What Is Jeff Clark’s Gold Stock Retirement Blueprint?

Jeff Clark’s Gold Stock Retirement Blueprint has been making the rounds in the newsletter circles.

And it makes sense that people are paying attention to it because 2020 has been a great year for gold; therefore, anything with “gold” on it has been getting eyeballs.

When I stumbled across his pitch, I went through it before putting together this review where I provide you with a summary of the key talking points. Keep reading to find out what it is all about.

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What is The Gold Stock Retirement Blueprint (The Pitch)

Jeff Clark recently released a presentation titled The Gold Stock Retirement Blueprint concerning a way that you can make money by trading in the gold markets.

The Gold Stock Retirement Blueprint

He claims that it is so reliable, you may even use it to fund your retirement.

In his own words:

“It’s a way to play one single gold stock – yes, just one – and make more than enough money to fund a healthy retirement.”

Jeff tells us that conventional modes of investment are not good enough because, as he argues, it may take too long to earn returns. This excerpt pretty much sums up his attitude:

“If you talk to a financial planner, he’ll tell you to buy mutual funds… buy ETFs… and be content to follow the market.

But they fail to tell you that that approach takes FOREVER.

And even if your mutual funds and ETFs track the market perfectly you CAN NEVER BEAT IT because of the enormous fees you pay fund managers for twiddling their thumbs…”

Since Jeff is against trading ETFs, mutual funds, and stocks, he presents us with an alternative: trading options.

Now, he says that the key to succeeding as an options trader is to find one stock that you know in and out and trade it repeatedly, capitalizing on its movement. As he puts it:

“I’ve found that ONE stock…

One unique stock that moves in a predictable way… is all you need.

I’ve learned the details of a single stock so well, that I’m able to predict with incredible 92.3% accuracy where it will go next based on its chart patterns.

Because of this strategy, a good chunk of my wealth has come from just a single stock.”

He tells us that he has made a lot of money by trading one stock that he knows very well. It is reminiscent of another presentation he released a few months ago about his 3 Stock Retirement Blueprint.

Jeff hails options as the best way to make a lot of money within a short period. He says:

“All it takes is a stock moving a little bit up or down… and you can make thousands of dollars more than you would by playing the stock directly.”

This way, he says that you can make more money than you’d have by buying up shares and holding them for a longer period.

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What stock is he talking about?

He reveals the stock symbol as GDX, which is the symbol of an ETF called VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF. It is an ETF that tracks a basket of gold stocks. He claims to know it so well, that he can predict with an accuracy of 96% whether it will go up or down.

How did he pick it? To quote him:

“What makes this stock so special is that it tends to closely follow the price of gold.

This is great, because there’s literally centuries of data to pull from with gold.”

This means that he capitalizes on the fact that gold has a vast data bank that enables him to study historical patterns using which he has built his predictive model.

He trades options whether the ETF goes up or down; he trades call options when he thinks that it is about to go up and then acts accordingly when his model shows him that it is about to go down.

The gold ETF is not the only stock he trades with repeatedly, he has two others (that may be from his 3 stock retirement blueprint):

  • The Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLK). It tracks a basket of technology stocks.
  • The Financial Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLF). This one tracks stocks in the financial sector.

If you wish to start trading options and follow his recommendations, you have to join his newsletter, Jeff Clark Trader, which we will be taking a closer look at later on.

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Who is Jeff Clark?

Jeff Clark is an investment analyst who specializes in options trading. He used to edit two newsletters at Stansberry Research for 15 years. They were Pro Trader and The Short Report.

Jeff says that he retired at the age of 42 from running his independent brokerage house and private money management firm. Before he ran that firm, he developed a curriculum for an international MBA program and also founded an investor education firm.

His strategy is a mixture of speculative and conservative approaches (depending on the market), which has enabled him to record triple-digit gains 50 times and double-digit gains more than 160 times.

He currently offers two investment research services: Jeff Clark Trader is the introductory one and it deals with the fundamentals of options trading and Delta Report is the more advanced options service.

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What is Jeff Clark Trader (The Newsletter)

The Gold Stock Retirement Blueprint

The pitch was meant to encourage new subscribers to sign up for Jeff’s introductory options trading service, Jeff Clark Trader.

Jeff says that it is suited to traders of all skill levels, and is not restricted to beginners. He says:

“I want to help everyone — from complete beginners to skilled investors — learn how to use options to lower risk while boosting investment returns.”

When he sends out a recommendation, he explains how he picked it, the charts he looked at, and the patterns that he saw to determine that it would be a good trade.

When you sign up for Jeff Clark Trader, you receive the following reports for free:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Generating Income with Options. This report teaches you how to sell puts and shows you how to get the most out of Jeff’s trading strategy.
  • The Jeff Clark Trader Guide to Technical Analysis. This report gives you a breakdown of the technical analysis that he uses to make his recommendations. It even has full illustrations and explanations of all chart patterns he uses.
  • How to Trade Bitcoin for Huge Gains Over and Over Again. In this report, he shows you how to trade Bitcoin using your brokerage account throughout the year for incredible gains without having to create a digital wallet.

In addition to those reports, you will receive:

  • Full access to Jeff’s Money Multiplier Masterclass: It is a series of videos in which Jeff shares his secrets to options trading.
  • A bonus video series called Open Line Q&As. Every quarter, he answers general investing questions about wide-ranging topics.
  • Access to the members-only website.
  • Access to all single trade recommendations. He has an app that notifies you via phone or email whenever he sends out a recommendation.

How much does it cost to sign up for Jeff Clark Trader?

You can sign up for one year for $49.

Does Jeff Clark Trader have a refund policy?

Jeff gives you 60 days to try out the service risk-free. If you cancel your subscription within that period, you are entitled to a full refund.

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Closing Remarks on The Gold Stock Retirement Blueprint

The Gold Stock Retirement Blueprint is not about trading gold stocks or bullion, rather it involves trading a gold ETF via options. Jeff claims to have identified one ETF that he has studied and mastered its patterns, thus trading its options repeatedly with a relatively high level of accuracy.

When Jeff Clark calls it a single stock, he is referring to a Gold ETF that tracks multiple gold stocks. This means that technically, he should not be talking about a “gold stock retirement blueprint,” rather a “gold ETF retirement blueprint.”

Overall, this presentation was meant to get new subscribers to sign up for Jeff Clark Trader to be receiving trade recommendations from Jeff.

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