Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor Reviews – Worth It?

Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor is a popular investment newsletter that is published by InvestorPlace.

Through it, Louis shares with his audience his opinion on the latest market trends while also recommending what he regards as the most future proof companies today.

In this Growth Investor review, we examine how he goes about it in case you have encountered the newsletter and would like to know what it is all about.

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What is the Growth Investor?

Growth Investor is a financial analysis newsletter led by Louis Navellier and he works with a team of analysts. It is published by InvestorPlace, an independent organization that publishes financial newsletters.

The crux of this newsletter is that Louis focuses on growth stocks. He started offering Growth Investor in 1997 but it was initially called Blue Chip Growth. He was focusing on blue chip stocks, which was a departure from his initial sole focus on small cap stocks with his older newsletter, Breakthrough Stocks (it started as Emerging Growth and MPT Review).

Every month, he and his team send investment ideas to their readers showing them where to put their money. They focus on growth stocks or what they refer to as growth investing.

They also tackle the latest stock market news, top industry trends, and the best public companies to back at a given time. Growth Investor today is not like it was back in 1997 because now, they send emails and hold online summits to promote it.

In fact, recently the Growth Investor team launched a marketing drive called “The Tecnochasm Summit” or “I’m A One Percenter” to popularize the service in the form of a presentation where Louis was saying that he is a “One Percenter” to show that his investment strategy is effective.

His message in this marketing campaign was that his investment approach has enabled him to have a multimillion dollar estate, own a fleet of supercars, and fly around in a private jet. Louis explains that all that is within reach for ordinary investors who listen to his message and invest in the companies he recommends.

And the only way to get those insights is to sign up for Growth Investor.

Louis Navellier insists that he is not flaunting his wealth to brag. Instead, he wants to show you how to make more money and possibly join him in the one percent club.

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What is Growth Investing?

Louis Navellier has long been a champion of growth investing and even claims that The New York Times once called him “an icon among growth stock investors.”

It is an investment style that seeks to increase your capital by investing in young or small companies where the earnings growth is expected to increase at an above-average rate compared to the overall market or the niche in which they belong.

Rather than go for small-cap stocks, Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor focuses on relatively big companies.

Who is Louis Navellier?

Louis Navellier is a vocal growth investor today, just as he was when he began his career in the eighties. You can check out my comprehensive review of him if you would like to learn more about him.

Louis Navellier began publishing investment advisory services in the eighties, which is also when he began a managing money for institutional and individual clients.

He has a reputation of being one of the most renowned growth investors in the market because he has provided investment advice to tens of thousands of investors over three decades.

During that period, he has also earned a reputation of being a savvy stock picker and portfolio manager.

He also considers himself a Wall Street insider because he is the chief investment officer of a money management company called Navellier & Associates that manages over $5 billion in mutual funds and institutional accounts.

Louis Navellier has a long track record that cannot be matched by many financial gurus in America.

In addition to managing money, he also has advisory services for regular people. Through these services, he provides a wide range of simple but powerful tools that help investors beat the market.

For example, Louis claims that Growth Investor has beaten the S&P 500 by a margin of 3 to 1 over the past 17 years.

His other investment advisory services are Breakthrough Stocks, Platinum Growth Club, and Accelerated Profits, just to mention a few.

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Louis Navellier is considered by some in the investment world as a controversial figure because he has faced fraud charges in the past.

In 2017, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) brought charges against him and Navellier & Associates. The agency alleged that Louis Navellier and his company had misled their clients about the track record of Vireo AlphaSector investment strategies.

Vireo AlphaSector was a brand name they used to market the strategies. The SEC claimed that he and the company had ignored concerns that the strategies were not working as well as advertised and that they were misleading.

Louis Navellier and the company were also accused of selling the Vireo brand rather than correct the misrepresentations or tell their clients about the conflicts of interests when they sold the brand.

InvestorPlace Overview

Investor Place Media, LLC, is the company that publishes the Growth Investor newsletter. It publishes financial analysis newsletters mainly targeting ordinary investors, who are usually called the Main Street.

