Is Inbound Closer by Payton Welch Legit? [2021 Review]

Welcome to my Inbound Closer review.

After clicking on a marketing email from Inbound Closer in your inbox, you may have found yourself on a page with a conspicuous message about making money online that reads:

“This High-Demand Skill Puts You Dead-Center In A Thriving, $129 Billion-Dollar Industry That Will Stuff Your Pockets With Daily Commission Checks…

The page is then filled with promises that you are one step away from a program that will release you from the shackles of your boring job and provide you with an opportunity to make money online and of course financial freedom.

If you have been there, I will be discussing what you just stumbled upon and review Inbound Closer in this article. I will also take you through what this ambitious program is all about including more info on Payton Welch and Taylor Welch.

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Table of contents:

Inbound Closer Review

Today I will review Inbound Closer and shed light on this program that teaches you how to tap into a billion dollar industry and one that will also share how to level up with high ticket.

Inbound Closing is something that’s been around for a while but nobody is really teaching it.

As a high ticket closer you’ll learn from a guy called Payton Welch, although in reality it is his brother who you will really learn from as Payton is simply the one who appears on the adverts.

There are many people offering their own review of Inbound Closer but if I am being completely honest I’ve noticed a lot of bias as people just want to jump on this hot program to try and push their own program instead of offering a genuine review.

So that’s my aim today with this review, to share all the info on the program, the people involved, how the calls work, info on the Inbound Closing accelerator and of course whether becoming a client of theirs is really worth it.

If you are a one of the people interested in the Inbound Closer you will certainly benefit from digesting this honest, unbiased and frank review.

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What is a Inbound Closer?

Inbound Closer is a training program from Payton Welch that teaches you the basic concepts of affiliate marketing and how to make money online with high ticket funnels.

Making money online is a dream of many people and Inbound Closer claims it can help you with their training program and all the extras like their call recordings and breakdowns.

Although the guy who does the voice-over is called Payton Welch, the program is provided by Traffic and Funnels.

Is it too good to be true? My goal with this Inbound Closer review is to find out and of course share the low down on Payton Welch too.

How Does Making Money Online Work?

Let’s face it, being able to stuff your pockets with commission checks is certainly something many of us would want to do, especially when the claim is that you can do it from anywhere in the world.

But can a newbie really do this online business and stuff their pockets with daily commission checks?

This business model that literally gives you a commission check blueprint is taught inside of Inbound Closer helping you tap into the “thriving 129 billion” industry.

So do you need to make phone calls and join a network of online entrepreneurs to make money with this online program?

Whilst those may be some things you can do, there is certainly more to the online business than just that.

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Inbound Closer Review

In any case, let me share a little more about the background of the Inbound Closer program.

The guys behind Inbound Closer are actually part of Traffic and Funnels a well known course which teaches the skill of affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the main skills taught inside of Inbound Closer. But let’s forget about Inbound Closer for just a second and let me talk about how you make money as an affiliate.

The process is fairly simple, it involves selling someone else’s product and taking a commission. It’s basically like being the middle man between the product owner and the customer. You connect people with the products they are looking for.

how affiliate marketing works


By doing this, you’re able to get a lot of the benefits of owning the product without the drawbacks such as having to deal with customers, payment processing, refunds, and all those things that are quite frankly annoying and also difficult.

You just have to close a deal to get paid but often as an affiliate there are sales processes in place anyway to make it that much easier.

When it comes to product ownership I’ve been there and I’ve done it, and still to this day I personally prefer to be an affiliate over being the owner, so that in my opinion is a plug point of the Inbound Closer program. But one of the things I like about this, is that it takes things a step further.

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Who Are Payton Welch and Taylor Welch?

Traffic and Funnels was established by two marketers, Chris Evans and Taylor Welch. Chris used to work as a marketing VP of GoDaddy and Taylor studied marketing at the University of Memphis.

payton welch


Payton is actually the sibling of Taylor and the guy that appears in the ad talking about how to make money. He is the one that is on the sales page and essentially the face of Inbound Closer.

Payton promises to help you replace your regular job with a source of income that requires less effort while working from home.

What is Traffic and Funnels?

Traffic and Funnels is a business that Payton Welch brother Taylor operates with his business partner Chris.

Their website states that they help entrepreneurs get clients fast and has been operating for several years now. They actually have over 178,000 followers on Facebook and over 50,000 on Instagram.

traffic and funnels instagram

A few quick searches tells us that they are doing over $25 million a year in business which is very impressive to say the least. The fact that they are able to make money in a range of businesses is something I see as a positive thing.

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How To Make Money With Inbound Closer

The ability to make money from home is an attractive one to most people, after all if you can master a skill like affiliate marketing one of the top online sales skills then you can certainly make a lot of money.

Avoiding the con artists isn’t easy though.

We hear claims like this from coaching programs all the time but it seems that they are offering some real sales skills that you can learn.

Sales closers can earn good money from the calls they make and Payton Welch certainly seems to have mastered this high demand skill. If you can use his program to get on the level he is on then you will definitely be earning a good amount.

When he talks of a $129 billion industry, he is referring to the digital advertising industry that is dominated by Facebook and Google – the other forms of advertising are TV and print.

Therefore, his course is designed to give you an introduction to the digital advertising business and help you become an affiliate marketer.

