What Is The 1,150% EV Revolution? [Ian King EV Stock]

Ian’s presentation about The 1,150% EV Revolution is about a material used in the manufacture of electric cars that will be in high demand as the industry grows.

He has his eyes set on one tiny company that he believes is sitting on a stockpile of the material and could earn early backers massive returns.

In this review, we take a look at Ian’s pitch so that you can find out what he was talking about as well as what he is suggesting you do to your portfolio to cash in on the new trend.

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What is Ian King The 1,150% EV Revolution?

Ian King’s says that although the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry has come a long way, he sees it has an even more promising future ahead of it.

Ian King The 1,150% EV RevolutionHe says that as EV technology has improved, cars have only gotten cheaper and more people can afford them. He believes that this explains why EV-related stocks have been soaring.

He gives the example of Tesla surging 610%,

Ian King The 1,150% EV Revolution

The lithium mining company, Albemarle, going 210%,

Ian King The 1,150% EV Revolution

and Chinese EV maker, NIO, climbing more than 1,400% as perfect illustrations of this growth.

Ian King The 1,150% EV Revolution

That being said, he thinks the EV industry is still in its infancy because less than 4% of all new cars sold are EVs.

But as I mentioned earlier, he expects this to change pretty soon, aided by regulatory measures and consumer demand.

“By 2030, experts predict the EV market share will increase from 4% to 50%.

That’s 1,150% — or 12x — growth in less than a decade!

That’s not speculation … that growth is practically guaranteed — from the masses, from auto-manufacturers, and the government.

States from coast to coast are taking steps to ensure the EV revolution breaks through…

California is banning the sale of new gas cars starting in 2035.

New Jersey, New York, and 10 other states plan to follow suit.

The federal government plans to offer as much as $12,500 in tax credits for new EVs.”

However, he sees a potential roadblock to the EV revolution: a material that is crucial to the success of EV manufacture. He holds up a vial and says that the element inside it will be important to the growth of the EV industry:

Ian King The 1,150% EV Revolution

But he goes on to say that the material will also be crucial to other industries:

“And you’ll want to soon, because the material in this vial is critical to a lot more tech than EVs…

It’s what allows your smartphone to vibrate when someone calls you…

It goes into the motors of drones, allowing them to fly across the sky…

And it allows wind turbines to power generators, supplying electricity to cities.

As people continue to upgrade their smartphone every few years…

And as wind turbines go up all over the world…

They will all need this critical material … the material this company supplies.”

So, he wants you to invest in the company that supplies the material.

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The Nevada-Based Company Dominating the Supply Chain

Ian King claims to have found a Nevada-based company that is the largest producer of the material in the entire Western Hemisphere.

He sees investing in the company as a rare and exciting opportunity for early investors. More about the company:

“This company has access to 800,000 tons of high quality materials needed for most EVs.

The success of this firm is so vital to the American EV industry, among other things, that Washington is getting involved.

The company just signed a massive deal with the Department of Defense.

When its processing facilities go live, it will become the one and only U.S.-based source of these materials.”

Ian has written a report titled The One Company Critical to the 1,150% EV Revolution.

Ian King The 1,150% EV RevolutionThe report has the ticker symbol of the company, an in-depth breakdown and analysis of the company, and his recommended buy-up-to price.

To get a copy of the report, you have to sign up for Ian King’s Strategic Fortunes newsletter.

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Who is Ian King?

Ian King is the chief investment officer at Banyan Hill Publishing, an independent financial research firm based in Palm Beach, Florida.

There, he publishes newsletters like Crypto Profit Trader, Next Wave Crypto Fortunes, and Strategic Fortunes.

Ian King is a professional trader and former hedge fund manager with over two decades of experience trading and analyzing the financial markets.

He began his career as a desk clerk at Salomon Brother’s mortgage bond trading department before moving on to Citigroup (credit derivatives). He then spent ten years working for a New York-based hedge fund as the head trader. His specialty was options trading.

Ian King knows his way around the cryptocurrency markets and has collaborated with Investopedia Academy to offer an online course called Crypto Trading that teaches investors how to capitalize on crypto volatility.

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Strategic Fortunes Review

Strategic FortunesStrategic Fortunes is a financial newsletter that Ian King edits. He says that he has built a robust, fine-tuned engine to help his readers to incredible opportunities involving unique, under-the-radar stocks.

