review

When our team got into the program, we discovered that while Brad wants you to believe that Income Team X is entirely based on the prospect of giving students the opportunity to earn residual income through a structured program (that is open to everyone, irrespective of their credit, income, or education) it works a lot like a pyramid scheme.

That’s because you are encouraged to bring in new partners to generate residual income.

In his marketing material, we also saw Brad suggest that Income Team X provides essential tools for online money-making, removing the need for additional expenses like hosting, domain fees, or software billing, making the process more accessible and streamlined.

But the reality is, although you may get those tools, they are not enough. You’d be better off getting the training on how to get along and make money online.

Brad Wilksford says that what he’s made in 15 years is more than what his parents earned throughout their entire working lives but that doesn’t say much about Income Team X’s efficacy.

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How Does Income Team X Work?

If you want to join Income Team X, you need to accept an invitation and move on to a partnership after the testing phase.

Since the program relies on viral commissions to generate online income, when content goes viral, it attracts more traffic and reviews, ultimately boosting sales.

Getting started with the program is a breeze, taking only about 12 minutes, and it handles content creation automatically.

To become a partner, you have to be a US or Canadian citizen, complete a mandatory private registration, and pay a one-time activation fee of $27. This fee covers Team portal access and customer service agent support.

Once you’ve accepted the invitation, you’ll have access to the Partner Portal, essentially an all-in-one marketing tool that helps you maximize commissions. And, Income Team X doesn’t require you to buy Google or Facebook ads; they provide a traffic pool and commission opportunities (a self-contained marketing machine).

On paper, this all sounds great because Brad tells you that in order to make money, you should just follow the system by copying and pasting.

But as we found out, this is not sustainable and it simply doesn’t work; don’t expect to make money without breaking a sweat.

Who is Brad Wilksford?

Brad Wilksford had his breakthrough online back in 2008. Over the years, he built a substantial fortune, cleared his debts, and achieved the lifestyle he’d always envisioned. According to Wilksford, he’s outpaced his parents’ entire working life earnings in just 15 years.

Fast forward to 2023, Wilksford’s brainchild, Income Team X, has grown into a team of about 50 individuals, including developers, software coders, customer service agents, and data management employees. Despite this size, Wilksford wants to further expand Income Team X.

Right now, Income Team X is undergoing its second testing phase and isn’t open to the public just yet. Wilksford is looking to recruit 45 more participants to test the program and find any potential bugs, errors, or issues.

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Steps For Joining Income Team X

Let’s take a closer look at how to get started with Income Team X and navigate the process step by step.

Step #1: Begin by signing up and activating your pages on Income Team X with valid names.

Step #2: Once your pages are active, explore the money tools provided by the program. They promise to guide you in setting up any page for monetization within just 12 minutes, getting you ready to earn commissions.

Step #3: Now that your system is in place, you can easily learn various monetization techniques by simply pasting some account IDs.

Step #4: Next on the agenda is setting up traffic for your website. You get to choose where you want to direct potential traffic using the array of techniques offered.

Step #5: After implementing the monetization and traffic strategies, hit the Go button to activate the Income Team X system, and it will begin running immediately!

Can You Make Money With Income Team X?

You can make money with Income Team X (if you get other people to sign up) but you probably won’t.

If someone’s selling you the dream of effortless cash flow with Brad Wilksford’s Income Team X or any similar scheme, you’ve gotta be cautious.

Can You Make Money With Income Team X?

Making money online usually involves some good old-fashioned hard work, creativity, and persistence. Sure, there are legit ways to earn online, but if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Trust me, success often requires some hustle and bustle, and that’s a better promise than quick riches without lifting a finger. Keep your eyes open and your BS detector on high alert.

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Can You Earn Passive Income With Brad Wilksford’s Program?

Probably not.

Passive income, as opposed to active income where you trade your time for money, refers to earnings that need minimal ongoing effort once set up.

