What Is George Gilder’s 5G Killer Pitch About?

George Gilder is one of the most experienced newsletter gurus out there with decades of analyzing the market under his belt.

In his latest presentation, he claims to have spotted “The 5G Killer,” a new technology that will make 5G obsolete and send some stocks soaring. In the header, he describes it as:

“A once-forgotten tech – available for $19 on eBay – could bring the $13.1 trillion 5G revolution to a grinding halt… seal the fate of AT&T… Verizon… T Mobile… and many of America’s biggest telecoms… and send one niche class of stocks soaring.”

In this article, we will find out what tech he is talking about and go over the companies he wants you to add to your portfolio to benefit from the new trend.

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What is The 5G Killer? (The Pitch)

The 5G Killer is an ad for a newsletter by George Gilder called The George Gilder Report. Before he gets to the newsletter, the discussion centers on a new development that may make 5G obsolete and create the opportunity for investors to earn huge returns with prudent investments.

In releasing this pitch, he appears to have done a 180 on his stance about 5G because he released a presentation called 15G Stocks last year in support of 5G.

George Gilder's The 5G Killer

It all centers on the electromagnetic spectrum, rather the unlicensed part of it – part of the spectrum is usually auctioned off by the FCC to big telecommunication companies like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T Mobile, and other ISPs to provide services like 5G.

But part of the spectrum is not auctioned off and the government lets people use it for free. He gives the example of the CB radio and the frequency that it uses…

“See, the CB radio operates on one small part of the spectrum that the government DOESN’T auction off. It’s open to use by any citizen. That’s why it’s called the ‘citizen’s band’ – the band is a part of the spectrum anyone can use.”

Another example of the unlicensed spectrum being in use is courtesy of something he calls “Docket 81-413.” He says that the FCC allowed private enterprises to use this part of the spectrum unlicensed…

“In 1985, the FCC took another small part of the radio wave spectrum – 2.4GHz to be precise – and allowed THAT to be used without a license, too.

Again, it was only a tiny slice of the overall spectrum… but it was open-source, like the Citizen’s Band.”

And as for its uses…

“For instance, WiFi broadcasts over the unlicensed spectrum. So do a million other things from wireless doorbells to Bluetooth headphones. It’s obvious when you think about it.”

This isn’t the first time he is talking about “Docket 81-413” as he has previously discussed it in a presentation called titled Docket 81-413 [Docket 18-295].

Some companies benefited from this development (by using the spectrum for free) and among them, some rose exponentially, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Motorola, Nokia, and Logitech, just to mention a few.

So, he says that “Docket 81-413” pretty much shaped the tech world as we see it now.

A second chance to make money from unlicensed spectrum

For those that missed out on those companies, he says that they have another chance to profit from the introduction of yet another unlicensed section of the spectrum.

“As you’ve seen Docket 81-413 was a seminal event in American history.

Moments like that don’t come around very often.

But one occurred very recently – on July 27th, 2020.

On that day the FCC opened up NEW bands of unlicensed spectrum.

One that’s FOUR TIMES bigger than the spectrum liberated in 1985.

This time around it’s known as Docket 18-295”

Docket 18-295 will release 6Hz of unlicensed spectrum and among its uses will be the introduction of 6E which will provide faster internet than 5G…

“First, you’ll likely see new routers that are ‘Wi-Fi 6E enabled’ appear everywhere… According to one tech analyst, these connections ‘could prove to be significantly faster than even the best that 5G has to offer.’

Suddenly, ‘lightspeed’ internet will be everywhere…

It won’t just be your home… it’ll be offices, public stadiums, train stations, malls… everywhere. That’s because there’s now enough bandwidth for THOUSANDS of devices to share a connection.”

This is why he refers to it as “The 5G Killer.”

He expects the new bandwidth to usher in trends like IoT, telemedicine, and the smart home. Although these trends will create numerous investment opportunities, he has his preferences.

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How George wants us to invest in The 5G Killer Trend

He has identified three companies that he expects to be profitable. The first one manufactures computer chips…

“You see, I’ve discovered that the computer chips required to tap into the new 6 GHz band are already available on the market right now.

