Fastpass To Freedom Legit? [Anthony Speciale]

Anthony Speciale recently released his presentation called Fastpass to Freedom promoting his newsletter.

At the event, he talked about the importance of following his investment strategy in your quest for financial freedom.

In this piece, we will examine all the claims he made at the event as well as what’s on offer once you agree to sign up for his advisory.

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What is Fastpass To Freedom?

Anthony Speciale’s Fastpass to Freedom is an event during which he advertised his new research service based on an investment strategy he has been working on for some time.

Fastpass to Freedom The Speciale Report (Pipeline Profits)

His strategy involves focusing on one section of the economy; he chooses to focus on the crude oil market.

He bases his investment decisions on moves that are likely to happen in the industry. He arrives at this information by researching the market and making predictions.

Anthony Specially created a research service to enable retail investors to take advantage of his research. He says that his insights are designed to enable you to capitalize on the opportunities in the sector.

The service is called The Speciale Report.

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The Speciale Report

The Special Report is the brainchild of Anthony Speciale. He considers himself an expert futures trader and through this service, he provides his expert analysis of the crude oil market.

Fastpass to Freedom The Speciale Report (Pipeline Profits)He provides subscribers with eight different ways to play the crude oil market.

These include crude oil futures contracts, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and even explosive ETF options.

Anthony Speciale believes that no matter what kind of trader you are, he has a way to play the next big move in crude oil.

When you sign up for The Speciale Report, you get the chance to interact with Anthony during his weekly live sessions to talk about the market and the trades in detail.

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Who is Anthony Speciale?

Anthony Speciale Jr. is an investment analyst who works for Traders Agency LLC as an editor of the newsletter called The Speciale Report. He is also the guru behind Part-Time Profits (Project 6 By 6).

Anthony was born and raised in a blue-collar family in the suburbs of Northern New Jersey. In his bio on the Traders Agency website, Anthony indicates that in recent years, he put down the wrenches he had been turning for the better part of his life to become a professional market analyst.

His decision to shift his career was down to his desire for freedom. It was never about the money for him, but it was the freedom that accompanied the success.

Over ten years ago, he decided to specialize in just one sector of the market because he felt that he only needed to be proficient in just one area of the market to achieve the goals he had set forth. He would then apply that skill to all aspects of the market.

He started to trade passively while producing massively. After several years of failed attempts, endless education, and trial and error, he finally succeeded and acquired the freedom he was desiring.

Most of what Anthony does nowadays is fulfilling his life’s passion of sharing his knowledge, experiences, and trade ideas with other investors.

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What is included in The Speciale Report’s Pipeline Profits?

To promote The Speciale Report, Anthony launched an offshoot of the newsletter that is called “Pipeline Profits.”

Fastpass to Freedom The Speciale Report (Pipeline Profits)When you purchase Pipeline Profits, you have access to:

  • 2 live sessions per month in Anthony’s real-time The Speciale Report’s Pipeline Profits Trading Room. He describes this as the nerve center inside his home in New Jersey. He says that it is a multi-dimensional trading floor where he exchanges crucial information including what his indicators say to buy and sell, how, and at what price. When you join these live sessions, you also get to interact with Anthony via chat.
  • Post-Trading Room Summaries. If you miss a session, you’ll have access to video replays and written details of the recommended trades.
  • Smart Money Multiplier Trade Tracker. This is a platform to track the trades that are shared during the live sessions. It is a great resource to keep in addition to how the real-life trades are performing.
  • Access to the VIP Members-Only Website. On the website, you find anything you may have missed, like Pipeline Profits archives (both video and text), trade recommendation performance, Alerts, FAQs, and other details.

Anthony also has a team of well-trained and educated customer service representatives that are meant to help you with any questions you might have about your membership. You get the Customer Care hotline number after you place your order.

Anthony Speciale’s Top 5 Stocks for the New Energy Supercycle

Fastpass to Freedom The Speciale Report (Pipeline Profits)This is an exclusive report on how to make the upcoming year your most profitable year ever. It’s a great resource if you want to place bets on high-powered energy companies, as well as crude oil futures.

The Speciale Report’s Pipeline Profits Pricing

While the Speciale Report usually costs $197 to join, in this new deal, you can simply complete the secure order form for a limited 1 year’s access for $5 for a whole year.

The Speciale Report’s Pipeline Profits Refund Policy

Fastpass to Freedom The Speciale Report (Pipeline Profits)The Pipeline Profits has a refund policy that covers you for one year.

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Closing Remarks on Fastpass To Freedom

It appears that with the Fastpass to Freedom event, Anthony Speciale wants you to sign up for his newsletter at a discount. And when you do, you will be focusing on the crude oil markets where you will invest in a variety of ways.

The price of oil in the market is dictated by supply and demand. its supply is usually controlled largely by OPEC.

Oil is usually seen as a portfolio diversifier and a hedge against inflation because it is needed to run things whether the markets are up or down.

If you want to invest in the crude oil market, you will not be buying physical oil in barrels. You will be participating in liquid markets that track oil prices through futures, options, ETFs, or oil company stocks.

This year with prices on the rise, you may be tempted to try and profit from the ongoing market frenzy. Unfortunately, investing in oil was lucrative for those who took advantage of the low prices in 2020 and even 2021. If you want to invest at current prices, you could have little to gain or even much to lose when gas and oil prices even out.

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