Of course his isn’t the first program of it’s kind to do that, there is absolutely no shortage of coaching programs on the internet.

He conducts live demonstrations during which you get to see him at work implementing his “2-step formula.”

inbound closer course training

He mentions that if you pay attention to his lessons and apply what he teaches religiously, you may start earning daily commissions of up to $980.

The barrier to entry is considerably low, as implied by this statement on the sales page:

“Do you own a cell phone? Can you read a 6-page PDF? If so, then you have everything you need to fill a desperate need in this booming, $129 billion-dollar industry”

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What Is Payton Welch Net Worth?

Believe it or not many people seem to have been looking for Payton Welch net worth in Google so I’ve decided to share this sub heading. There wasn’t much information out there but it seems that the face of the Inbound Closer is worth at least a few million.

His brother Taylor however is supposedly worth far more claiming to be earning in excess of $1 million per month with his online business. A feat that is certainly impressive to say the least!

How does Inbound Closer Work?

On the landing page, there is a free 23-minute training video that you need to watch to get started. After that, you get to the part where you have to pay to join the Inbound Closer, officially.

The Inbound Closer costs $97 (a one-time fee) and it comes with a money-back guarantee. If you decide to cancel your subscription to the program, you shall send an email to to be reimbursed.

What You Get With Inbound Closer

what you get with inbound closer

If you pay for it, you receive the following:

  • Post-call recordings and breakdowns: When you call your leads, your phone calls will be analyzed to let you know where you are making mistakes that are costing you new clients.
  • The Inbound Closing Accelerator: You gain access to the inbound closing system, which is Taylor’s proprietary telemarketing system that is based on more than 3,180 phone calls that have secured more than $42 million in new business. It is a 21-day course teaching legit sales techniques proven to work from many cold calls.
  • The Daily Commission Check Blueprint: In this course, you learn how to secure your first client in one week.
  • Access to Taylor’s network of online entrepreneurs: When you gain access to Taylor’s network, you can land new clients because his clients are always looking for people with the skills he teaches you.
  • Access to the Inbound Closer Mastermind Group: This group comprises of like-minded people with whom you can share ideas.

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Is Inbound Closer Legit Program?

Is Inbound Closer legit? I believe it is legit as it teaches you how to be a marketing consultant and essentially you’re able to earn from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

legit program

It will also provide you with the skills to tap into high ticket which is something I have used to earn money online myself.

Inbound Closing in itself is a powerful skill to have and this online program teaches you that which is not something I have seen other ones offer.

When you join you’ll have access to the Inbound Closer accelerator as well to further help you grow your own affiliate marketing business. Plus there is a money back guarantee in place to protect you.

If you do decide to join you need to understand that this is a business model and they are simply teaching you the marketing business, this is not a job opportunity.

You will get access to their facebook group which is great for networking though.

Just remember it’s not a get rich quick program but if you work hard you can get paid.

Will it really work in 21 days as claimed? That really comes down to you and the work you put in but rest assured this digital real estate program is one that can help you and if you can put the effort in it can work from anywhere in the world which is a huge bonus.

What Are Others Saying About Inbound Closer?

Reviews of Inbound Closer are generally mixed however it is hard to get a genuine review because so many people doing blog posts are actually just promoting their own products.

inbound closer reddit thread

I was able to find a Reddit thread called Fake Guru that talks specifically about Inbound Closer however once again it is full of many skeptical people who have not actually used the program.

Whilst it may seem like a useful place to get information ultimately you want to learn about a program from people who have real hands on experience, not a forum thread full of skeptical people.

The Reddit thread actually has images of people like Grant Cardone in the banner which kind of says a lot about the kind of thread it is because GC is a well known investor and certainly not a fake guru.

He is known for his videos and does have the odd program to sell but at the same time he can back up his knowledge with years of experience.

Anyhow, overall the Inbound Closer definitely has positive reviews.

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Inbound Closer Conclusion

So does Inbound Closer work and can you use their online program aka their daily commission check blueprint?

In my opinion the course is legit and so are the post call recordings.

As long as you have the right work ethic, there is no reason why you can’t earn commission checks of 980 per day like they claim in their ad.

Let’s face it though, the 6 page PDF will only give you so much knowledge and as a client you will inevitably be up-sold.

Before you enrol you should understand the terms of engagement fully.

This will ensure that you avoid the disappointment of unfulfilled expectations.

I will mention that if you are able to join the Inbound Closer mastermind group it will only add to your experience and likely hood of success.

The footer of the landing page has some useful pointers you should carefully consider before you join the Inbound Closer.

It states that the sales figures displayed in the video are not typical. Therefore, you should not expect to duplicate them.

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It also states that “the ‘average person’ who buys ‘how to’ information gets little to no results.” That implies that you need to perform better than average to achieve success when you buy the Inbound Closer program.

It also adds that your results will depend on factors like your work ethic, background, and experience.

This all makes sense because success in any field typically relies on effort, risk, experience, and a host of other factors.

While Payton Welch does a bad job relaying these truths in the video presentation and landing page, you cannot ignore them while deciding whether to join the Inbound Closer affiliate marketing course.

Plus speaking from experience I know that these kind of disclaimers are a must have in this industry even if you somehow had a product that did everything it claimed.

I hope you have found my Inbound Closer review useful and it has helped you to make a clearer decision on whether you should be joining the program from Payton Welch and his brother.

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