What is Ian Dyer’s The Cryptoverse?

Ian Dyer, a leading analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing, sat down with John Wilkinson to discuss investing in cryptocurrencies and how you can potentially make life-changing gains doing so.

Ian claims to have accumulated 32 straight wins in his trading and he believes that we are staring at the “profit opportunity of the century” that we cannot afford to miss.

I sat through the presentation and wrote this review to clear the air on what they were discussing. By reading this, you will be well informed should you consider signing up for Ian’s investment research service.

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Introduction to The Cryptoverse

The cryptocurrency market has been on a tear and although it has been subject to record levels of volatility, digital currencies have risen sharply over the past year.

Ian Dyer's Cryptoverse (Crypto Flash Trader)

As a result, Ian Dyer believes that we are on the cusp of a big profit opportunity.

Since we have been seeing double-digit and triple-digit moves happening every week in the market, he says that the key to making money is targeting these moves before they happen.

He has recorded 32 straight wins so far and he wants to target the next batch of wins and bring you along for the ride:

Ian Dyer's Cryptoverse (Crypto Flash Trader)In addition to calling those 32 trades correctly, he also predicted that Bitcoin would rise to 50,000 by the end of 2020. He was right about it because it ended up closing the year at $29,000 before later reaching the $50,000 mark and surpassing it in early 2021.

Ian Dyer points out that we are at the start of a financial revolution that he describes as follows:

“It’s a revolution that, for the first time ever, will cut the middleman out of every transaction you make.

No more need for banks…

No more long hold times on the phone…

No long delays in money transfers…

And it’s all thanks to what we’re witnessing right now in the crypto market.

Paul and I call this revolution ‘Currency 2.0.’”

What he is referring to as “currency 2.0” sounds a lot like Decentralized Finance (or De-Fi).

Decentralized Finance is a decentralized financial system that offers similar financial services to the traditional financial system. This means that you can borrow money, put your money in an account that is similar to a savings account, and conduct financial transactions with other parties.

But unlike the conventional financial system, it does not have entities that control it like government agencies or central banks. It is decentralized because it is built on a blockchain.

It even has its digital currency that is based on the blockchain too.

Ian Dyer states that since 92% of all dollars are digital, you should put some money in crypto. Specifically, he says that we should pay attention to altcoins (alternative digital currencies to Bitcoin) because institutions cannot invest in them,

“Just like in the stock market, most big money managers are limited in the crypto assets they can buy.

They have the Grayscale fund, which we talked about … and that’s about it.

But — and this is important…

They can’t really buy a stake in these tiny altcoins that are worth just a few hundred million or a few million in some cases.

We can.

Our viewers can.

We have an opportunity to profit where Wall Street can’t. The goal is that by the time all the big money players get on board with the opportunities we’re targeting, we’ll have already shown tonight’s viewers how to make the big money”

As Bitcoin’s value rises, so will the values of the smaller cryptos and Ian says that he expects the value of Bitcoin to go as high as $350,000 in the next one to two years.

So, how does he plan on replicating his past success?

Ian says that he has been fine-tuning his strategy to help readers navigate the exciting market. It involves getting in and out of these trades in a matter of days.

Ian Dyer will be targeting digital assets that are at the center of major projects that are seeing widespread adoption and big demand. Examples he gives in the presentation include Aave, Chainlink, and Uniswap.

To recommend a digital currency, he says that he has to monitor its price action by looking at three moving averages:

Ian Dyer's Cryptoverse (Crypto Flash Trader)

Why these moving averages?

Ian Dyer says that the 10-day moving average is used for trend following because it helps you spot changes in course. It can help you find cryptos that are about to break out.

The 10-week moving average is a support line because when a cryptocurrency falls to this price and finds support, it is likely to bounce back.

The 200-hour moving average comes in handy when gauging where the individual cryptos will trade relative to the rest of the market. It enables him to separate the cryptos that are in demand from the ones that aren’t.

Here they are in action as they track a digital asset called Uniswap:

Ian Dyer's Cryptoverse (Crypto Flash Trader)

In addition to the moving averages, he spends time on Twitter monitoring how crypto traders are talking about their trades to have an idea of which cryptos he should be paying attention to. Then he isolates the coins that are consistently making 52-week highs like Uniswap.

Ian claims to have spotted a new crypto “flash trade” that he expects to take off at any moment.

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Who is Ian Dyer?

Ian Dyer is a leading analyst and editor at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Ian Dyer's Cryptoverse (Crypto Flash Trader)He is a graduate of Duquesne University with a degree in Finance but he has continued to be involved with the Chartered Financial Analyst community since he left college.

He passed all three levels of the CFA exams to demonstrate that he has a thorough command of economics, stock and bond valuation, and portfolio management.

Ian is obsessed with investor psychology and uses it to inform his moves in the market. He spots momentum trends that other investors overlook.

He is a contributor to a newsletter published by Banyan Hill called Bold Profits Daily and is a co-editor of Paul Mampilly’s three newsletters: Rebound Profit Trader, Rapid Profit Trader, and Paul’s Secret Portfolio.

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What is Crypto Flash Trader?

Crypto Flash Trader is a new research service by Ian Dyer where he shares his big-picture updates and tells you where the opportunities to invest are.

Ian Dyer's Cryptoverse (Crypto Flash Trader)Here is what you get as a charter member of Crypto Flash Trader:

Weekly Check-Ins: Every week, Ian sends you his big-picture updates on where he sees the crypto market heading and answers general questions. He also talks about the tokens he is targeting for investment.

Trade Alerts: He sends you these trades when the market is open (from Monday to Friday). You can opt to receive a notification on your phone when he sends these alerts.

The Crypto Flash Trader Trading Manual: In the manual, he reveals everything you need to know about Crypto Flash Trader, including the sorts of cryptos he will be targeting.

Special Reports: He sends you two special reports and a copy of your “Cryptionary.” This is a step-by-step guide on how to trade crypto in a Coinbase account.

How much is Crypto Flash Trader?

An annual subscription to Crypto Flash Trader costs $2,995, down from the usual price of $5,000.

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The Crypto Flash Trader Refund Policy

The subscription fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Closing Remarks on Ian Dyer’s The Cryptoverse

Ian Dyer’s The Cryptoverse is a presentation that introduces us to his new advisory service called Crypto Flash Trader. In the process of promoting the newsletter, he talks about how he thinks the crypto market is poised to go up even higher than it has been. For example, he predicts that Bitcoin could trade at $350,000 one or two years down the line.

Although he talks a good game and implies that he knows how to navigate the crypto market, don’t forget that it is one of the most volatile markets in the world. Therefore, if you are risk-averse, you should think twice before considering his proposal.

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