It comes from things like investments, rental properties, royalties, online businesses, and more. The beauty of passive income is it offers a pathway to financial freedom and flexibility by allowing you to earn even without constant work.

While creating these streams may initially require effort and investment, they ultimately provide a sense of security.

Some ideas for passive income include investing in mutual funds, dividend stocks, peer-to-peer lending, and real estate investment trusts, even though they may require substantial upfront investment and time.

Income Team X is, in theory, meant to provide a source of passive income.

Brad promises you that the initial setup might take about 15-20 minutes, but once it’s done, you can fully utilize the platform for generating passive income.

However, we found that to be inaccurate.

Again, here is what they told us going in:

By accessing the Team Portal and reviewing the training materials, you should implement them and set up a system that earns money passively.

And then once everything is set up you can start generating income.

Problem is, this doesn’t actually happen because Brad Wilksford’s program doesn’t prepare you for the real work of setting up a legit online business that can make money on autopilot.

Furthermore, the claims are not substantiated by real-world applications, and the platform’s consistent disappearance makes it challenging to verify their authenticity.

Is IncomeTeamX Legit?

Income Team X claims to be a legit program, but honestly, we wouldn’t give it a thumbs up.

Here’s why: the founder, Brad Wilksford, is a bit of a mystery, and there’s not much solid info about him floating around online.

What’s more, they’ve taken down their website, which definitely raises some red flags about how credible and trustworthy this program is.

In light of all this, my advice is to check out other programs that are more upfront about their background and have a solid track record of success. It’s all about finding a more reliable and trustworthy option when it comes to making money online.

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How Much Does Income Team X Cost?

It comes with a subscription fee of $27 backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The Few Positives of Income Team X

The positives here are nullified by the bad stuff. But here’s what you can consider positive about Income Team X:

  • It is relatively easy to navigate.
  • It is quite cheap

The Red Flags of Income Team X by Brad Wilksford

  • They’re not exactly an open book: Income Team X keeps its founder, Brad Wilksford, in the shadows, which raises doubts about the program’s credibility.
  • Their website isn’t exactly a beacon of trustworthiness: The fact that the Income Team X website has been taken offline suggests they might not be too committed to building a trustworthy online presence.
  • They talk a big game without proof: Income Team X promises big bucks and easy streams of income without offering solid proof that it actually works.
  • If you hit a roadblock or need help, good luck getting assistance—Income Team X isn’t known for its reliable customer support.
  • Income Team X resorts to shady marketing tactics like bogus testimonials and fake scarcity to lure unsuspecting users in.
  • Where are the success stories? Without real examples of triumphs and testimonials you can verify, it’s hard to believe Income Team X has actually helped people make it big.
  • If you’re expecting thorough, clear training like you’d get from a reputable program, Income Team X isn’t where you’ll find it.

Our Verdict on Income Team X

Brad Wilksford’s Income Team X doesn’t quite live up to the hype. Many folks have reported less-than-ideal experiences, mentioning issues like hefty initial investments, promises of quick riches that often don’t materialize, and a lack of support.

You need to be cautious and do your research before diving into any venture.

There are loads of legitimate ways to make money online, like freelancing, starting a blog, doing affiliate marketing, or exploring e-commerce.

Explore your options, find what aligns with your interests and skills, and don’t rush into something that doesn’t feel right. Remember, patience and due diligence can go a long way in finding a successful online venture that suits you.

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1. Who is Brad Wilksford and what is Income Team X?

Brad Wilksford invented Income Team X, a system for earning residual income with little effort through fully monetized review pages.

2. How can I join the Income Team X?

Joining Income Team X requires one one-time payment for an activation fee to get team portal access and follow simple instructions in the partner program.

5. What if I am not satisfied with my experience at Income Team X?

Income Team X offers a money-back guarantee which ensures if for any reason you’re unsatisfied, your one-time activation fee will be refunded without questions asked.

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