They are referred to as the Main Street because they are an antithesis of Wall Street since most investment gurus like to portray them as the victims of manipulation by the elites.

InvestorPlace gives investment gurus a platform to offer investment advice and alternative interpretations of market news to the overriding mainstream narrative. They achieve that by publishing newsletters like Growth Investor.

The company prides itself in providing an array of investment strategies from different editors. The company has a physical address at 1125 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201. You can contact Investor Place via phone or email.

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Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor: What do you get?

When you sign up, here are the guaranteed benefits:

  • The Monthly Growth Investor Newsletter. It is the main feature of the newsletter. Every month, you get a new recommendation. He targets high-growth investments and dividend payers and often accompanies his recommendations with volatility ratings.
  • Access to the Model Portfolio. You can assess his performance by analyzing this portfolio because it gives you a general view of every recommendation shared with growth investor subscribers.
  • Access to the research library. It contains valuable insights from Louis Navellier with a full catalog of all of his research reports.
  • Flash alerts. When there is urgent market news and Louis can’t wait for the monthly newsletter, he sends you a flash alert. He sends you an email instantly explaining what is happening and what it means for you.
  • Weekly updates. Every end of the week, he walks you through the news you need to pay attention to to stay ahead of the curve.
  • The diversified buy list. The Growth Investor buy list has the best stocks picked from a variety of sectors. It is sorted according to risk; conservative, moderately aggressive, and aggressive.
  • Precise buy below prices. The Growth Investor buy list has specific buy-below prices for each stock. These prices are calculated to minimize risk.

Depending on the terms of your subscription, you may receive something called Navellier’s Top 5 Stocks when you join. It is a list of stocks to consider adding to your portfolio. Louis describes them as the hottest moving stocks.

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Bonus Reports

In the new marketing campaign called “The Technochasm,” Louis claims that a membership to the Growth Investor comes with a host of benefits, including bonus reports he says are worth hundreds of dollars collectively.

The ones he offered in this instance include:

The Kings of Scalability: 3 Stocks to BUY Now

He says that it is crazy to invest in obsolete companies when there are dozens of companies you can own that will make you more money. These companies are scalable because they are creating hundreds of billions of dollars of wealth.

He says that owning Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix is not bad but you will miss out on the exponential gains you could potentially earn from investing in trendy companies in highly scalable ventures.

Louis says that they are the next generation of blue chip tech businesses and says that they are growing faster than was the norm because technological advances allow them to operate with few employees.

He also says that most Americans have never heard of them yet they are about to make their shareholders very rich in the next few years.

In the report, he talks about three such companies and provides details about them for those who would like to invest.

The Network Effect: The Most Powerful Wealth-Creation Force in History.

The second special report is about showing people how to profit from a phenomenon called the “network effect.” Louis claims that the network effect transformed startups like Google, Amazon, and Facebook from small entities into big companies.

Louis shares that few people know about small, innovative, new tech companies that are using the power of the network effect to propel themselves too.

He has identified three companies that he has written about in this special report and says that missing out on them will make you miss out on nearly all the biggest gains. He says that the longer you wait, the more you fall behind on the network effect.

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Portfolio Destroyers: 10 Ticking Time Bombs to Sell Now

Louis explains that you need to purge your portfolio of the doomed firms that will underperform in the next few years. They could even go bankrupt.

The #1 Stock for the Driverless Car Revolution

Louis Navellier says that we are in the early stages of an unstoppable trend that will transform lives and he calls it “the driverless car revolution.”

He says that autonomous vehicles are entering the lift-off stage and investors who are strategically positioned ahead of the revolution have the potential to reap huge rewards.

In the report, he names one company that he believes is at the center of it all.

This has similarities with what we saw Jeff Brown talking about when he did a presentation called “The $30 Trillion Megatrend of The Decade.” He was also talking about the advent of autonomous vehicles and how that would cause a global shift.

