Is Exponential Tech Investor by Jeff Brown Legitimate?

Today, I am looking into an investment research service by Jeff Brown called Exponential Tech Investor.

I came across this service while I was reviewing Brownstone Research, a firm that has been publishing Jeff’s newsletters since he broke away from Bonner & Partners.

He doesn’t promote Exponential Tech Investor as aggressively as his other newsletters because it is considerably more expensive.

After doing some research, I found a presentation that will help us better understand how this service works.

In this article, I will reveal everything I learned about the newsletter to help you decide whether it is something worth trying.

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What is Exponential Tech Investor?

Exponential Tech Investor by Jeff Brown is a high-end investment advisory service that focuses on identifying small technology companies that are likely to grow exponentially.

Exponential Tech Investor by Jeff Brown

Jeff swings for the fences with his recommendations, as implied by his description of the newsletter on the Brownstone Research website:

“These companies have the potential to be the next Apple, Amazon, or Netflix.

The stocks we invest in relate to some of the most explosive trends in technology: 5G, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, biotech, and more.”

The stocks he recommends will vary but they are largely meant to capitalize on future trends across a variety of tech or tech-related industries.

To be fair, these industries (that appear futuristic and “techy”) are a staple among newsletter editors as we’ve seen in my reviews of presentations like Ian King’s Spectrum The Future of All Technology presentation about 5G and Chris DeHaemer’s “Great American Tech Reset” just to mention a few.

As you’ll notice with many investment gurus, Jeff also promises to reveal investment opportunities that “almost no one else is talking about.” According to him, these are the companies that the media and other analysts only talk about when it’s too late and the gains have been made.

Therefore, he intends to alert you to those opportunities early enough so that you will be “getting in on the ground floor” when the stocks are cheap and exit when they’ve risen in value to eke out a nice bit of capital gains.

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Understanding the Exponential Tech Investor Investment Strategy

The most effective way to determine how Jeff picks his stocks is by examining a presentation he has used to pitch the newsletter.

Earlier in the year, he released a presentation with the heading “FDA Fast Tracks $6.8 Billion Miracle Antibiotic for July Approval.”

Exponential Tech Investor by Jeff Brown

He was touting a microcap biotech company that he said had the patent to a powerful antibiotic.

I won’t go deep into how the company works or how it is doing now but he was claiming that the FDA had allowed the company to skip phase 2 trials to fast-track the approval of the drug it was developing.

As he was releasing the presentation, it had a market capitalization of $180 million and he expected it to go up by 1,200% if its drug successfully got FDA approval and hit the market.

The takeaways from that presentation about Jeff’s typical recommendations to his Exponential Tech Investor subscribers are:

  • They are small-cap stocks with high upside potential.
  • He focuses on companies that have something special about them that elevates them above the competition. In this case, it was the fact that the FDA was fast-tracking the drug approval process.
  • They are relatively unknown.
  • They are in tech or tech-related sectors.

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What you get when you subscribe to Exponential Tech Investor

When you subscribe to the newsletter, you will be entitled to the following:

  • Monthly briefings detailing new ways to make money off of the latest technological breakthroughs. As we’ve seen, these will be tiny companies that have the potential to grow exponentially.
  • Access to the Exponential Tech Investor membership site. On the encrypted website, you will find an archive of Jeff’s research as well as every monthly issue and trade alert he has ever sent.
  • You will also have access to his model portfolio containing all his open recommendations.
  • Access to the customer support team by both email and phone.
  • All the latest reports Jeff writes about a new investment opportunity worthy of a comprehensive breakdown.

How much does it cost to join Exponential Tech Investor?

The usual subscription fee is $4,000 per year but you can get it for $2,000 or less depending on the offers and discount plans available as you sign up.

Does Jeff offer refunds for Exponential Tech Investor?

There are NO REFUNDS if you decide to cancel your membership, which is common with expensive newsletters.

Nevertheless, there is a 90-day grace period after you join during which if you decide to cancel your subscription, they allow you to divert your subscription fee to any other service that they or their corporate affiliate offer.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is an investment analyst and the founder of Brownstone Research. In addition to Exponential Tech Investor, he publishes investment advisories like The Near Future Report and Early Stage Trader. He also writes a free newsletter called The Bleeding Edge.

Before he got into the newsletter publishing business, he had been actively involved with the tech industry for 25 years. He mostly worked as a high-technology executive for companies like Qualcomm, Juniper Networks, and NXP Semiconductors.

In addition to being an analyst, he is also an angel investor. He finds early-stage tech companies and invests in the most promising ones seeking to profit from their growth.

This has steeped him in the art of separating genuine startups with a bright future from the duds that are likely to crash and burn. He uses his connections and experience to find his followers the best opportunities.

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Closing Remarks on Exponential Tech Investor

Exponential Tech Investor is a high-end investment research service that costs you anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000 (non-refundable) for a year’s worth of advice – for comparison, most other services will cost you anywhere between $47 to $100. Therefore, you need to be sure about it before you join up.

Spotting the next big company in any sector is not easy and more often than not, most people, including seasoned analysts, get it wrong. Companies with strategic advantages over their competition or amazing ideas and teams can fail to achieve their potential and the ones that eventually do, take years to get to the top.

Therefore, although you will spend a relatively large amount of money to subscribe to Exponential Tech Investor, you shouldn’t expect to recoup it within a few weeks or months (if at all you will break even).

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