I’m betting they’re inside new ‘Wi-Fi 6E’ routers already.

And they’re made by a company that already supplies high-end computer chips to some of the biggest companies in the world. I’m talking about:









Ford Motors


And he once recommended it to his subscribers:

“The last time I recommended this stock, it soared more than 20x in the next four years – and it’s a must own once again.”

The second company…

“The second stock you’ll hear about is going to be central to bringing this new technology right into your home. It already supplies close to 58 million homes and businesses across America. Its network is already growing at an exponential rate – doubling roughly every 18-24 months. As Wi-Fi 6E rolls out across America it’s THIS company that will likely be on the frontlines.”

And the third:

“The third stock you’ll hear about just made one of the smartest acquisitions in its history. It now supplies nine of the world’s top ten global internet network operators – and the top six internet content providers.”

These clues were not detailed enough but I was able to figure out possible companies that fit the descriptions.

The first company he talks about there could be chipmaker Qualcomm (QCOM) which already manufactures Wi-Fi 6E chipsets that make use of the 6Hz band. Other companies that fit the description are Broadcom (AVGO) and Intel (INTC).

The second company he is teasing is likely Comcast (CMCSA). It is the largest internet service provider in the country and as of July 2020, it had approximately 58 million clients.

The third one is a bit tough to decipher because the clues are too broad and vague.

He wrote a report called Three Spectrum Millionaire-Makers that has details concerning each of the three companies he is recommending.

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Who is George Gilder?

George Gilder is a professional trader, author, and economist. He is the co-founder of the Discovery Institute and is a well-known techno-utopian advocate.

His most recognizable work is his 1981 international bestseller, Wealth and Poverty, in which he made a case for supply-side economics and capitalism while Reagan was new to the Oval office. Reagan loved Gilder’s work so much, he recommended the book to his cabinet.

Gilder was one of the people championing technology and the internet in the 1990s. This was evident in the books he wrote during that period like Life After Television, Telecosm, and Microcosm.

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What is The George Gilder Report? (The Newsletter)

The George Gilder Report is one of the newsletters published by the veteran investment guru. He describes it as the culmination of his professional life’s work.

He created it to help his readers to understand the tech world, anticipate changes to it, and find ways to profit from those changes.

When you join the newsletter, here is what you get, in a nutshell:

  • A free copy of the aforementioned special report called Three Spectrum Millionaire Makers.
  • A free hardback copy of his book, Life After Google.
  • The missing chapter of Life After Google. George says that he will send you a chapter that’s not on the book already in circulation. This missing chapter is exclusive to members of his newsletter.
  • A special report called The Truth About Artificial Intelligence. In this report, George covers AI, focusing on how you can make money from the fledgling industry.
  • A special report called  Our Robot Future. In this report, Gilder discusses automated cars, factories, and homes in what he terms a convergence of IoT and modern robotics.
  • A special report titled The True 5G Revolution. As the name suggests, in this one he talks about 5G whereby he explains what it means and how far it will spread.
  • Access to “Gilder 360.” You get to hear from Gilder any time he is speaking at a conference.
  • Private online webinars every financial quarter. Gilder will answer his readers’ most pressing questions at a webinar at the end of every quarter.

How much do you pay to join The George Gilder Report?

An annual subscription costs at least $49b

Does The George Gilder Report have a Refund Policy?

It has a 60-day money-back guarantee

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Closing Remarks on The 5G Killer

George Gilder thinks that 5G may be dead on arrival because of a new network protocol that was recently unveiled by the FCC through an initiative called “Docket 18-295.” This new protocol is part of an unlicensed 6Hz of the electromagnetic spectrum that he says will facilitate the introduction of faster internet (through fast Wi-Fi connections).

Many experts agree that 5G is slated to become one of the biggest developments in the tech world for the next few years. George himself has done presentations agreeing to that but now appears to have changed tune. I think he does this to get people’s attention because if he had released another pitch praising 5G, it would’ve been forgettable; this one grabs peoples’ attention.

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