The AI Revolution 

Louis Navellier claims that early investors can earn a fortune because AI could add $30 trillion in new revenue to the global economy.

He says that companies working on AI have 100 bagger potential and in this report, he writes about the new and exciting firms leading the revolution.

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How much is Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor?

As part of a recent marketing campaign, Growth Investor has three subscription packages.

Note that these prices and offerings are subject to change without prior warning. It is also worth mentioning that you get all the above-listed benefits in all Growth Investor subscriptions.

Here are the three levels:

Basic Membership

It is the cheapest subscription package because you pay $49 for an annual subscription and it comes with all the features we have discussed.

That includes access to the library of special reports and recommendations from Louis Navellier.

Pro Membership

This is the next level of membership plan on offer. An annual subscription costs $79 and it comes with all the features of the newsletter, including the monthly newsletter issues.

You also get an extra bonus report called Five Breakthrough Stocks That Could Soar an Extraordinary 5,000% or More. According to Navellier, it has five “moonshot” stock picks in markets like solar manufacturing, cyberoptics, and 5G.

VIP Membership

This is the highest membership tier and you get everything Pro members get with a few extras for $129 per year. Those extra benefits include the podcast, bonus report, and a few other items:

  • The VIP Podcast. You have access to Navellier’s network that includes insiders, money managers, and other parties. Thanks to his and his team’s solid research, you learn about new businesses before many people hear about them.
  • 10 Small Cap Plays Set to Double. Louis claims that he has 10 stock recommendations from his investment research advisory that are too small to recommend to a large audience. A VIP membership enables you to learn about them.
  • Five Breakthrough Stocks That Could Soar an Extraordinary 5,000% or More. This is the bonus report that we mentioned above under Pro membership.
  • Louis Navellier’s Crisis Master Plan. Louis explains that he has identified trendy companies that will enable you to cash in on extraordinary opportunities that may never come again. He claims to be tuned in to the market gyrations caused by the pandemic.

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Growth Investor Refund Policy

The financial newsletter has a refund policy that Louis describes as the best deal in the investment research world. It is a 90-day money-back guarantee that allows you to sample recommendations, bonus reports, and Louis Navellier’s library of newsletters risk-free for three months.

It states:

“MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: There’s simply no better deal in the investment research world — and if you disagree with me for any reason, simply let us know in the next 90 days, and you’ll receive a full refund.”

This is quoted from the Growth Investor checkout page.

If you decide that you have had enough of the Growth Investor, the guarantee means that you get a full refund of your money if you cancel within this period after joining. Louis argues that he has been in the business of making money for investors long enough to be confident that you will stick with him.

Growth Investor Reviews: Track Record

If you scour the internet, you will likely find many Growth Investor reviews assessing the newsletter and most of them are generally positive.

One of his growth-oriented newsletters was even ranked by The Hulbert Financial Digest, an independent entity, as one of the top-performing newsletters in a 20-year period running from 1985 to 2005.

That doesn’t mean that all his recommendations are great because he gets it wrong sometimes.

If you are considering signing up for Growth Investor, do an independent survey of the newsletter first.

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Closing statement about Growth Investor

Growth Investor is Louis Navellier’s most popular financial newsletter because he even identifies himself as a “growth investor” more than anything else. It is a monthly subscription that gives you access to his investment ideas, recommendations, market analysis and other information.

Every month, you receive a new issue of the newsletter in your inbox highlighting new opportunities in blue chip growth stocks.

Louis Navellier and his team identify companies that meet his criteria and they write detailed reports about them. So, if you are into buying stocks that you can categorize as the “growth stocks,” this newsletter is worth looking into.

Louis claims that his goal in running this financial analysis newsletter is to teach investors who don’t know much about small-caps how to find good investments that may potentially earn them huge rewards.

He says that the he wants to help you find the right companies to minimize the risk of losing your money. He claims that this is one of the easiest ways to generate exponential gains in the stock market.

As I mentioned, he is a polarizing figure because some people consider him a bad analyst while others rate him.

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