What is Global Helium? [James Hyerczyk Prediction]

James Hyerczyk of Investingtrends.com recently wrote an article about investing in the helium supply chain.

He believes that Helium is an important resource that we may soon experience a supply shortage of. Therefore, he thinks we should be trying to invest in it.

Let’s find out more about James Hyerczyk’s take on this.

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What is Global Helium?

Global Helium (HECOF) is James Hyerczyk’s number one pick in the Helium industry. It is a North American helium exploration company based in Canada.

Global HeliumJames Hyerczyk is backing it to become an important player in the helium market because, among other reasons, we will explore, when it comes to exporting, Canada has a favorable geopolitical situation. It doesn’t have to deal with political sanctions or export restrictions.

This gives it an advantage over distant, politically unstable countries like Qatar or adversarial countries such as Russia that are currently the main distributors of the commodity.

James says that Global Helium was established for a one-of-a-kind reason: Companies that were anxious about unreliable helium supply chains approached it and said they would buy as much liquid helium from them that they could produce as long as they guaranteed supply.

This implies that Global Helium has a sure market for its helium. James even says, “in other words, this marketplace is filled with customers that are essentially begging to pay top dollar.”

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Why Invest in Global Helium?

James Hyerczyk chose to recommend Global Helium because it has a few things going for it.

First, Global Helium is located in a prime location that may be one of the world’s great natural resource locations.

He points out that Global Helium’s land position is in the heart of a well-known helium fairway with production, reserves, and significant activity nearby.

Global HeliumGlobal Helium is also promoting environmentally friendly Helium because it is uniquely positioned to produce helium as a standalone product, rather than as a byproduct of natural gas production.

Unlike other suppliers, it plans to extract helium using nitrogen (and not a hydrocarbon gas) to make up the bulk of the carrying gas. Therefore, it will be less expensive to produce and process and more environmentally friendly.

Why we should pay attention to Helium

James Hyerczyk says that Helium is an important commodity that has a wide range of uses in a variety of industries. He says that tech giants are hoarding it and companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Google see the dwindling supply as a major concern.

He claims that investors may soon find Helium as the “Next Dream Commodity.”

We’ve seen other analysts label other resources “essential” and worth investing in. A few examples of this are the presentation by Keith Kohl about TriFuel-238 and The Forever Battery by Charles Mizrahi.

Why is he so keen on Helium?

The main reason for helium’s popularity and widespread use is that it’s the only element you can cool down to -450°F — nearly the lowest possible temperature you can cool something to.

He says that tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Netflix are buying helium because they use it to cool their massive data centers. They also like it because it is carbon-neutral.

Helium is also used in the manufacturing process of semiconductor chips. These chips are made of silicon and during fabrication, helium is used for cooling purposes because it is an inert gas – it does not react with other elements thus preventing unwanted reactions.

It also has high thermal conductivity and helps control the temperature of the silicon during these processes.

Scientists use helium in various forms to treat lung ailments and even cancer.

Liquid helium is used to cool down the superconducting magnets found in medical MRI machines.

Helium also helps cool down orbiting satellites. For example, SpaceX uses helium to help maintain pressure in their Falcon 9 rocket’s propellant tanks, and NASA and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space mission depend on it.

Bitcoin mining also makes use of the cooling properties of helium.

James Hyerczyk claims that the global helium market may reach $18 billion by 2025, growing tremendously from where it is now.

Global HeliumAnother reason James thinks Helium is worth the attention is that it is the ONLY element on earth that is a completely nonrenewable resource – although it is abundant in the universe, there is a limited supply of it on earth.

He says part of the reason there is a shortage is that the Federal Helium Reserve located in Texas, an enormous repository of helium that kept supplies in balance and softened the blow of market disruptions, was ordered to sell off its helium to private industry

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Who is James Hyerczyk?

James Hyerczyk is an investment analyst who runs Investingtrends.com, a website dedicated to offering financial advice to investors.

Global HeliumMr. Hyerczyk has over 30 years of financial experience. He began his career in 1982 in the futures industry, where he developed his skills as a technical analyst. Over the years, James has worked in the equity, commodity, and forex markets.

James Hyerczyk writes articles for several websites and magazines, including Autochartist, NASDAQ, International Business Times, Financial Sense, Trade2Win, Trading Markets, Forex Hound, Trader Planet, Futures Magazine, FX Street, and FX Empire.

James is an expert in the Gann Theory of technical pricing pattern analysis. He has even written a book called Pattern, Price and Time and it is frequently quoted in other works.

He edits and contributes to his firm’s newsletters, including Forex Pattern, Price & Time Report, and the Futures Pattern, Price & Time Report. They provide analysis for both individual investors and brokerage firms. He also regularly presents training for the American Association of Individual Investors, Bloomberg, and the CME Group, just to name a few.

James has a Bachelor of Arts in business administration from Saint Xavier University and a Master of Science in financial markets and trading from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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Closing Remarks on Global Helium

James Hyerczyk recommends Global Helium because he feels that as demand for it goes up, customers will be willing to pay a lot of money for it.

It follows the old rule of supply and demand: when the supply of a resource goes down, and the price goes up, it often translates to the stock market and creates some very happy investors.

For those reasons I outlined earlier, James feels that now is a good time to be in the Helium business. His choice is Global Helium (HECOF), a Canadian junior mining company that has been acquiring Helium reserves in a resource-rich region in Canada.

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