Is Fry’s Investment Report Legitimate? [Eric Fry Reviews]

One of the most common ways newsletter editors advertise their advisory services is through presentations (webinars).

If you have come across a presentation titled My Favorite 1,000% Stock You MUST Buy Now (Watch below for stock name and symbol, for FREE) or another called I’m in America’s Most Expensive Zip Code… you have probably encountered Fry’s Investment Report.

Eric Fry, the editor behind this newsletter, promises to let you in on the tech companies behind new, disruptive trends so that you can get them on the ground floor and ride them to large capital gains.

In this article, I take a closer look at the advisory service and the author behind it.

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What is Fry’s Investment Report?

Fry's Investment Report

Fry’s Investment Report is an investment advisory service offered by Eric Fry. He publishes it via InvestorPlace.

Eric Fry started it to provide his readers with a tool to survive, if not thrive, in any market. His all-weather approach focuses on long-term trends that drive growth in entire sectors of the market for a couple of years.

The overriding strategy he uses is growth investing. He invests in small or young companies whose earnings are expected to rise faster than the average growth rate across the sector or the whole market.

He wills his followers to use the Law of Accelerating Returns to earn “the biggest potential stock market gains.”

To achieve that, he requests them to dedicate a small percentage of their savings to his recommendations. He sends subscribers one or two trades every month.

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Who Is Eric Fry?

Eric Fry is a former professional portfolio manager, a job he held for a little over a decade. He was a specialist in international investments and short selling.

He won a competition called Portfolios with Purpose in 2016, beating 650 other competitors by earning a 150% return on his initial investment in 12 months.

For nearly twenty years, he specialized in international equities. This earned him a call up to work for James Grant, founder and chief editor of the legendary Grant’s Interest Rate Observer.

Eric helped produce Grant’s International and Apogee Research. The publication targeted professional money managers.

He has made a name for himself in the investment circles for having an impressive long-term record that is punctuated by a couple of 10-bagger calls; he has made a couple of speculations that have proven successful over the years.

For instance, he took many people by surprise when he bought Asian stocks during the late 90’s crisis, Russian stocks during its debt currency crisis, and commodities in the early 2000s before they rallied in 2007.

Eric also doesn’t shy away from going short if he sees a downtrend on the horizon. For example, he shorted tech stocks at the height of the Dot Com Bubble when he thought they were overpriced. He also predicted the collapse of the housing market before it happened in 2008.

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How Fry’s Investment Report works

Eric sets out to take the path with “as few risks as possible” as he looks for “the next big 1,000% winners.”

When you sign up, he sends you three resources and asks you to follow three simple steps:

Step 1: The Portfolio Purge

In the first step, you are supposed to rid your portfolio of companies that may be made obsolete by new innovative companies.

He believes that if you keep holding onto these stocks, it’s like you are throwing away money – the opportunity cost of holding them is high enough to justify dumping them.

To explain this, Eric says:

“Today, there are so many ticking time bombs in people’s portfolios because of bad business structures… heavy debt loads… and completely outdated business models that are being disrupted by fast-moving and creative technological startups.”

To help you with the purge, he sends you a research report called The Portfolio Purge that has a list of companies that you should eliminate.

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Step 2: The 1,000% Portfolio

The next step is to build a portfolio containing the disruptors:

“To get the biggest gains going forward, you must own the fastest-growing, most disruptive, and most profitable ‘outsider’ tech companies available in the markets today. Odds are, you probably haven’t heard of a single one of these companies yet… but you soon will!”

Eric sends you a report titled The 1,000% Portfolio containing names of what he perceives as the most disruptive technology stocks.

There are about eight names on the portfolio to get you started but over time, he will update the list to keep it up with global trends.

Step 3: Go all in on the next 1,000% winner

In the third and final step, Eric wants you to go big on one technological trend that he thinks might be more important than 5G, virtual reality, robotics, computer chips, and self-driving cars:

“This is a technology trend you want to be in on… right now… when essentially no one is paying attention. I strongly, strongly suggest you go “overweight” on this technology in your portfolio right now.”

He sends you a report titled The Next 1,000% Winner containing names of companies that you should pay attention to in this profitable technology trend.

By overweight, he means that you should invest more money in these than you did in the items on the 1,000% portfolio.

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Fry’s Investment Report Conclusion

Fry’s Investment Report is meant for investors who are all for long-term investments that ride on global trends that take a couple of years to unfold.

Eric typically seeks investments in markets that show signs of growth. In most cases, he goes for technology companies that are developing new services or technologies to profit from their capital appreciation after a few years.

If you are after income stocks – ones that pay dividends – or short-term investments, this service won’t work for you.

Also bear in mind that most of the businesses you will be investing in are small and unproven. Therefore, you should be comfortable with the prospect of losing your entire investment if they go bust.

The upside of these investments when they fulfill their potential is that you will earn massive returns on a relatively small investment.

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