Ian King’s Strategic Fortunes Trading Strategy

In writing for the Strategic Fortunes newsletter, Ian King focuses on companies working on breakthrough technologies.

He says that every innovative technology follows something he calls the innovation breakout curve:

Ian King The 1,150% EV Revolution

The curve has three phases:

Phase 1 (Inception Phase)

New technology comes to market and if it does not get enough demand, it never makes it out of this phase. Those that do, move to phase 2.

Phase 2 (Breakout Phase)

In this phase, investors can make a lot of money. If you find a technology that is about to enter this phase, you can make life-changing wealth according to Ian.

Phase 3 (Maturity Phase)

By this phase, the technology is widely used and the biggest gains are already made.

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The Innovation Breakout Curve gels with Ian King’s stock-picking process. For him to pick a stock, he says that it must:

  • Be in an industry at a tipping point. He looks for “world-changing technologies and trends that will have an impact across all industries.” Good examples are AI, 5G, and blockchain. Ian finds out how they are going mainstream and the companies to back.
  • Have annual revenue growth of over 20%. The company should have strong sales momentum
  • Be investing cash into its future growth. He says that the best companies invest in creating new products, testing new markets, and acquiring competitors. This means that growth is assured.
  • Have a catalyst. He defines a catalyst as a trigger that sends stock from phase 1 to phase 2. An example of a catalyst is the Californian government mandate that ensures that certain new construction projects have solar panels.

Speaking of the Nevada-based company he teases in the presentation, he says that it meets all his requirements.

“…it meets all my metrics I use to decide if a stock is worth recommending.

  1. The company must be leading a tipping-point trend. Sales of EVs are expected to surge 1,150% as a percentage of the total market from now until 2030. Without this company, that growth will not happen.

  2. Revenue growth is surging. It has had quarterly revenue growth of 100% year over year. I expect revenue to grow 10x from now until 2030, as the EV market climbs.

  3. Another big advantage is that the company is sitting on more than $1 billion in cash. It can use this to invest heavily in new ventures to grow its business.

  4. This company also has a killer catalyst. It will be the largest supplier in the Western Hemisphere of the material needed for nearly every EV.”

With that out of the way, what do you get when you sign up for Ian King’s newsletter?

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What is included in The Strategic Fortunes Newsletter?

Member benefits include:

  • An eight-page research update every month with detailed market analysis from Ian King.
  • Access to the Private Members-Only Website.
  • Weekly Alerts and Updates: Every week, Ian King updates you on everything important happening in the markets.
  • Access to the Strategic Fortunes

In addition to those, you also get these bonus reports as soon as you sign up:

The Company Leading the Big Data Money Boom

In this report, Ian King discusses Big Data and how it could become bigger than 5G, the Internet of Things, and AI.

Ian King The 1,150% EV RevolutionHe has identified one company that he expects to unlock big data thus giving investors the chance to profit from industry growth.

The 20-Minute Retirement Solution: 5 Stocks for a Wealthy Retirement

Inside this report, he details five companies that could potentially beat the market in the next five years.

Ian King says that they could “produce gains at least five times greater than the S&P 500.”

How to Make a Fintech Fortune

This report is about a company that makes lending faster, easier, and cheaper than big banks. Ian sees it as having the opportunity to grow because as the economy revives, small businesses will need money to reopen.

Strategic Fortunes Pricing?

If you join the newsletter through the link at the end of the presentation, you’ll only have to pay $47 in your first year with the subscription renewing at $79 every year after that (automatically renews unless you are opt-out).

The Strategic Fortunes Refund Policy

The Strategic Fortunes newsletter has a 12-month, money-back guarantee.

Ian King The 1,150% EV Revolution

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Closing Remarks on Ian King The 1,150% EV Revolution

The electric vehicle industry has been getting a lot of attention from newsletter gurus of late. Ian King is the latest analyst to wax lyrical about it saying that we should take it seriously and invest now before it takes off.

But there is more to his top recommended stock pick because it is a company that supplies a material that will not only be vital to the manufacture of Electric Cars but also a host of other applications. It may be a material used for microchips because those are in high demand right now.

Whichever the case, Ian believes that there is massive potential in the company that owns a massive part of the supply. That being said, he acknowledges that investing in his picks comes with risk and you should, therefore, not invest more than you can afford to lose.

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